Save Me From Him

Would you believe that I just bumped in to Niall Horan from One Direction? Well, I did! We started going out and I was having the best time of my life! I was really close friends with Harry, he was like a brother to me. Of course, I'm good friends with the others too. Now, I couldn't hate him more. I want Niall, and only Niall, I miss him so much. Somehow, I've got to get away from Harry! But when will that be?


2. London

As we got out of the taxi, just outside his apartment, realization kicked in.

"Wait," I questioned as he was getting out his keys. "Am I in London?"

"" He seemed nervous.

"You took me 35 miles away from my home town?"

"Well, you needed somewhere to stay and I live"

"Thank you."

"Wait, what?" We walked in and he led me straight into a huge bathroom. He started getting a first aid kit out and dampening some tissues. "Could you take off your clothes?" I looked at him wearily. "I'm not being a pervert or anything, I just want to patch up your wounds." As his hoodie was starting to get red patches, I agreed. When I was left sitting there in just my underwear, his eyes grew wide. There wasn't a single patch of skin that wasn't bruised or bleeding.

"Right." He said starting to wipe some blood off of my stomach with the wet tissue. "So, who was that guy, did he do this to you?" I nodded. He just looked up at me sympathetically, waiting for me to explain.

"His names Henry. He was boyfriend." He still didn't say anything so I went on. "He was nice when I first met him, at school, but as soon as I went to his house, he just, changed. It's like I didn't know him anymore. He's been beating me for 3 years now but tonight I thought he was going to kill me and so I just had to get away. Then, I stumbled into you."

"3 years! Are you serious?" I nodded. He then embraced me in a huge hug. I felt safer for the first time in 3 years.

"Um, Niall, you're clothes are getting all bloody." 

"Oh, right." He said pulling away. Me and my big mouth, I had to end a hug with the Niall Horan didn't I? Then, he took off his now bloody shirt. Jesus fucking Christ he's fit! He started to put a dressing on my arm. "So, how old are you?"

"13." He stopped again.

"You're 13? Seriously?" I nodded. "You look 14, 15 even." I just smiled. "So, about the 20 questions and everything but what's your name?"

"Oh, I'm Charlie, Charlie Lewington." 

"Oh cool. Well, I'm Niall, Niall Horan as you know."

"Yeah." I said with a slight chuckle.

He had stopped all the bleeding and patched everything up. He gave me one of his baggy tops and some jogging bottoms to put on then left me to get changed.

As I walked out the bathroom, I was in a hallway with a couple of doors leading off somewhere and lots of family pictures hanging on the walls.

"Um, Niall!" I shouted in the hallway. He came up to me from one of the doors, with a clean shirt on. Damn.

"Yep?" He replied.

"I don't mean to be a bother or anything, but I was just wondering if I could get something to eat?" It was about 2 am now but my stomach was growling.

"Yeah, sure. Follow me." 

We walked into his kitchen and OMG! It had everything! You name any piece of food, ever, and it's in his kitchen.

"So, um, I'm going to just heat up some left over curry from last night but you can snack on anything you want really. Yeah." He said.



"Thank you." I could feast on Jaffa Cakes all night!

He put the curry in the microwave and started laying the dinner table. Ooh fancy. I had a look around and by the time the microwave went ping! I had lots of junk food piled in my arms! Crisps, chocolate, biscuits and of course, Jaffa Cakes!

I sat down at the dinner table.

"So," Niall started. "Don't worry, eating here is only a one off, we can usually eat in front of the TV, you can make yourself right at home here. But, I thought we needed a chat."

"Yeah, I have a couple of questions. How am going to explain to my mum that I'm in London?"

"Yes, well, does she recognize my name?"

"Yes, yes she does. I talk about you guys constantly and she saw the movie with me this morning so, yeah."

"Cool, so can you just explain to your mum that your with me?"

"In what context does going to a friends house for a sleepover, although I was really with an abusive boyfriend, then travelling 35 miles to the capitol and meeting one of the most famous boys on the planet right now, fall into a believable story?"

"Does she know anything about Henry?"

"No. And it's going to stay like that."

"Right, well, we'll think something up in the morning."

"Okay. Secondly, what were you doing in Farnham?"

"Oh, well it's Liam birthday today and he likes the pubs there."

"Oh right, you don't seem that, you know-"


"Yeah, your quite sober."

"I didn't have that much to drink, Liam didn't want to be the only sober one on his birthday. He can't drink that much because he's only got one kidney, so he and I only had a couple. But the others got completely wasted!"

"Sounds like fun."

"Well, depends what mood your in really." We both chuckled.

"Well, I hope Liam had a good day."

"Oh yeah, he did, yeah."

"And thirdly, how am I supposed to get home in time for school tomorrow?"

"Um.......pull a sicky?"

"Yeah alright."

After we finished eating, he showed me to a spare bedroom where I drifted off to sleep in the most comfortable bed EVER!

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