Overnight Princess

A story of how I went from being plain old Becky (Cooper to Si) to being Princess Rebecca of Ishramnia. Of how I gave up my normal life to follow in my late fathers footsteps.


6. The limo

When I entered the lounge I saw that Simon was telling the truth. There was Codi, comforting Jordan, Mum with Jon and Lee – holding her stomach for some reason, and there sitting with no-one but with two gentlemen behind her. I guessed these were my Grans bodyguards. “Rebecca.” Jon said, sighing with relief. “Becks, its been decided that you, you urm,” Mum said. She couldn’t finish her sentence. “Julie means your going to live in Ishramia now, rather than in a week.” Jon said. I looked around again, only this time I looked at their faces. They were all upset. Simon looked down at his feet. He obviously knew. I looked at the door. I didn’t want to leave yet! However, one of Gran’s bodyguards moved and stood next to me. “Rebecca. This is Joseph, your personal bodyguard. Out the front is your limousine. We’ll give you a few minutes to say goodbye.” Gran said and left. “You’ve got my number – the Palace number is saved on the landline. I can’t say goodbye to you guys. It’s just too hard. So, I’ll say see you soon.” I went and hugged everyone, with a few ‘I love yous’ in my ear. Then, I left. First day to me being a princess. “Wait!” I turned around and saw Simon coming towards me. “Si, I’ve got to go.” I said, continuing in the direction Joseph was heading. “Yeah, I know. But I haven’t given you your present. It’s from me and Codi– his ones from Jordan. No-one else could come – they were to worried that they would cry.” He said, indicating to the parcels in his arms. “I stopped and allowed him to catch up. When he reached me, I hugged him tightly. “Happy Birthday Cooper.” He whispered in my ear, as he hugged me back. “Your highness, we must go.” Joseph was by my side. “Alright then. I guess you’d better take these. Don’t forget about us.” Simon said as he released me. Trying to keep my voice calm I replied, “Never.” And with that, I was lead away and shown to my limousine. “Is this, is that for me?” I said, excitedly. Sure I was gonna miss my friends and family, but if this was how I was travelling just to go to the airport then I was sure I could fly out every week to see my family down here. “Of course. You are a princess. There is WiFi, a fridge full of delicious beverages – including a very fine wine I might add, - and of course if you wish to have a lay down just tell me and I will press the button which will make you one out of the chairs. Oh and I almost forgot, there is a DVD player, flat screen television- with all the channels and a fine selection of DVD’s. Now would you please hold out your presents thank you.” Joseph said. A little shocked I held out the presents and Joseph scanned them. “What are you doing Joe?” I said. He flinched when I said Joe rather than Joseph but he didn’t seem to mind. “Looking for dangerous things that could be concealed your highness.” He said and continued scanning them. “Please, just call me Rebecca – or even Becky.” I told him. ‘Your highness’ just sounded weird. “Of course. They are both well. I think you will like them. Now, we are going on a shopping trip.” Joe said, as he opened my door. “I could get use to this.” I muttered. I didn’t think that he would hear me but Joe chuckled. “Wait, did you say we were going on a shopping trip? Aren’t we going to Ishramia?” I said, before he shut the door. “Yes I did Rebecca. Your Gran wishes you to have a larger wardrobe selection. After we have gone shopping, we shall go o the airport – private plane of course – and meet Her Highness in Ishramia at the Palace.” He replied and then he shut the door, carefully locking it. I looked at the interior of the Limousine – it was huge! There was a massive tele with everything Joe had said. I looked in the fridge and pulled out a coke. Looking around inside the fridge, I saw that there was every kind of fizzy drink invented – and right next to the fridge was a selection of wine. I hadn’t ever tried wine – except for a mouth full at a party. I’ll have some later I thought to myself. I looked at the presents that were on my original seat. I stood up to go over to them (Oh yeah, the limousine was so tall I could stand up in it!) when suddenly we started moving, knocking me backwards. Cursing, I crawled over to a seat and sat down. There were no seat belts so I just had to pray we didn’t turn a corner suddenly. Reaching over carefully, I grabbed my presents. I opened the smaller square first – the one from Simon and Codi. It was a CD case. I opened it and saw a note – HAPPY 18TH BIRTHDAY! Scrawled in Codi’s untidy hand writing. I saw that the there was two CDS; one said Beck, Si and Codi. The other simply said; SONGS. Both were in Simons handwriting. I closed the case and opened the one from Jordan. It was a bracelet. It said ‘Becky’ with a heart next to it. I loved it. I had seen it months ago on a shopping trip. I put it on and sighed. I curled up on my seat and looked out at the window, watching everyone’s faces as this huge limo passed them by. I stayed like this until the limo stopped.

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