You've Changed

Liam Payne's little sister Juliet Payne has gotten into some trouble in the past few yeas.From smoking,to drinking,to drug use and much more.Her mother gets fed up with her behavior and sends her on tour with her brother.Does she change her ways when she's there? Because of a certain boy? Or does she stay the same?


4. Chapter 4

Jewels' POV



"Hey Josh,wheres Sam?"I asked.

"In his room I think."He said without looking at me.

"Okay thanks."I said and walked out to Sam's room.

"Hey Sam,wanna go out?"I asked.He nodded his head like a five year old.I chuckled and held my hand out.He grabbed it and followed me downstairs.I banged on everyones doors.

"YO!! WERE GOING OUT!! GET UP LAZY ASSES!!"I yelled.I heard them all groan.They all came out of their rooms and glared at me.

"Were taking Sam out."I said.That made them smile.Sam was 14 years old.We found him wondering around the streets one night and took him to our house.We fed him and asked him where his family was.He said that he ran away because they abused him.So he's been living with us ever since.Josh,Derek,Troye and Drake tried to carry Sam.The rest of the boys in the house helped them out and got to carry him out the door.But Sam got to heavy so they dropped him.All us girls ran up to him and helped him up.

"That was awesome!"He yelled.We all laughed at him.I messed his hair and walked with him.We went out for paintball and then we went home.As we were walking home,we saw Mason walking towards us.We hid Sam behind us.

"Give me Jewels."He said and held up a gun.

"No fucking way."Josh growled.

"Fine then."He said and shot a bullet.We turned around and saw Sam holding his stomach. Mason ran away before we could do anything.We all gathered around Sam and told him to hang on.The boys carried him all the way to the hospital. We waited for hours and hours.

"Sam Jones?"The doctor asked.We all stood up and rushed over to him.

"We tried our best,but he's gone.I'm sorry for your lose."He said and walked away.We all were shocked.Tears streamed down our faces.Josh kicked a table and punched a wall.The rest of us were just speechless.I fell to me knees and sobbed.Sam was everything to me.He was like my little brother.And I loved him so much.I just can't believe he's gone.

-Flashback over-


I sighed and looked at the boys.They were speechless.

"You left out one thing,I'm not dead."We heard someone say.We all turned around.I smiled big and jumped off of the couch.I ran up to him and hugged him tight.

"Sam!"I yelled.He laughed and hugged me back.

"Your taller than me! How did that happen?!"I asked.He laughed and shrugged.

"Wait,I thought you were dead."I said.He shook his head.

"Mason made them tell you that.As soon as we left the hospital,I killed him."He said.I sighed and hugged him again.

"Why didn't you call us?"I asked.He sighed and sat down on the couch.

"I needed sometime to think.You guys were taking care of me and stopped living your lives.So I left and got a job."He said.I sighed.He grabbed my waist and made me sit on his lap.I laughed at him.

"Well Mr Sam,how has life been for you."I asked in a posh accent.He laughed at me.Troye patted his back.Sam smiled at him and they did their handshake.I rolled my eyes at them.Sam picked me up and sat me down next to him.He stood up.

"Piggy back ride?"He asked.I smiled like a five year old and nodded my head.He laughed.I hopped on.

"My god you are tall."I said.He laughed at me.

"You might even be taller that Harry."Liam said.Harry stood up and walked next to Sam.

"Yup,your taller than Harry."Louis said.Harry pouted.We all laughed at him.

"But,before we go ruin this town,can you please go back to being a brunette?"Sam asked.I sighed.

"Only for you Sammy."I said.All the boys cheered.I stuck my tongue out at them.Sam walked off of the bus and we drove off to the mall.We did my hair and I was really happy to have it back.We went to laser tag and I won of course.We decided to get a tattoo.I got a batman tattoo on the inside of my finger.It looked awesome.Sam got a simple skull on his wrist.We got some food and headed back to the bus.Sam went in before me and told me to wait outside.

"I present to you,the new Jewels Payne!!"He yelled.I walked in.Their jaws dropped to the floor.

"I forgot how good you looked as a brunette."Troye said.I laughed at him.

"I also got a little tattoo."I said and held up my finger.

"Batman!"Liam yelled.We all laughed at him.

"Well I'm going to bed.Sam,please try not to kill them."I said.Sam laughed at me.

"No promises!"He yelled.I stuck my tongue out at him and jumped onto the bunk.

"Um,Juliet?!"Troye yelled.I groaned.

"ITS JEWELS!! AND WHAT?!"I yelled.

"Where are the three of us going to sleep?"Sam asked.I sighed and climbed down.I walked out to them and they all gawked at my body.I looked at them confused.I looked down and saw that I was only in my bra and some pajama shorts.I rolled my eyes at them.

"Sleep on the couch."I said.Sam and Troye nodded.

"What?"Courtney asked.I rolled my eyes at her.

"Why are you still here?"I asked.She glared at me.

"Harry,tell your girlfriend to leave.She's a bitch."I said.Harry nodded.I opened the bus door and pushed her out myself.I closed and looked the door.I yawned.

"Night."I said and hopped onto the bunk.A few minutes later I felt Harry's arms go around my waist.I turned over and snuggled into him.I opened my eyes and looked up at him.He leaned down and kissed my lips.I kissed him back.

"But,what about Courtney?"I asked him.He sighed.

"I don't like her.I want you."He said and kissed me again.I pulled away and sighed.

"Lets keep it a secret."I said.

"Whatever you want love."He said.I smiled and kissed his lips.

"Night Harry."I said and closed my eyes.

"Night Jewels."He said and kissed my head.





A/N: YAY!! Sam isn't dead! I can't wait for Midnight Memories! Are you guys excited? Because I am! Love you guys!

Oh and this is Jewels:


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