Overnight Princess

A story of how I went from being plain old Becky (Cooper to Si) to being Princess Rebecca of Ishramnia. Of how I gave up my normal life to follow in my late fathers footsteps.


7. Charlotte

After about five hours of shopping, me and Joe went to the airport. I was extremely tired by this point and when I checked the time on my brand new phone; I was surprised that it was eleven already. “How long does it take to get to Ishramia?” I asked Joe yawning. “About eight hours. We shall be taking your jet of course which has a bed for you. I suggest you use it – your meeting the people tomorrow.” Most of my ‘compartment’ was filled with my new clothes. I had a bunch in my hands when Joe opened the door. “Rebecca, leave the bags. We have a group of people ready to take them in. A princess never carries her own shopping if it is more than one bag.” Joe said. I put them down again and had an inward sigh. When Joe offered me his hand I thought he was being polite so I took it. However, once I took it he carefully got me out of the car and made me grip his arm. “Hold tight. Do not let go.” He said. Quickly, six other men came and surrounded me, whilst a number of men were taking all my bags from the car. This was too much! I was about to curse when Joe shook his head at me. “A princess never curses.” He whispered. As soon as we stepped foot in the airport, a number of people were trying to look at me. I figured that, in the five hours that we had been shopping, someone had let slip that there was a princess in town. Everywhere I turned my head there were people, trying to get a glimpse of this new princess. As I was looking around I saw a little girl, whos older brother was bullying her. I whispered to Joe and, with a sigh he lead he over there. “Excuse me sweetheart, whats your name?” I said, bending down to her height. “Charlotte.” She whispered. “And is this your big brother? (She nodded) whats his name?” Charlotte looked terrified. “Michael.” She whispered, even quieter than she had said her own name. “Well now Michael, picking on Charlotte really isn’t nice. But picking on Princess Charlotte is even worse.” Both Michael and Charlotte looked confused. “Wheres your mummy? Or Daddy?” I asked Charlotte. She pointed to a couple sitting on a bench. “Come with me.” I said offering her my hand. Lee had been bullied when he was about Charlottes age – I guessed she was about five – because he couldn’t pronounce a few words, so bullying was a touchy subject for me. “Excuse me, I’m Rebecca but you can call me Becky.” I said extending my hand. “It is an honor Miss Rebecca.” Said the mother. “My name is Claire Walker and this is my husband Ashton.” She introduced. “Charmed. I’m sorry I can’t stay long but my flight leaves soon. Anyway, I was just wondering if I could have your permission to make Charlotte a princess?” I asked with a warm smile. As soon as Claire nodded I too Charlottes hand. “On this, 1st May 2000, my eighteenth birthday, I Rebecca Jade Cooper Rosinalie, declare that Charlotte Walker is officially a Princess.” I reached into my new handbag that Joe had insisted on carrying, and pulled out a mini tiara that I had brought as a joke. I put the tiara on Charlottes head and smiled. “There, Doesn’t she look beautiful Michael?” I said, looking at him. He nodded and then looked away sheepishly. “I believe you have something to say to her Highness?” Looking at his little sister Michael said, “Sorry sis.” Then he smiled at her which she warmly returned. “Wow. We’ve never been able to get him to apologise. Thank you Miss Rebecca.” Ashton said. I smiled. “Not at all. A young man should always apologise to the lady. Of course, if the lady is in the wrong she should apologise as well. Now I must be off. It was lovely meeting you all.” I hugged Charlotte, ruffled Michael’s hair and then left. “That was spectacular Rebecca.” Joe said as we walked towards the jet. “Every girl dreams of being a princess.” I replied. “Hold up, did you say earlier that I had my own jet?” I asked, getting excited again. He chuckled and answered, “Of course Becky. You’ve also got a helicopter, a boat, limo and your own car. Your father left everything to you.” I felt embarrassed. After years of hating my father for not caring, he had left an entire country to me.  

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