The Brother Next Door

This isn't a pity story. Or a love story. I mean it's kind of a love story. I did fall in love. I just don't know how I did, or how things got so messed up. It’s crazy how, you can go from being like brother and sister to completely in love. It’s crazy how, your best friend could go from being your role model to a lying backstabber. It’s crazy how in the blink of an eye, you’re left with no one. It’s crazy how Niall’s made it so far. It’s crazy how close I’ve become with all of the boys. It’s crazy how I fear his hazel eyes. It’s just so crazy how Zayn just stood there smiling like he accomplished something. "Zayn stop!" How the hell did this happen? This was unlikely, so unlikely that you would say it only happens in the movies. It was supposed to be Katie and her bestfriend Jane against the world. Not Niall. Backstabbing and destiny are two very different things. How far can I go before losing it?


1. Pink Streak

Meet Katie.

Jane and I had been best friends since the first grade. She was always destined to be popular with her long blonde hair and her perfect blue eyes. And now her destiny had come true, she was the most popular girl in Monarch High, but only because she squeezed her way into the popularity group, and because her now-famous brother, was from the new boy band called “One Direction”. She wasn’t the smartest, but that didn’t matter; here it was always about who looked the best. She had those sparkly blue irish eyes, just like her brother Niall. Jane had it all. Head cheerleader, perfect boyfriend, huge house, and a loser best friend to keep her sane.

I met Jane and her family when they moved to my neighborhood in Mullingar, just at the age of six. I remember being extremely excited to meet her once my mom told me she was missing her front teeth just like me. Niall, her brother, was about eight years old when I met him, and from then on, the three of us were inseparable. Niall was different than the other boys. He didn’t mind having tea parties with us, and being the prince when we played barbies.

Then middle school came along for Jane and I; we would always get off the bus together at her house, talking about all of the cute boys and juicy gossip. Niall would usually be off at football or a voice lesson, so the three of us hanging out became more and more rare. We were growing up.

Then there was high school. Lets just say Jane.. grew into herself.

Let’s start from the beginning, shall we?


My mom took me out to the salon to get a pink streak in my hair before school started. It was just one small baby pink colored streak, no big deal, and surprisingly my mother let me at age 14. She said “new school, new look”, which boosted my confidence.

“Mom, can you drive me to Jane’s? I wanna show her my new hair,” I asked excitedly to my mother after leaving the salon.  

“Too lazy to walk?” She joked as I rolled my eyes.

“Yeah, whatever,” I replied, opening the car door.

I hopped out of the car, slamming the door, almost tripping over my toms. I walked up to her door and fixed my bangs before knocking. Nobody answered, so I just walked in, realizing I shouldn’t have to knock on Jane’s door after eight years of being friends.

There, to my surprise, was Niall.

He was sitting on a kitchen stool, with his old guitar. He looked up when he heard me walk in; I almost didn’t recognize him, he looked so.. different.

“Hey Katie, long time no see,” he said as he gave me the most beautiful smile, and a voice a whole octave lower .

“Niall! I haven’t seen you in forever!” I beamed, running over to give, basically my brother, a tight squeeze, standing on my tiptoes. He laughed as he squeezed my body tightly. I had missed that laugh.

Niall had gone to a voice camp all summer, and during that time, he had changed almost completely by the looks of him. Not only had it seemed like he grew a foot taller, but his body was tanned, and his blonde hair had gotten even blonder. And he had gotten his braces off. His white tank top showed off his biceps. I felt something weird inside me when I looked at him, something I had never felt before when I had been around him.

“You looking for Jane?”

“Um, uh, yeah, is she in her room?” I asked kind of nervously, my face starting to feel red.

“Nah, she’s out with my mum, I guess you’ll just have to chill with me till she gets back,” Niall said as he pulled out another stool motioning me to sit down next to him. As I sat down next to him, I could hear my heartbeat out of my chest. Man Niall looked good.

Wait, I couldn’t be falling for Niall, he was like a brother to me, not a boyfriend.

Could I?

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