You've Changed

Liam Payne's little sister Juliet Payne has gotten into some trouble in the past few yeas.From smoking,to drinking,to drug use and much more.Her mother gets fed up with her behavior and sends her on tour with her brother.Does she change her ways when she's there? Because of a certain boy? Or does she stay the same?


10. Chapter 10

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Oh and instead she stayed a little longer with Ruby so now they are going to New Zealand.











Jewel's POV


"Wow."I said as I looked into the mirror.Ruby smiled and so did the hairdresser.I ran my fingers through my hair.

"Its amazing."Ruby said.I nodded my head and looked at her.We paid and walked out to the mall.We went shopping for hours before we went back home.I threw out my old clothes and replaced it with my new ones.I closed my suitcase and sighed.I have to go back to the boys now.Don't get me wrong,I'm happy.But,what am I going to do about Harry? I still like him,a lot. But he cheated on me,and I've been used before.I shook my head of the flashback I was getting and rolled my suitcase out to Ruby's living room.She was coming on tour with us for a while.I smiled and followed her out to the car.



I took a deep breath and knocked on the bus door.I heard shuffling from inside.I panicked and tried to run away.Ruby held me in front of her and made me stand facing the door.I tried to escape but it was no use.Liam opened the door and pulled me into a hug.

"Never,ever leave without telling me."He said as he hugged me.I nodded and buried my head into his chest.I felt a tear on my shoulder.I hugged him tight and cried into his chest.We pulled away and I wiped away my tears.

"BOYS!!"Liam yelled as he dragged me onto the bus.I laughed as I was pushed into the living room.Louis jumped up and tackled me to the floor.

"MY BEST FRIEND IS BACK!!!"He yelled and hugged me.I laughed and hugged him back.

"Louis,get off.You way a ton."I said.He pouted and stood up.He helped me up,but I was on the floor again with Niall on top of me.He buried his head in the crook of my neck and hugged me tight.I chuckled and messed his hair up.

"Missed you to irish man."I said.He laughed and pecked my cheek.He helped me up and I jumped onto Zayn's back as he walked out from the bunks.He screamed as he fell with me on his back.He turned over and I was squished.I tapped his shoulder and he looked at me.He went wide-eyed and helped me up.

"Note to self,never jump on Zayn's back."I said out of breath.Everyone laughed at me.

"JEWELS!!"Zayn yelled and hugged me tight.I laughed and hugged him back.Harry walked out from the back with Courtney glued to his side.I looked back at Ruby with pleading eyes.She shook her head and gave me a stern look.I sighed and nodded.I turned back to Courtney and gave her a fake smile.

"Courtney! I missed you so much!"I squealed and gave her a hug.She seemed confused,but she hugged me back anyway.The boys looked at me like I was crazy.I pulled away from Courtney and gave her another fake smile.She smiled and turned back to Harry.I looked over at Harry and rolled my eyes at him.I walked to Ruby and smiled at the rest of the boys.

"Well I'm gonna go say hi to the boys."

"But,were right here."Louis said.I gave him a blank look.

"The other boys you dimwit."I said.All the boys laughed as Louis pouted.Ruby was about to follow me but I pushed her back inside.She glared at me and I winked as I closed the door.I knocked on the bus door and hid at the side.Michael opened the door and I jumped in front of him.He screamed and fell backwards.I laughed and looked down at him.He looked up at me and went wide-eyed.

"JEWELS!!!"He yelled and jumped into my arms.I screamed and held onto him like he was a little baby.The rest of them walked out and looked confusedly at Michael.

"Michael,who's holding you up?"I heard Luke ask.

"Yeah,and why are her hands on your ass?"Ashton asked.I went wide-eyed and screamed.I dropped him to the floor.He groaned and just lied there.The rest of the boys looked up from him to me.

"JULIET!!!"They all yelled and tackled me to the floor.I laughed as they all kissed me all over.

"WE MISSED YOU SO MUCH!!!"Ashton yelled and continued to kiss me all over.I giggled because it tickled.They eventually got off and helped me up.

"WHAT ABOUT ME?! YOU DROPPED ME ON THE FLOOR!"Michael yelled.I laughed and kissed him on the cheek.

"Better?"I asked.He smiled big and nodded like a 5 year old.I rolled my eyes and messed his hair up.

"Your hair."Calum said with a shocked look.I giggled and smiled.

"So,what have I missed?"I asked as we walked back to my brothers bus.

"Well,Harry got back with Courtney,Niall's being well,Niall,same with Louis,Zayn's just his usual self,and Liam is just,being Liam I guess."Michael explained.

"Yeah,that tells me a lot."I said sarcastically.They all laughed as we walked back onto the bus. Ruby rushed over and dragged me away to the back.No I mean literately dragging me.My feet never left the ground.

"I can't stay,I like your brother to much and I will make a fool out of myself.I'm sorry but I need to go."Before I could say anything,she ran out.I ran behind her and chased her all the way to this hill in the park.We got to tired and sat on the edge of the hill with our legs dangling.I leaned my head on her shoulder.

"So,how are you doing? I mean,with the whole Harry thing?"She asked.I sighed.

"Its hard.Seeing him with Courtney,you know? He broke my heart Ruby.It hurts.So much."I said. She gave me a tight hug and didn't let me go.I cried onto her shoulder for a while.

"Thank you,thank you so much for being here for me."I said.She chuckled and hugged me tighter.We eventually stood up and walked back to the bus.I started humming to the tune of one of my songs and Ruby joined in.

"But my heart keeps telling me the perfect lie" 

I sang as we stepped into the bus.Ruby smiled and we high-fived.

"Still writing songs I see?"Ashton asked.I giggled and shrugged.

"Well,why don't we go clubbing?"I suggested.Everyone nodded except for Liam.

"Liam."I said with an innocent smile.

"No boys."He said and pointed a finger at me.I pouted.

"But,boys are hot."I said.Ruby tried to contain her laughter.I nudged her slightly.Liam gave me a blank look.I sighed.

"Fine,no boys.BUT I NEVER SAID I WOULDN'T DANCE WITH THEM HAH!"I said and jumped up and down.He was about to say something but I had already ran out the door with Ruby.



-1 Hour Later-


We walked to the hotel.Liam sent me the name of the hotel and which room we were in.We walked to the elevator and went to our floor.Liam said that I might not like who I'm sharing the room with.Ruby waved as she walked into he room.I found my room and slid my card in.I heard a 'click' sound and walked in.I saw Harry sitting on the couch.I groaned.

"I have to share a room with you?"I asked.He nodded.I rolled my eyes and walked into the closet.

"Jewels,"Harry said walking in behind me.

"Don't even start.I'm not in the mood to listen so all of your lies."I said as I walked out to our shared bed.I laid the outfit out on the bed and smiled slightly.I turned around and was pressed up against Harry.I tried to move away,but he held onto me.He pulled me closer if that was possible.

"Harry,let go."I said not looking him in the eye.He kissed my cheek softly and moved down to my neck.I was frozen.

"Do you remember how much you loved it when I held you close as I kissed you? Like this?"He said as he held me by my waist.I didn't say anything.Instead I just shook my head.

"Really? Not even when I did this?"He asked as he kissed the corner of my lips and intertwined our fingers together.I pushed him away and walked into the bathroom.I heard the hotel room door slam closed.I leaned on the bathroom door and slid down to the floor.A tear rolled down my cheek and I wiped it away quickly.I stood up and shook everything off.I started with my makeup and continued on with my hair.I then walked out and slipped on my outfit.I walked down to the lobby and smiled at everyone.All the boys' jaws hit the floor.I laughed and walked over to Ruby. She winked and we both giggled.

"Liam's staring at you."I whispered into her ear.She looked back at him and blushed.She looked back in front and continued to walk.I looked over at my brother and saw him blushing.I winked at him and he rolled his eyes but blushed even more.I laughed and climbed into the car.With my horrible luck,I was in between Ashton and Harry.I tried to ignore Harry,but that was very difficult when he kept moving his arm closer to my thigh.He eventually had his hand on my thigh and would keep going higher every now and then.I would keep nudging him but he just went higher.I was about to yell at him,but we had arrived at the club already.Everyone piled out and left me and Harry behind.I glared at him and smacked his hand away.He smirked and leaned into my ear.

"You know you liked it."He whispered and left butterfly like kisses on my neck.He climbed out and helped me out.I glared at him one more time before walking into the club.

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