The Brother Next Door

This isn't a pity story. Or a love story. I mean it's kind of a love story. I did fall in love. I just don't know how I did, or how things got so messed up. It’s crazy how, you can go from being like brother and sister to completely in love. It’s crazy how, your best friend could go from being your role model to a lying backstabber. It’s crazy how in the blink of an eye, you’re left with no one. It’s crazy how Niall’s made it so far. It’s crazy how close I’ve become with all of the boys. It’s crazy how I fear his hazel eyes. It’s just so crazy how Zayn just stood there smiling like he accomplished something. "Zayn stop!" How the hell did this happen? This was unlikely, so unlikely that you would say it only happens in the movies. It was supposed to be Katie and her bestfriend Jane against the world. Not Niall. Backstabbing and destiny are two very different things. How far can I go before losing it?


2. Complicated

POV: Niall

“What have you done this summer, other than miss me,” I joked. She laughed and smiled which gave me a warm feeling inside.

Katie and I just talked like we always do, but I felt different around her this time. We kept making eye contact. Her green eyes twinkled when she smiled; I had never noticed that before, or how beautiful she was. The sunlight was hitting her face and I could see her light freckles and tanned skin. I noticed her tiny pink highlight in her hair, which I thought was a perfect touch.

“I like your pink streak,” I said.

“Thanks,” she said touching and looking at it, “I was gonna show Jane today, because I just got it a little while ago.”

The doubt in her voice made me upset, Jane has always treated her poorly, especially them being best friends made this behavior towards Katie worse. Every piece of me wanted Jane not to come home with Mum, because I knew something was going to go down today. I couldn’t stop staring at her lips; I just wanted to kiss her, and make her feel better.

Wait, what am I saying? Do I actual--

“WE’RE HOME,” I hear a familiarly loud voice yell, as the front door closed.

Cusses raced through my head, “hi guys,” I hollered back. Perfect timing.

“Jane, I just got back from the salon!” Katie said, running over to Jane, “do you like it?”

“Yeah, uh, but are you sure it’s you?” Jane replied to Katie in her usual bitchy tone.

“Excuse me, guys, I have to take this,” Mum said, desperate to find a quiet space as she ran up the stairs to take a call.

“I think it’s me,” Katie said doubtfully.

Jane made a huffing noise with her mouth. “Maybe,” she said, chewing her gum obnoxiously.

“Jane, Katie can do whatever she wants with her hair, I happen to like it,” I said as I stuffed a cookie in my mouth, sticking up for Katie. I noticed her look at me after that, and by the way she did I could tell she was thanking me.

“And who asked you Niall,” Jane puckered her lips like a duck and she reached past me to grab a cookie too.

“Typical,” I muttered under my breath, quiet enough that she couldn’t hear.

“Wanna video chat with Mike, Katie? He like, just texted me.” Jane turned smacking me in the face with her hair.

“Uhm, I don’t really know him that well..” Katie rambled looking at the ground, “wouldn’t it be kind of awkward with me there?”

“Well, If you don’t want to, then maybe we can hang out later.” Jane said looking at the door.

She’s such a bitch, I thought. I internally begged that Katie wouldn’t leave, but she started heading towards the door.

“Bye Katie, I’ll call you later, Kay?” Jane said as she opened the door for her.

“Okay,” Katie replied confused. And just like that, she was gone.


 POV: Katie

I walked down their front steps, mortified as hell. Jane was probably just cranky as usual, or maybe found it awkward that I was one on one with Niall. Or maybe she was just trying to find an excuse for me to leave, so she could be all dirty with Mike, her new boyfriend.

I personally didn’t like Mike, but Jane always found a liking for him. He’s a total pothead, parties almost every weekend, and has been failing tenth grade for at least two years now.

I dragged my feet on the pavement, replaying what happened with Niall. All I wanted to do was relive that moment I saw him for the first time in weeks; it felt so magical, so different.


When I walked into my house my mother was already cooking dinner.

“Wow honey, home so soon?” She questioned as she stirred some pasta.

“Yeah, Jane had some important stuff to do, I just thought I’d leave her be for a while.” I lied trying to make my voice as perky as I could.

“Oh..okay..” she sounded a little suspicious, “well, dinner will be ready in a little bit, I’m making pasta with vegetarian sauce.” She said.

“Cool,” I replied throwing myself on the couch.

“I heard Niall’s back from camp, did you see him?” She smirked at me.

“YEAH.” I paused in excitement. “I mean, yeah. He was there,” I replied like it was no big deal.

“Maura sent me a video of him singing at his camp, using that old guitar of his,” she said after some silence. “Niall sure looks older. He’s so adorable, and such a good singer! So sweet!”

“Yeah. I almost didn’t realize it was him,” I laughed nervously.

“That makes two of us.”


POV: Niall

Later that night at the dinner table, I couldn’t get Katie out of my head. I kept looking off into space and just thinking of being with her and kissing her soft lips. I heard my mum say something, but I couldn’t seem to hear it, my mind was off somewhere else.

“Niall look alive,” Jane said in once again in that bitchy ass tone.

“Niall! I said, pass the bread,” My mum spoke, slightly annoyed.

“Sorry mum, just have a lot on my mind.”

“OOOH, GIRL TROUBLES?” Jane went all in my face.

“Get off my back, Jane,” I replied

“Ooooh, Niall,” Jane winked at me.

“Fuck off Jane!” I yelled back at her, standing up.

“NIALL! Language!” Mother snapped at me.

“Sorry, I can’t help that Jane has been a bitch lately,” I said angrily.

“I bet it’s that new girl down the road. Wasn’t her name Taylor, or something?” Jane crossed her arms and leaned back in her chair, smirking. She thinks she knows everything. I gave her the most revolted look back hoping to scare her.

“Niall, why don’t you chill in your room for a while,” Mum said in a frustrated tone. “And while you’re at it, apologize to your sister.”

“Sure, sorry Jane,” I mumbled sarcastically and headed for my room.

What’s my problem?

Honestly Katie, could you just leave my head for one second? I didn’t know what as going on with me, all I knew was that I wanted to see her again.

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