This Is Magic

In many fantasy books it says that fairy tales do not exist but this is not a fairy tale. My name is Angel, actually my name says already what power i have. My best friend is called Naitokai she is a half wolf. You may take it as a joke i wont blame you it sounds crazy to me too.


1. New world?

I grab my bag and walk out the door looking at the sky. I ask " how amazing would it be to fly? ". A mysterious voice says " it would be awesome, but it would be more awesome to be able to turn into a wolf ". I get a fright and look to my side " n-n-naitokai?! " i say shocked. " Hi there Angel " she says happily, " Did i scare you? " she asks. i look at her and answer " euhm... yes you did ". Naitokai looks at me and giggles " your so cute ". i blush and say " no i am not! " . " Whoa whats that?! " She asks and runs to a mysterious floating diamond shape. " should we touch it? " i ask her. She thinks a bit and shouts " yes! ". She pulls me to it and says " 3... 2... 1... GO! ". We touch the object and a big flash appears, after that we looked at each other. " YOU HAVE W-W-W-WINGS! " she shouted at me. i look in the water and see the wings " AH! " i shout. " wow you truly are an angel... " she says. " No not that! your wolf tail and ears! " i shout at her. She too looks in the water " Wow this is amazing.. we have powers... " she stumbles. 

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