Love story (on hold, writes when I feel like it)

A girl name Nicole is telling her love story. It's about her summer flirt that went to a little bit more than just a summer flirt.


4. Author note

Hey Everpony!!!

I wasn't planing on telling you this now. 
But my name is Nicole and this story is actually my true story. 

It's about me and Gabin and I miss him so much! He lives 4900 miles away from me and I feel heartbroken! But let's get to the point. 

I can't upload any more chapters right now because I have some problems with Gabin right now, it's not to serious but every time I write something in this story I think back to that time. And it's to hard, I feel like I can break down any minute! I was almost crying in school today, so I'm to scared to write right now.

sorry write to me if you really want me to update. Then I will maybe try. Or maybe I will stop here with the story. I don't know yet.

See you, love ya! 

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