You've Changed

Liam Payne's little sister Juliet Payne has gotten into some trouble in the past few yeas.From smoking,to drinking,to drug use and much more.Her mother gets fed up with her behavior and sends her on tour with her brother.Does she change her ways when she's there? Because of a certain boy? Or does she stay the same?


2. Chapter 2

A/N: Okay so Liam is dating Danielle in this story.I know there not together but I like Danielle more than Sophia.Sorry if you don't.Louis is with Eleanor and Zayn is with Perrie.

On with the story! (even though no one has read this yet)

Jewels' POV

"ASHTON!!"I yelled as I saw him.He turned his head to me and smiled big.
"JEWELS!!"He yelled and hugged me tight.
"Did someone say Jewels?"I heard Michael yell.
"YES!!"Ashton yelled.Calum,Michael and Luke came into view and smiled big.
"JEWELS!!!"They all yelled and tackled me to the floor in a hug.I laughed and pushed them off.I hugged them all individually.
"You know Jewels?"Liam asked coming closer to us.They all nodded.Liam looked at me confused.I rolled my eyes and chuckled at him.
"I went to Sydney for a year and met them.We hung out a lot."I said.
"Remember when you first met Michael?"Luke said.We all started to laugh.The boys just looked confused.
"How could I forget? He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him after I said I loved playing video games."I said.
"Oh that reminds me,"Michael said.He got down on one knee in front of me.
"Marry me?"He asked.
"Where's the ring?"I asked.He pouted and stood up.I awww'ed and kissed his cheek.
"Really? You reject my proposal and thats all I get?"He said.I laughed and pecked his lips.
"Better?"I asked.He smiled big and nodded his head like a five year old.I laughed and messed up his hair.Ashton,Luke and Calum got down on one knee.I laughed when they asked me to marry them.I rejected and they all pouted.I pecked their lips and they all smiled big.Niall and Harry looked at each other before going down on one knee.After I rejected them,I gave them a kiss on the cheek.They pouted and walked to their dressing room.I jumped onto Ashton's back and he smirked.He ran onto stage.I looked out to the crowd and saw so many girls.They looked over at us and smiled big.I put my finger on my lips and pointed back stage.They nodded and stayed quite.I jumped off of the stage and talked to some of the girls.They were all sweet and kind.Some of them took pictures with me.But there were 2 girls that caught my eye.I walked over to them and smiled.The older one smiled at me while the younger one sucked her thumb and stepped behind her sister.I smiled and crouched down to her level.
"Whats your name sweetheart?"I asked.
"Blair."She said softly.I smiled.
"Well Blair,do you want to meet One Direction?"I asked her.She nodded her head really fast.I chuckled and stood back up.
"I'll come get you guys by the end of the concert."I told her older sister.She smiled big.
"Thank you so much.We just lost our mother.She needs something to smile about."She said.I smiled and hugged them both before walking back stage.Ashton smiled at me.I rolled my eyes playfully and side hugged him.
-After the Concert-

I knocked on the boys dressing room door.
"I want you guys to meet someone."I said as I opened the door slowly.They looked at me confused.I walked in holding Blair's hand.They all smiled down at her.She ran out of my arms and hugged Niall.We all smiled.I leaned on the wall as the boys talked to her and her older sister.I looked up at the ceiling and daydreamed about Sam.I saw the boys say goodbye to Blair and Tasha.They smiled and waved goodbye to me.I smiled weakly and waved.Blair ran up and hugged me before she left with Tasha.I felt very weak.
"Are you okay?"Louis asked.I opened my mouth,but nothing would come out.I held onto the wall and looked down.
"S-Sam?"I said before collapsing on the floor.
"Jewels!"I heard them yell.I looked up and saw them.My vision started to go a bit off and I closed my eyes.
"Jewels stay with me."I heard Liam say.I tried but it was to hard.
I slowly opened my eyes and groaned.I sat up and saw that I was on the bus.
"Boys! She's awake!"Zayn yelled.The boys all ran out from the back and gathered around me.
"What happened?"I groaned.Liam chuckled.
"You fainted."He said.I groaned and lied back down on the pillow.They all chuckled at me.
"Did I say something before I was out?"I asked.
"You said a name,Sam I think."Niall said.I went wide-eyed.
"I um,can we please not talk about it?"I asked.They all nodded.I smiled at them.
"Well how about we get to know you better?"Harry suggested.
"Go ahead,ask."I said.
"Okay,what difference do you have from Liam?"Louis asked.
"I can dance and he can't."I said.They all laughed at Liam.
"Like you four can dance."He said.That shut them up.I chuckled at them.
"How many boyfriends have you had?"Niall asked.
"Which group are you talking about? The jerks,the douchebags,or the asshole's?"I asked.They all looked at each other and shrugged.I chuckled.
"Next question."I said.I covered my eyes with my arm and waited for their questions.
"Are you a virgin?"Louis asked.Obviously.
"No."I said.I'm not a slut.It was one time and I have been dating the guy for along time.
"Are you single?"Harry obviously asked that question.
"Yes."I answered.I could hear him say yes.
"Don't get you're hopes up Styles."I said.I knew he was pouting.I mean don't get me wrong,Harry's hot.But I just don't think we would last long.Like all the other guys i've dated.But you never know.He might be different.They asked a few more questions.Some awkward and some normal.I also got to know them a little more.Their actually pretty cool.I yawned and sat up.
"Well,I'm going to bed.Night boys."I said and walked to the bunk beds.
"Night Jewels!"They all yelled.I chuckled and walked into the bathroom.I changed into my pj's and hopped onto mine and Harry's bunk.After a few minutes,I felt two strong arms around my waist.
"Night love."I heard Harry say.I turned over and snuggled into him.
"Night Haz."I said softly.He kissed my head and we both fell asleep in each others arms.

A/N: Happy Birthday Liam!!! :) 
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