Overnight Princess

A story of how I went from being plain old Becky (Cooper to Si) to being Princess Rebecca of Ishramnia. Of how I gave up my normal life to follow in my late fathers footsteps.


3. Codi

The doorbell rang. Jumping, I went to answer it. “HAPPY 18TH!” Codi yelled. She got excited easily, especially when there was a possibility of cake. Without warning, she launched herself at me, and started hugging me like a maniac. “Chill out! I’m the one who just found out I’m a freaking princess!” I yelled, trying to get her off me. “Yeah, but if you’ve gotta go and rule or whatever, then I’m loosing my best friend.” She replied, tightening her grip. Somehow, I managed to get in the lounge, slamming the front door shut. When she saw we were in the lounge, Codi let go and went to examine our family photos. She touched Jordan’s face and sighed. It really was creepy, how ‘in love’ she was with him. I shook my head and went to get her a drink. When I came back, I found that she was reading my letter. “So, you’re a real life princess aren’t ya.” She said, taking her drink. “Yup. And I’m related to the royal family. It’s mad.” I concluded. However, for some reason Codi disagreed. “Are you kidding me? When most girls where younger, they wished they could b a princess and now, you are and you seem not to care. I get that it’s a shock, but still.” I felt cheated. I had expected Codi to moan and scream and act, well like Codi. The Codi who gets upset if her drink isn’t a certain temperature. It sounds stupid, but that’s Codi – my Codi. She saw my expression because suddenly, her own expression changed. “Beck, you are by far the strongest person I know. You’ve just found out your father is dead and you haven’t even shed a tear. You never cry, no matter what you’re the rock. When my mum died, you were the only person who actually told me to get on with it. If it wasn’t for you, I would have spent the last six years in my room. Come on, let’s go phone up a Queen. We’ll see what she says and if you like what you hear then goodbye normal Rebecca Cooper, hello Princess Rebecca…What’s your Dad’s name? His last name?” I thought about this. I didn’t know. Would I have to take on the Family name? Cooper was Jon’s name; I didn’t really like it – but it was easier than having to deal with being the odd one out in the family. “I don’t know, Codi, I don’t want to seem rude or whatever but if I ask you to, would you leave the room, and promise not to listen? You’re MY rock, despite what you said about me just being ‘the rock’ but still.” I asked this, knowing that if I did cry, I didn’t want it to be in front of someone, who had just said all that about me. She smiled and nodded. “Of course, you know no matter what I’m here for you.” She said, passing me the landline. Taking a deep breath, I dialled the number. “Her Royal Highnesses Palace. I am Mr Rufus Turner, how may I help you?” A man answered. I understood what Mum had said about the accent. While I wouldn’t describe it as ‘sexy’ it certainly was chilling. “Hello, I am Rebecca Cooper. I am the Queens granddaughter.” I replied, trying to keep my voice as calm as his had been. “Ah yes, Prince Jack’s daughter. I shall send you through to her study. Please wait.” And then he was gone. I hadn’t realised Codi was holding my hand. She smiled at me and encouraged me, with a silent ‘You can do it Beck’. “Hello, is that Rebecca?” I fought the urge to scream. This was my grandmother. “yes.” I replied, however when I heard how quiet it came across I repeated it. “Yes.” This time I said it proudly.

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