Love story (on hold, writes when I feel like it)

A girl name Nicole is telling her love story. It's about her summer flirt that went to a little bit more than just a summer flirt.


6. Author note

Hey guys.

So I haven't updated this story in a long time and that is because, a lot of things have happened.

I started new school and last year of school was so hectic that I didn't really have much time to write.

Well the update is to tell you that me and Gabin was not boyfriend and girlfriend at that time, and we chose not to be, because living far away from each other only makes it a status.

We had this huge fight before this summer and I thought it was the end of our relationship, but that only made it stronger.

Last month we chose to become a couple, so I am quite happy, he is trying to save money to come to Denmark.

So this is just a little update on this story.

- Nicole

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