Niall One-Shots

Bunch of Niall One-Shots! Exerpt: “Niall let’s get out now. I’m tired.” I murmur in his ear once more.
“No, you’re jealous.” He whispers back. “And I like it.”
“You’re gonna pay.” I mumble, but he doesn’t hear me as yet another girl comes squawking questions to him and asking for a hug.
“Hey Niall isn’t she Harry’s girl?” One of them suddenly exclaims, pointing me. Niall’s smile briefly drops, but then he’s grinning again, coming over to me.
“No, she’s my girlfriend.” Niall presses, before kissing me in front of everyone. Whoa there. Niall smiles on my lips as he hears the awws the girls make. He pulls back. “She and Harry are just very good friends, right Sophie?”
“Right.” I nod, rolling my eyes. “Friends with benefits.” I seethe in his ear. He takes absolutely no notice of my comment, pursuing with his hugging session.


1. Jealousy

“Please Sophie my feet hurt and I’m hungry... can we go now?” Niall complains for about the tenth time in the span of an hour.

Niall had taken me to the mall today, and as weird and fucked up as it sounds, I had taken advantage of the situation in order to try to find Niall’s kink. What Louis had said about each of the boys having their kinks had highly perturbed me, to a point where I had difficulty sleeping comfortably at night. That’s why when Niall proposed to do some innocent shopping in the morning and stop to eat at Nandos after, I accepted to go with him to try to notice the particular objects or clothing that drew his attention.

“Sophie!” He protests again as I look at different shops without much interest. “I’m. Hungry.” Niall continues, separating his words.

Clearly nothing attracts this boy apart from food... Hmm maybe he has a food kink... Like with whipped cream and Nutella and stuff on the others body. I’ll have to try that at home.

“SOPHIE!” He groans loudly, earning us a couple looks from the people around us.

“Okay okay! One more! It’s going to be the last one I swear!” I reply, dragging him into yet another shop.

“You said that for the last fifteen shops!” The Irish boy groans, passing one of his hands through his hair. He looks down at his phone for mere seconds. “At this time, we should be done and eating at Nandos!”

“I know and I’m sorry! I just haven’t found what I’m looking for yet!” I answer, looking through some racks.

“Well maybe if you would’ve told me what you wanted in first place, I could’ve helped you find it and we would already be gone.” He grumbles.

“But the thing is... I’m not even sure what I’m looking for. It could be a book, it could be clothes, it could be shoes it could be anything!”

“Bloody women.” He mutters under his breath.

“Hey I heard that.” I frown, taking my eyes off the articles of clothing to glare at him.

“Heard what?” He says innocently.

“What you just said.”

“About me wanting to help you find what you’re looking for?” He grins. Little fucker.

“No... The bloody women part.”

“What do you mean bloody? Wait are you on your period? Is that why you are so pissy?” Niall enquires.

“Me pissy? And you?” I poke his chest.

“I’m hungry it’s not quite the same.”

“Ugh never mind.” I shake my head, looking through the clothes once more. “Do you find any these pretty?” I enquire, motioning the rack.

“If I say yes and let you buy them, can we leave?”

“No, because you wouldn’t be honest.”

He huffs loudly, walking in little circles near me in annoyance.

As I look at the different pieces of clothing, I hear the distinct sound of his stomach rumbling.

“See! I told you I was hungry!” Niall moans. I roll my eyes.

“You’re always hungry.”

“You too usually.” He counters.

“Fine. Let’s go eat.” I give up.

“And then we’ll leave the mall right? We’ve done enough shopping no?” The blonde begs as we walk out the store.

“We haven’t even bought anything.” I remark, heading for the mall’s exit.

“That’s why I said shopping, not buying.”

“There’s one shop I want to go check after we eat, and then I promise we can leave.” That’s it. I’ll settle with the food kink. I’ll just buy some whipped cream and stuff.

“You really do promise?” Niall enquires as we get out the mall and to his car.

“I promise.” I nod, taking a seat.

“Good. Now to Nandos!” He grins, starting the engine.


After a very short meal due to the fact Niall practically ate his food without chewing it; we were already back at the shopping centre.

“So you promised one last shop before we go home... Choose wisely.” Niall smirks while we’re strolling through the mall.

“I know I know... Let’s go to―”

“Oh my God is it Niall Horan? Oh my god yes!”

“Niall! Niall!”

“Oh my fucking God! It’s Niall fucking Horan!”

“We found him!”

I hear the girls’ squeals before I see them. Jesus Christ. A hoard of teenage girls rapidly forms a small circle around Niall and I, making me slightly nauseous. They start shooting him questions, asking for pictures and where were the rest of the guys and other stuff I didn’t wanna bother hearing.

“Niall can we go now?” I whisper in his ear after a few minutes, not liking the space restriction the girls had given me from being all over the Irish lad.

“In a few.” He answers, pecking my cheek before bringing his attention to a new wave of girls. Jeese information travels quickly these days.

I try to ignore them as they beg for autographs, pictures, and hugs with Niall, but I feel the jealousy mounting slowly as they start asking for kisses on the cheek. Niall is mine.

“Niall please?”

He laughs, before taking another pose with a fan. “Roles have switched, haven’t they?” he tells me.

“Niall let’s get out now. I’m tired.” I murmur in his ear once more.

“No, you’re jealous.” He whispers back. “And I like it.”

“You’re gonna pay.” I mumble, but he doesn’t hear me as yet another girl comes squawking questions to him and asking for a hug.

“Hey Niall isn’t she Harry’s girl?” One of them suddenly exclaims, pointing me. Niall’s smile briefly drops, but then he’s grinning again, coming over to me.

“No, she’s my girlfriend.” Niall presses, before kissing me in front of everyone. Whoa there. Niall smiles on my lips as he hears the awws the girls make. He pulls back. “She and Harry are just very good friends, right Sophie?”

“Right.” I nod, rolling my eyes. “Friends with benefits.” I seethe in his ear. He takes absolutely no notice of my comment, pursuing with his hugging session.

After what seems hours, they finally leave Niall and I alone, gushing about how they had just met THE Niall Horan and his ‘girlfriend’. Big deal.

“So you said we were leaving?” Niall says.

“No. No we aren’t.” I scoff, placing my arms over my chest crossly.

“Stop pouting. Are you angry because of the girls? Because you’re jealous?”

“And what about you? When that one girl said I was Harry’s girl, weren’t you acting jealous too?” I counter. “You practically kissed me in front of them to prove a point.”

“Nope.” He responds, popping the ‘p’. “I kissed you because I love you. It wasn’t jealousy because jealousy doesn’t suit me very well and I looked absolutely dashing to everyone including you... I just don’t do jealous.” He ends, placing his arm around my shoulder before squeezing. We’ll see about that.

I stay thoughtfully silent for a few seconds.

“C’mon. I know what I wanna buy.” I say swiftly, dragging him with me towards the wanted destination.

“Finally.” He sighs, following me as I tug him to the first Victoria’s Secret shop I could spot. “You wanted underwear? After this whole morning of god damn shopping, all you wanted was underwear?” Niall exclaims incredulously once he realises where I’m taking him.


“Jesus Christ.”

We enter the boutique and I notice Niall’s eyes immediately zeroing on matching black and royal blue lace bra and panties, before his gaze returns to my face with a nervous smile.

“I think I’m going to wait outside alright? I don’t think I’m allowed here anyways.”

“Nonsense.” I shake my head, pouting my lip a little. “You’re my ‘boyfriend’ remember?” I mock, grabbing a few panties and bras to try on, purposefully avoiding the pair Niall was looking at a few seconds ago. “You need to help me pick stuff that you think would look cute.” I continue.

The Irish boy passes his hand into his hair, biting his lip.

“Okay I’ll stay... but I want you to try these.” He gives up, pointing the blue and black lace set.

“Fine.” I shrug, turning around to pick them up while hiding my smirk. Payback’s gonna be a bitch little leprechaun... Niall follows me as I head to the changing rooms. The lady stops us, asks me how many items I have, before letting me pass. I get inside the biggest stall, locking the door behind me.


I listen intently as the woman stops Niall from coming in the changing section.

“You can’t go.”

Peeping through the stall door’s crack, I try to get a good look of what’s going on.

“You know you are not allowed to go, right?” The girl repeats, eyeing him up and down.

“There’s a bench in the middle of the room no? Isn’t it made for waiting or something?”

“Yes but it’s for female customers only, due to recent complaints. I’m sorry sir, you can’t go.”

“Even if I just stay sitting down in front of the stall?” He tries again.

“I don’t think so... We might have other customers and it’d disturb them.” The lady says again firmly.

“Could you maybe do an exception?” The Irish lad replies, handing her a hundred dollar bill. She bites her lip, taking a quick look around.

“You promise you’ll only be waiting outside the stall?”

“Only if you promise not to let anybody else come for the next thirty minutes or so.” Niall agrees, handing her another hundred dollar bill. I can’t help rolling my eyes, before undressing to try on the matching panties and bras Niall had chosen.

 “Soph she left us alone... Are you gonna come out and show me what you’re trying?” Niall sing-songs.


“Then why make me pick?” he whines.

“You and Harry have similar taste.” Take that. I smile at myself in the stall’s mirror, loving the royal blue on my skin.

“What did I just hear? Harry? Why Harry?” Niall’s voice gets slightly raspier, his Irish accent more thick.

“I’m buying this for Harry. He’s the best friend, the one supposed to fuck me senseless in a slutty attire. We’re friends with benefits no?” I explain.

“And me? Where do I fit into this? You’re mine.”

“You’re the ‘boyfriend’. You do the cute stuff like hand holding, taking me out and stuff.” I say, chuckling. “I think the blue and black lace set you picked will be perfect for Harry.”

He knocks on the door.

“Sophie... Open the door. Now.”

“Why Niall? Are you jealous? Oh no you can’t be...You don’t do jealous remember?” I tease.

“Sophie you do know that the lock is very easy to open right? I give you three seconds to open it by yourself or I’ll give you the fuck of your life in this changing room.” Niall threatens. I twirl once in front of the mirror, ignoring him completely.

“I really think Harry’ll like it.” I pursue.

“That’s it.”

Barely a second later Niall has made it inside, pushing me on the mirror while he shuts and locks the door behind him. He wears a dark face, his eyes navy blue with untamed lust.

“Hmm. I smell jealousy.” I taunt him biting my lip provocatively, not at all scared. Worst that could happen from Niall anyways, is a few hard kisses, and an attempt at rough sex when we get home...

“And do you know what I smell? I little bitch that’s practically begging for a good fuck.” He mutters, before riding himself of his trousers. Wow I was not expecting that. “You’re mine Sophie you got that? All of this,” He motions me, “Is mine and mine only. And you’re gonna let the whole shop know that.” He seethes, pinning my arms behind my back and making me stand up so I’m facing the stall’s mirror.

“We could get arrested.” I protest, suddenly finding the idea really bad. It was only supposed to be harsh kissing and groping and maybe some silent sex, not some brutal thing where everyone would know!

“Do I look like I give a fuck about that right now? No. The only fuck I’ll give is yours.” He whispers, his eyes locking with mine through the mirror as his mouth descends to my neck, peppering it with soft butterfly kisses before biting the skin and sucking it to make a hickey. His hands travel along the side of my body, stopping at my chest to grope my breasts through the lace material before heading lower down to lower my panties. “Even though I love this colour on you... I’d rather you without it.”

“Niall I―”

“Not yet love.” He scolds, pinching my now exposed rear. “I haven’t started anything.” He trails on, his finger skimming my ‘wrong’ hole.

“Niall please not there I don’t like it...” I shut my eyes, looking at him through the mirror.

“I. Don’t. Mind.”

“Can we at least do this at home then please? We don’t even have lube.” I mumble as I start shaking in fear.

“I have some.” What the fuck since when does he carry lube?

Seconds later I feel the cold substance being pressed around the rim of my arse hole, and his probing fingers start scissoring me rapidly and painfully.

“Oww Niall.” I groan. I absolutely loathed getting it in the ass.

“It’s about to hurt a lot more.” Niall warns, sending me a wink in the mirror before ramming himself inside me. I immediately bend forwards and grasp the little bench in front of me.

“Niall!” I gasp loudly, shutting my eyes. My ability to think clearly gets disabled quite quickly.

“Who. Do. You. Belong. To?” He questions between thrusts. “And look at me when I’m talking to you.” He adds, slapping me lightly as he kept filling me out with his throbbing member.

I open my eyes to look at his reflection, and I let out a loud moan at the erotic sight.

“Sophie. Tell. Me.” He instructs, thrusting even harder. A little pleasure starts sparking in my insides, and Niall only adds to it when he bends forwards and starts rubbing rough circles on my clit. “C’mon love. Tell. Me.” Niall whispers in my ear, slowing his pace a little to splay my skin with sweet kisses.

“I’m yours.” I moan out.

“Louder love. I want you to yell it. I want Harry to hear about us fucking in a public changing stall on the television tonight. I want him to know that you’re mine.” Niall continues, shoving himself in once more as he gropes my chest.


“That’s my princess,” he purrs, before pulling out of my ass, spinning me around and slamming back inside my ‘good’ hole. I moan out loudly, already on the verge of orgasming from the continuous circles his fingers rub on my clit. “C’mon moan louder than that. Let everybody know how much pleasure I’m giving you little slut. I bet’s security’s about to arrive any second now, and we’ll be all over the news, and you’ll be known as the girl who was fucked by Niall Horan at a Victoria Secret shop.”

And suddenly, I reach the edge, pleasure overwhelming my every sense.

“Nialllllll.” I whimper loudly. My arms wrap around him to stay upwards as my knees give out from under me due to the force of the orgasm. The blonde continues pounding, with a little less force, until he’s reached his own climax. Puffing loudly, we stay connected, pressing our foreheads together. I wait until his eyes return to their normal colour, before speaking.

“Niall...” I pant, my breathing still irregular. “What was that?”

“I told you jealousy didn’t suit me well.” He shrugs, before kissing me.

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