You've Changed

Liam Payne's little sister Juliet Payne has gotten into some trouble in the past few yeas.From smoking,to drinking,to drug use and much more.Her mother gets fed up with her behavior and sends her on tour with her brother.Does she change her ways when she's there? Because of a certain boy? Or does she stay the same?


8. Chapter 8

Jewels' POV


Who are you? I don't know who you've become.

Where's my best friend? Because this isn't her.

You've changed way to much.


I sat up and wiped away my tears.It was just a dream Juliet,it was just a dream.I kept trying to tell myself.What if they really do think all those things of me? I checked the clock and saw that it was about 11 am.I sighed and stood up making sure not to wake Harry up.I changed into a simple outfit and called them all.I walked out of the hotel and saw them there waiting.I walked over and hugged them all hello.

"So,why'd you call us all at 11 am? I was having a very wonderful sleep."Drake whined.I rolled my eyes and smacked him upside the head.

"Now you all have to be honest,do you think I've changed?"I asked.They all looked at each other and sighed.

"A little,yeah."Allison said.

"We mean,you don't do pranks anymore.And we don't see you often.We just miss the old Jewels."Jenna explained.I nodded.

"To be honest,I don't feel like myself anymore.I think I changed like this because of Harry and the boys.I focused way to much on how I should act around them,that I forgot who I really am."I said.The girls threw themselves at me and hugged me tight.The boys tackled us and we were now all in a giant group hug.

"Msfts all the way?"Allison asked.

"Msfts all the way."I said and smiled.We all cheered and the boys carried one of us.We squealed as they ran out of the parking lot,and into the city.

"So,where to first girls?"Troye asked.

"Hmm,how about,we go get some spray paint?"I suggested.They all nodded.I chuckled as the boys ran.We got the spray paint and some paint buckets.Time to paint the town.I tied my hair up in a bun and threw paint on the wall.We splashed some of the paint from the buckets on the wall and spray painted it as well.We finished and stepped back.We all smiled at our work.It looked awesome.I checked my phone and saw about a million calls from Harry and Liam.I sighed and turned to my friends.

"I'll see you guys tonight.I just need to sneak out from the boys."I said.They all nodded.I hugged them all and ran off to the hotel.As I got in,I saw Ashton walking around with Brook.She had to stay with him because she hates the boys for some reason.He smiled at me,but his smile soon dropped when he saw my facial expression.He grabbed my hand and dragged me all the way up to the roof.He put Brook down and looked over at me.My lips started to shiver.He knew I was about to break.He held me close as I cried into his chest.He leaned on the wall and sat us both down.He hugged me tight as I sobbed into his chest.He rocked me side to side until I calmed down.I sniffled and looked up at him.

"Whats wrong Juliet?"He asked softly.I sniffled and crawled off of his lap.I sat down next to him and leaned my head on his shoulder.

"My friends think I've changed to much.They think I'm going back to my old self.They want me to choose between them or Harry.And I have no idea what to think."I said softly.He pulled me closer to him.

"What do you want Juliet? After all,it always comes down to what you want."He said.I nodded.

"Can we please just stay here? I don't want to face them yet."I asked.He nodded and leaned his head on mine.Brook crawled onto Ashton's lap and went to sleep.We both chuckled at her.

"She's so lazy."I said.Ashton laughed.

"You should see her in the morning.She's running around the hotel room all morning long.Its like she never gets tired!"He exclaimed.I laughed and looked up at him.

"You're a good friend you know that?"I said.He chuckled and shrugged.

"Correction,I'm a great best friend."He said and winked at me.I laughed and nudged him slightly.

"Yes,you're a great best friend."I said.He smiled down at me and I smiled back.We both turned our attention back to the sun that was setting.We stayed seated there for god knows how long. But everything has to end at some point.So,we got up,hugged each other,and walked down to our floor.I walked into the room and saw Harry lying down on the couch.I smiled weakly and walked over to him.I heard his soft snores and smiled.I grabbed a blanket and covered his up.I kissed his cheek softly and walked into the bathroom.I took a shower and thought about everything.I don't think I have it in me to leave Harry.But I can't give up on my friends.I sighed and hopped out of the shower.I wrapped a towel around myself and blow dried my hair.I curled it and walked out to the walk in closet.I put on my bra and underwear and looked for an outfit.I then felt arms wrap around my waist and lips on my neck.I chuckled and continued to look for an outfit.

"I missed you."Harry murmured against my neck.I smiled slightly.

"I missed you too."I said.I could feel him smiling.He moved up my neck to my cheek and turned me around.He kissed my lips softly and held me close.There is no way I can leave him.What am I going to do? I was mentally pacing back and forth while pulling on my hair.I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him back.I pulled away and kissed his cheek softly.He leaned his head on me and held me close.We just stood there,in each others arms.I can't leave him.

"Jewels,I have something to tell you."Harry said.I furrowed my eyebrows.He pulled away and started to pace around the closet.I just stood there confused.He looked over at me with tears threatening to fall.I walked over to him and made him face me.

"Harry,what is it? You're scaring me."I said worried.Tears started to stream down his face.

"You're going to leave me after you hear this.But you deserve to know.I-I k-ki-kissed C-courtney when you were out.She came into the room and kissed me.I-"I cut him off.

"Did you kiss her back?"I asked.He stayed silent.

"Harry,did you kiss her back?"I already knew the answer.He looked down at his shoes and nodded his head slightly.My heart broke.I chuckled dryly.

"I really shouldn't be surprised."I mumbled to myself.I grabbed a random outfit and threw it on angrily.I grabbed my suitcase and threw everything in.

"Juliet,please just-please don't leave me."Harry pleaded.I walked over and slapped him.

"You broke my heart Harry.I hate you."I spat out and walked out of the room.I walked over to Ashton's room.I knocked on the door and waited.He opened the door with a smile but it fell when he saw me with tears in my eyes.He pulled me in and hugged me.

"What happened?"He asked.I sniffled.

"Ha-Harry cheated on me."I stuttered out.Ashton was shocked at first,but then he was just angry.He walked out without saying a word.I then heard yelling from Harry's room.I ran out to his room and saw Ashton punching him.

"ASHTON STOP!"I yelled.But he didn't listen.Everyone walked in.Michael,Luke and Calum pulled Ashton off and held him back.Ashton got free and punched Harry again.

"ASHTON STOP IT!!"I yelled and pulled him off of Harry.

"YOU ASSHOLE!! I WILL KILL YOU!!"Ashton yelled at Harry.I looked up at Ashton.

"Please,just can we please go back to our hotel room?"I asked softly.He looked down at me and calmed down.He sighed and nodded.

"What happened?"Liam asked looking at me,Ashton and Harry.Ashton chuckled dryly.

"Why don't ask Harry?"He suggested and smiled fakely.I smacked his arm slightly.He sighed and walked out with the rest of the boys (Michael,Calum and Luke).I looked back at the rest of the boys before walking out.We all gathered into Ashton's room and I told them everything.They all hugged me in a group hug.We pulled away and I was spun around by Calum.I laughed and screamed for him to put me down.Michael carried me bridal style and handed me off to Luke who threw me over his shoulder and dropped me onto the sofa.I laughed and looked up at them all.

"You guys always know how to make me laugh huh?"I asked with a smile.They nodded their heads.

"Mmmmhhhmmm,we're awesome like that."Ashton said.I laughed and threw a pillow at him.He looked over at the rest of the boys and they all smirked at me.

"Oh shit."I said right before they started to tickle me.I laughed and begged them to stop.They eventually stopped and we gathered around to watch a movie.By the end of it,I was lying down on the floor with Michael and Luke.I grabbed a blanket and covered myself.

"Share some of that blanket with the both of us."Michael said and grabbed some of the blanket. Luke grabbed some as well and covered himself up as well.I was in the middle and I was squeezed between them.I sighed.Might as well get some sleep.By midnight I was still awake while everyone was asleep.I stood up and saw that Ashton was awake as well.I lied down next to him and he smiled at me.

"Couldn't sleep either?"He asked.I chuckled and nodded.

"Can I sleep here with you? I was squished in between Michael and Luke."I said and chuckled. Ashton chuckled and nodded.I smiled and cuddled up into him.He covered me with the blanket and held me close.

"Goodnight Ashton."I said as I closed my eyes.

"Goodnight Juliet."I heard him say.I smiled and snuggled into him.  


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