You've Changed

Liam Payne's little sister Juliet Payne has gotten into some trouble in the past few yeas.From smoking,to drinking,to drug use and much more.Her mother gets fed up with her behavior and sends her on tour with her brother.Does she change her ways when she's there? Because of a certain boy? Or does she stay the same?


16. Chapter 16

Jewels' POV 


I smiled as I walked out of the tattoo parlor.It was almost dark out when I got a call from my friends.

"Meet us at my place.We're going out tonight."Layla said as soon as I answered her call.

"I'll be there in a few."I smirked and drove off to her house.As I walked up to her door,I got a call from Harry.Layla opened the door and smiled at me.I smiled and hugged her hello before walking in.My phone kept ringing so I finally answered.

"Yes Harry?"I asked into the phone.The girls raised their eyebrows at me and winked.I blushed and they started to giggle.

"Why didn't you answer sooner? I was getting worried..."He trailed off.It warmed my heart knowing that he cared so much.

"Sorry babe.I'm at my friends house.I was gonna text you."I said and the girls winked at me. Harper walked downstairs yelling,

"WE ARE GOING TO GET WASTED TONIGHT!!"She yelled and all the girls cheered along with her.I laughed and cheered with them before I remember that Harry was on the phone.Oh shit. The girls looked over at me as I went wide eyed.They all burst into laughter as they realized that Harry was still on the phone.

"What? You are gonna drink? Where are you going? Juliet you're not going to a club."He demanded.I raised my eyebrow.

"Excuse me? Are you actually telling me that I can't go out with my friends?"I asked him and the girls oooohhh'ed.

"Um uh,I uh."He stuttered.I smirked.I love torturing him.

"Fine then.No sex and no make out sessions.Oh and no kissing for a week."I said with a smirk. All the girls tried to hold back their laughs.

"What?! No babe please! I can't live that long with out kissing you! Babe I'm sorry please I just-" He started to beg.

"Bye Harry!"I said and hung up.I turned my phone off and laughed along with the girls.

"Well,LETS GO GET READY!!"Layla yelled.Me and the girls cheered and followed her into her room.


-2 Hours Later-

I finished off my cocktail and joined my girls on the dance floor.We danced around for a bit before a group of boys joined us.I looked over at the cute blonde one and smiled a friendly smile.

"Wanna dance?"I yelled to him over the music.He smiled a friendly smile back.

"Sure."He yelled over the music.I giggled and we danced together.We both sang along to the song that was on and laughed.I squealed as I was about to fall to the floor.The cute blonde caught me and I giggled.He laughed with me and helped me stand up.

"I think we should go sit down."He suggested with a sweet smile.I giggled and nodded in agreement.He ordered us some water and I drank it slowly.We talked about random things and laughed a lot.After a few minutes,when I was sobered up,I noticed how close the both of us actually were.He leaned in and gave me a sweet kiss.He pulled away quickly before I could even comprehend what had just happened.

"I'm so sorry.I'm so stupid.I shouldn't have kissed you that was way out of line."He apologized quickly.

"No no its um,its okay."I said coming back to reality.

"No its not.You have a boyfriend right? Well of course you do you're beautiful."He said.I blushed slightly at his words.
"Oh god I'm sorry."He apologized again when he realized what he had said.I laughed and squeezed his hand.

"Its okay..."I trailed off waiting for him to say his name.

"Nathan."He said.I smiled.

"Nathan.I'm Juliet.Just call me Jewels."I said with a warm smile.He half smiled back.

"Its okay Nathan.It was just the heat of the moment.Just don't tell my boyfriend.He'd freak out."I said and chuckled slightly.I honestly do not want to see Harry slamming Nathan into a wall.Even though Nathan was pretty fit,Harry could snap him like a twig.I can't even imagine how bad Nathan would look after Harry would be done with him.

"We can still be friends right?"He asked with a nervous smile.I smiled.

"Of course.Just don't go around kissing me again."I teased him.He laughed and ordered us some drinks.

"Agreed."He said and drank his entire drink.I giggled and drank my drink slowly.



The night went on and I realized that me and Nathan had a lot in common.We both adored music and we both loved the arts.

"So,are you in college?"He asked after a while.I chuckled and looked down.

"I applied for a fine arts school.Not sure if I'll ever get in though."I explained and drank my 10th drink? I lost count by now.

"You'll get in.I know it."He said with a warm smile.I smiled back at him.

"What about you? Are you in college?"I asked him and sipped my drink.I should really stop drinking.But I can't help it.

"Same really.I applied to a fine arts school.What school did you apply to? I applied to Juilliard."He said with an excited smile.I giggled and smiled back.

"This is so weird.I applied for Juilliard to."I said with a genuine smile.He seemed surprised.But he smiled back.

"Well I hope we both get in.At least I'd know someone there."He said and took a sip from his drink.I nodded in agreement as I sipped up the last of my drink.

"It would be an amazing time if we both got in.I just have no idea how I'm going to explain this to my boyfriend if I do get in."I said and frowned slightly.

"If he really loved you,he would be happy for you.And he would support you all the way."He said. I smiled.Me and Harry had never said those words to each other.Does he love me? I don't think he does.If he did he should have told me by now.I should really stop thinking about this.Because I know for a fact if I keep thinking about it,the influence of the alcohol will make me more emotional and I'll be a sobbing mess.I stood up and dragged Nathan back to the dance floor.


-Next Morning-


I groaned as the sunlight hit my eyes.I tried to snuggle into my pillow,but I felt something hard.I opened one of my eyes and saw a sleeping Nathan.I looked down and saw that I was only in my bra and underwear.I went wide eyed and looked over at Nathan.He was shirtless.I sat up and screamed slightly.Nathan screamed as he fell off of the bed on his front.I looked over the edge of the bed and at him.

"Are you okay?"I asked concerned.He groaned and stood up.He climbed back onto the bed and put the pillow over his head.

"What time is it?"He groaned pulling the pillow off.I checked the clock on the bedside table.

"12 noon."I said looking back at him.He groaned.

"Its too early."He whined.I rolled my eyes at him and hit him with a pillow.

"We didn't do anything last night did we?"I asked him.He sat up and shook his head.

"No of course not.I brought you back to my place when you were about to faint and then you threw up all over your dress and I helped you take it off.By the time your head hit the pillow,you were out like a light."He explained with a chuckle.I laughed and blushed in embarrassment.

"Well thank you for being so kind.But I really should get going."I said.He nodded and led me to the laundry room.He told me that I could go take a shower if I wanted to.I nodded and grabbed my clothes before walking into his bathroom.I hopped into the shower and sighed in content as the fresh water hit my body.I used his shampoo and rinsed it out before hopping out of the shower.I tied a towel tightly around my body and started to blow dry my hair.I slipped on my outfit and walked out to his room.I slipped on my shoes and walked down to his kitchen.He handed me a plate of pancakes and some coffee.I thanked him with a smile and sat on his table.After breakfast,well lunch,he drove me to the hotel.

"Hey give me your phone.I'll put my number in.And I'll give you mine."He said as he parked outside of the hotel.I nodded with a smile and handed him my phone.He handed me his and I put my number in.I put my name as "The Girl From The Club Jewels :)".I chuckled at the name and handed him his phone back as he handed me mine.I gave him a friendly hug before climbing out of his car and walking into the hotel.I took a deep breath as I stepped out of the elevator.I walked to our hotel room and walked in.As I turned around from closing the door,I saw Harry standing there,glaring at me.Oh no.







A/N: Hey guys! Sorry I haven't updated in a while! School has been a pain in the, Jewels tattoo is a line from one of my favorite TV shows,Gossip Girl.The line is,

3 Words,8 Letters,Say them and I'm yours

Hope you liked the chapter! The next one will be up sooner than this one was I promise!

Love you all - me <3


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