You've Changed

Liam Payne's little sister Juliet Payne has gotten into some trouble in the past few yeas.From smoking,to drinking,to drug use and much more.Her mother gets fed up with her behavior and sends her on tour with her brother.Does she change her ways when she's there? Because of a certain boy? Or does she stay the same?


13. Chapter 13

I'm being kind today.Don't know why.So appreciate this chapter ;).Haha you know I love you guys.Okay on with the story! Oh and this is how Jewels looks now,

Oh and yes Cody is 16,but can we just say he's about 22 in the fanfic? Ehe :D

-3 Years Later- (Sorry for the long time skip.So its about 2016)

Jewels' POV


"Good luck babe."I said with a smile and pecked Cody's lips.He smiled and hugged me before going on stage.Life has been amazing lately.After telling Cody everything,I changed my name to Zoe Jones.I changed my looks and never got noticed as Liam Payne's younger sister.To the public I'm Zoe Jones.While in my personal life,I'm Juliet Payne.I sat down and looked at Cody from backstage.By the middle of the concert,Cody called me up on stage.

"Can I please have my beautiful girlfriend on the stage?"He asked and smiled at me.I laughed and walked onto stage.He started to sing Love to me.I laughed as the whole crowd cheered.By the end of the song,he got down on one knee and pulled out a black box.My hand went straight to my mouth.

"Will you Zoe Jones,please make me the happiest man on earth,and marry me?"He asked with a giant smile on his face.I nodded my head.

"Yes.A million times yes."I said.He put the ring on my finger and stood up.I jumped on him.He laughed and fell backwards.We both laughed and kissed.The whole crowd was screaming and cheering.I stood up and hugged Cody again before walking backstage.I smiled and looked down at my ring.Everyone backstage congratulated me.I couldn't be happier.


-Few Days Later- 


I was waiting for Cody outside of Starbucks.He looked out the window at me and made a goofy face.I laughed and blew him a kiss.He pretended to catch it.I laughed and continued to wait.I felt a tap on my shoulder.I turned around and almost fainted.It was stupid of me to think that I would never see them again.Standing in front of me was Harry,Liam,Louis,Niall and Zayn.They all smiled at me.Play it cool play it cool.I smiled back.

"Excuse me love,but do you know where this hotel is?"Harry asked showing me the card for the hotel.I did because me and Cody are staying there.I smiled at them all.

"Its about a block away."I said and pointed at the far side of the street.They all thanked me.

"Whats your name love?"Liam asked.I was about to answer,but someone interrupted me.

"PAYNE!! JULIET!! JULIET PAYNE!!"Someone yelled from the car passing by.I looked over and waved at my friend Harper.I'm screwed.All the boys went wide eyed and looked over at me.Shit shit shit.Cody finally walked out and pecked my cheek.I was still staring at the boys in front of me.He looked at me confusedly.He looked in front of me and went wide eyed.I grabbed his arm. 

"Lets go.Cody lets go."I said trying to get his attention.When I said I told him everything,I mean everything.He knows that Harry cheated on me.He got out of my grasp and punched Harry.I screamed and pulled him away from them all.He tried to punch him again but I stopped him.I pulled on his hand and pulled him lightly away from them.He looked back at me and sighed.I turned around and started to walk away with him.

"WAIT JULIET!!"Liam yelled running after us.Cody held my hand and we both ran.We seemed like lunatics but we could care less.We ran into the hotel.I looked behind me and saw the boys running into the hotel.I looked over as the elevator doors opened and people piled out.We ran in and I started to hit the button to close the elevator.Just as it was about to close,Harry but his hand in and they all piled in.They all looked at Cody.Harry grabbed him and pushed him out of the elevator.I was about to run out,but the doors closed.I groaned and laid my head on the cold metal doors.I heard someone clear their throat behind me.I turned around and groaned again.

"YOU SAID YOU WERE DEAD!"They all yelled in my face.Harry pressed a button and the elevator stopped.I looked at them all.

"I'm guessing you all aren't going to let me leave this elevator till I explain?"I asked.I already knew the answer.They all nodded.I sighed and sat down.They all sat down and waited for me to explain.I fiddled around with my ring.Liam looked down at my fingers before looking back up at me with wide eyes.

"Is that..."He said not finishing his sentence and pointing at my finger.All the boys payed attention to my finger.They all looked up at me with shocked faces.Except Harry seemed,heartbroken? I gave him an innocent smile.

"Uh,I might um,be getting married soon?"I said more as a question than a statement.Harry looked away from me and said nothing while the rest of the boys were still shocked.I sighed,this is going to be along day.


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