Overnight Princess

A story of how I went from being plain old Becky (Cooper to Si) to being Princess Rebecca of Ishramnia. Of how I gave up my normal life to follow in my late fathers footsteps.


4. The phone call

Smiling, I spoke. “Hello, your highness. You asked to hear from me so – here. I would like to know some answers about my father’s side though, before you tell me about life in Ishramia.” I said. I heard sigh. I take it this means you accept the throne? We’ll have to get you some Princess lessons obviously, but okay. Tell me your questions and I shall answer them with a pure honesty.” She replied. I thought. Taking the phone away, and covering the mouth piece, I whispered to Codi, “What do I ask?” She smiled and grabbed the notepad that Jon liked to keep by the phone in case anyone got a message whilst they weren’t in. ‘WHATEVER U WANT!’ She scribbled. Thinking, I asked a few obvious questions first. “What is the family surname? Will I need to take it? What was he like? What’s the rest of the family like? When did the latest photo come? Did dad ever tell me a bedtime story?” and then a few, that I just needed to know, “What would happen if I didn’t take the throne? When was the last time I saw him?” and finally; “When would I leave, if I were to accept the throne?” I waited as silently as she had done. “First of it was quite rude you didn’t even ask my name. I am Luciella Rosmillda, Amelia Rosinalie. This of course means that the family name is Rosinalie. You can either keep your current surname and add Rosinalie to the end or just change it to Rosinalie. He was a charming man, who while he had a few faults would have stopped at nothing from doing his duties. The rest of the family isn’t that large, except for the English royal family, you have two ‘cousins’ Steve and Paula. They are my brother’s children and they each have two children. Your grandfather was a Prince. I married into the throne – I wasn’t born into it – therefore, my nieces and nephews are not eligible for the throne. The latest photo came a month before today. It was of you, your mother, step brother, half brother, step brother and best friend. The details and names were on the back. Your father loved reading you stories and would often phone your mother up just to read you one. He stopped when you were eight. If you didn’t accept the throne then you would simply give it to another royal family – one who also has a bloodline to the throne. You last saw your father two years ago, at a wedding. Your mother introduced him to you as an uncle whom she had, had a falling out with many years ago. And lastly, if you were to accept the throne you would have to leave with me. I’m flying out in two days, for a five day ‘holiday’.” When she finished answering my questions I simply said, “Okay then. I accept the throne of Ishramia. Now, it is my 18th birthday and I’m going to enjoy myself. Good day.” I said. After a reply of “Good day. See you in two days.” My Grandmother – Her Royal Highness hung up. “Beck you’re shaking, Beck!” Jordan had just come in and he was yelling. “J, I’m a princess.” I said, smiling slightly. “Yeah, yeah you’re my princess remember?” He said, trying to check my heart beat. “No, J she means she really is a princess. She’s just in shock. Read that letter and I’ll get her another coke.” Codi said, pointing to the letter, still resting on the little table.

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