The Brother Next Door

This isn't a pity story. Or a love story. I mean it's kind of a love story. I did fall in love. I just don't know how I did, or how things got so messed up. It’s crazy how, you can go from being like brother and sister to completely in love. It’s crazy how, your best friend could go from being your role model to a lying backstabber. It’s crazy how in the blink of an eye, you’re left with no one. It’s crazy how Niall’s made it so far. It’s crazy how close I’ve become with all of the boys. It’s crazy how I fear his hazel eyes. It’s just so crazy how Zayn just stood there smiling like he accomplished something. "Zayn stop!" How the hell did this happen? This was unlikely, so unlikely that you would say it only happens in the movies. It was supposed to be Katie and her bestfriend Jane against the world. Not Niall. Backstabbing and destiny are two very different things. How far can I go before losing it?


3. High School

POV: Niall

Once I got up to my room, I popped in an old horror movie and lay down on my bed. I wondered how it would be if Katie was with me, holding her close to me during the scary parts. I closed my eyes, feeling tired, and pulled one of my pillows close to me.

When I woke up, it was morning. First day of school.



POV: Katie

“Katie, get up! First day of high school! Rise and shine!” My dad said in a great mood, which was always.

I popped up out of my bed.

“Good luck kiddo, go get em,” my dad said wrapping his arms around me.

“Dad, I can’t breathe,” I giggled through his arm, “thanks.”

My dad and I have always been so close, since my mom worked all day before I was in school, and he would watch over me. He taught me how to do pretty much everything, you could say I was a “daddy’s girl.”

“I have to go to work now, have a good first day hun,” he said, fixing his police badge and leaving my room.

“Bye Dad, love you!” I yelled after him.

I opened my walk in closet. So many options, I thought to myself.  I reached
in and picked out my new Hollister pencil skirt and floral blouse with my Victoria Secret push up. I walked to the bathroom, looking at my brown tangley waves through the mirror. I pulled out my curling iron and started curling the bottoms of my hair. For once, I actually felt pretty, and good about myself. After doing basic hygiene, and putting on some makeup, I almost didn’t have time to eat breakfast, even though I wasn’t hungry at all.

I heard my phone ringing in the other room and went running to pick it up.

“Hi Slut,” Jane said over the line.

“Hey Jane,” I laughed over the phone.

“Get over here, hoe,” She laughed back.

“Coming,” I quickly hung up the phone and grabbed a granola bar from the kitchen, and went over to kiss my mom goodbye.

“Wait! Let me get a quick picture!” My mother whipped out her phone and snapped a most likely gross picture of me.

“Good luck sweetie,” she said kissing me back.

“Thanks Mom, love you, I’ll be home right after school!” I said running out the door to catch my ride.


POV: Niall

Katie bursted through the door out of breath, my jaw dropping. She looked incredible.

“Sorry I’m late! Just wanted to make sure I looked my best for the first day!” She said panting.

“Oh, don’t worry about it,” I said, my hands starting to sweat a little as I gripped the steering wheel harder than I needed to. Why was I always so nervous in front of her now?

“Stop being so hot!” Jane blurted out. She playfully pushed her, but I could see some anger in it.  

“Anyway, ready to go Niall?” Jane asked.

I didn’t answer, I was looking at Katie, I couldn’t lay my eyes off her.


“No. I don’t listen to you when you’re ANNOYING AS FUCK,” I shouted back to her.  

“Really funny,” There was a silence “Whatever, let’s just go already,” Jane rolled her eyes and crossed her arms.


POV: Katie

Niall’s car was packed with musical instruments in the back so he offered me to sit up from with him while Jane got in the back. I could see from the corner of my eye that he kept looking at me, which made me all nervous inside; I could feel myself blush. At one point he caught me looking back and he smiled. I smiled back, feeling a little chemistry going on. It felt like the perfect time to grab his hand, but Niall couldn’t know I’m falling for him, he would think I was crazy.


The first day was going really well for me, some girls I knew from junior high, besides Jane, were in my classes, which I was really happy about. Until lunch time came.

I grabbed my tray of salad and a juice in the cafeteria, trying to find where Jane was sitting. After looking around like an idiot forever, I spotted her, sitting with the, “popular kids.” She was laughing her little ass off, and looked like she was having a great time without me. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t hurt, I mean, I get that we were supposed to have other friends, but why would she pick them? Realizing I had just been standing for so long, staring at them, I looked around the room for familiar faces. Niall was the first person I spotted, but he was with his friends.


POV: Niall

Jane had sat with all of the, “popular freshman crowd” at lunch, which was no surprise, and left Katie out in the dust. She’s so cute when she’s confused. I felt so bad for her though, just standing there, scared to death, looking for a place to sit.

Maybe I should call her over to our table.

Just as I was about to shout to her, she found another table of friendly girls to sit with. I’m glad she sat with them, but I really wanted her to be with me.


POV: Katie

I saw Niall look at me as I was walking over to some girls who were in my English class.

“Do you mind if I sit with you guys?” I asked, they all paused in their conversation.

“Of course!” One girl with braces and blonde hair replied, smiling to no end. I sat down between her and this other girl with really long curly hair. There were only three girls, and they all happened to be in my English class.

“Jane’s brother can’t seem to keep his eyes off you,” one of the girls joked, “he’s so hot.”

“Oh, that’s Niall, him and I have been best friends for years, along with Jane,” I smiled, blushing slightly.

“Shut up! You’re redder than a tomato,” Another girl joked.

“Wait, you’re best friends with Jane Horan?” The blonde brace-faced one asked.

“Yeah, we’re best friends, have been for 8 years now,” I replied with a smile, it made me feel good inside to say that.

“Oh wow, she’s like part of the popular crowd,” said one girl who had glasses and a long brown straightened ponytail as she took a bite of her sandwich.

“She’s always been popular, but she’s still my best friend, and I’m still her’s, so I must be doing something right,” I laughed, happy that they laughed too. I tried my hardest to seem likable.

There was an awkward silence before I cleared my throat and said, “so, um, what are all of your names?”

“Becca,” The girl with blonde hair and braces blurted out quickly.

“I’m Jessica, but you can call me Jessie,” said the girl with the ponytail, smiling. She was gorgeous.

“I’m Corey,” The girl with the long wavy black hair said blowing the hair out of her eyes.

“Nice! I’m Katie,” I said, “aren’t all of you in my English class?”

“With Mr. Jermain?” Jessica asked, turning her head slightly.

“Yeah, fourth period! I thought I recognized you,” said Corey.

“Mr. Jermain is such a nerd,” added Becca, laughing.

From then on, I knew that lunch wasn’t going to be bad at all this year.

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