Overnight Princess

A story of how I went from being plain old Becky (Cooper to Si) to being Princess Rebecca of Ishramnia. Of how I gave up my normal life to follow in my late fathers footsteps.


5. Simon

After Jordan had read the letter, five times over he ran his hand through his hair. “Wow, my baby sis a princess. I don’t really know what to say.” Launching myself at him, I begged him, “Tell me I’m doing the right thing, taking the throne.” He wrapped his arms around me and put me on his lap, as though I was 8, rather than 18. “Bea, you’ve gotta do what you gotta do. You’ll always be my crazy sis, just now you’ll be a princess as well. Bea, you’ve gotta do what you gotta do. You’ll always be my crazy sis, just now you’ll be a princess as well. You’re doing the right thing. I promise.” He said, wrapping his pinky around mine. “Pinky promise.” He said. I cuddled into him, the way I used to. “I’ll miss you. I’m going at the end off the week.” I said, answering the question I knew was on his mind. According to my mates, the way Jordan and I acted was as if we were in love. Truth is, we were just close. “We’ll still see each other on Skype.” He said, kissing my forehead. In a weird sort of way Jordan was like my dad. He’d cuddle me and tell me that everything was gonna be alright, if I ever cried. Suddenly my mobile went off. Looking at the caller ID I saw that it was Simon. My best guy friend. I dreaded telling him about the situation. “Hey Si.” I said, as calmly as possible. “IS IT TRUE!! YOU’RE A FREAKING PRINCESS!??” I wondered how he knew. Then I realised the Jordan had his phone in his hands. “You told Si? Why? He was coming round later – I would of told him then – why does everyone have to know now?!” I screamed at him dropping my phone and running to my bedroom. Slamming the lock on, I went to go and lay on my bed. Screaming in frustration, I threw my pillow across the room and wept. I didn’t even really know why I was upset. I guess the stress of the day had just got to me. “Cooper?” I heard a quiet sound coming through the door. “It’s Simon.” He didn’t need to tell me that. Only Si called me Cooper. “Please come out Coop. We need to talk about this princess stuff. Coop, your Grans here. Someone phoned her – I don’t know who, honestly. We’re all worried Coop, It’s been seven hours – Jon is home now as well. We’re all worried please open the door.” So who had phoned Gran? I may as well call her that – since I’m guessing that’s what she has told everyone she is. I really wanted to meet her. Pulling myself off of my bed, I went and looked in the mirror. For the past seven hours, I had been doing a mixture of; crying, sleeping and thinking. I looked hideous. Sighing a dramatic sigh, I dragged a brush through my hair and washed my face. Then, I went and unlocked the door. “How do I look?” I could see he was holding back a laugh. “The first time in what, ten years that you’ve ever cared what I thought of your appearance?” I laughed and poked him in the stomach. “Oi! I’m serious, how do I look?” He stood back and took it all in. I hadn’t dressed any differently – just plain black jeans and a top that said ‘Princess’. When he saw the top he laughed again. “Beautiful, your highness. Let’s go and introduce you to a Queen.” He said and offered me his arm. Laughing I took it and went downstairs.

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