Niall One-Shots

Bunch of Niall One-Shots! Exerpt: “Niall let’s get out now. I’m tired.” I murmur in his ear once more.
“No, you’re jealous.” He whispers back. “And I like it.”
“You’re gonna pay.” I mumble, but he doesn’t hear me as yet another girl comes squawking questions to him and asking for a hug.
“Hey Niall isn’t she Harry’s girl?” One of them suddenly exclaims, pointing me. Niall’s smile briefly drops, but then he’s grinning again, coming over to me.
“No, she’s my girlfriend.” Niall presses, before kissing me in front of everyone. Whoa there. Niall smiles on my lips as he hears the awws the girls make. He pulls back. “She and Harry are just very good friends, right Sophie?”
“Right.” I nod, rolling my eyes. “Friends with benefits.” I seethe in his ear. He takes absolutely no notice of my comment, pursuing with his hugging session.


2. Friday Night Bites

“So what do you wanna do tonight?” Niall asks, reaching over for another slice of pizza from the box sat on the table.

“I don’t know... Why?” I enquire, finishing up my own slice.

“Well I thought since its Friday and the boys are all out doing personal stuff, we could watch a movie together.” He answers simply.

“Yeah sure that sounds nice... What movie did you have in mind?”

“I didn’t have a particular one, just a genre.”

I frown. “No erotic stuff I hope? I would expect that from Louis but not from you Niall.”

“No, no, no Sophie.” He chuckles, very visibly amused by my idea. “No erotic stuff. It makes me uncomfortable to watch uh... porn... with somebody else.”

“So you’ve already watched porn with somebody else?”

“No Sophie.” He sighs loudly, red flaming to his cheeks. “I’ve thought of it though... But that’s not the point. Totally beside the point. No I wanted to watch a horror movie with you.”

I shake my head negatively.

“Never in a million years.”

“Why not?” He whines.

“I won’t be able to sleep Niall that’s why!”

“But why do you think you won’t be able to sleep? I’ve watched plenty of horror films and I sleep like a baby.” He points out.

“I’m not you. I’m scared of everything when it gets dark. Even my own shadow freaks me out sometimes,”

“Exactly how many scary movies have you watched?”

I look down, a little ashamed.

“Ugh well there was um... This very horrifying one with spirits and―”

“Quit lying.”

“Yeah no okay... I haven’t watched any. And I’m not planning to.” I state firmly.


“No Niall please.”

“Sophie it’s not even that scary.” Niall laughs, sitting down with me as the titles appeared on the screen.

We we’re in the theater room, and I was huddled with a bunch of pillows on the sofa. The Irish boy practically had to drag me down to the basement by force. I was not looking forward to this movie. At all.

“Not scary at all but it’s called Don’t be Afraid of the Dark.” I mumble sarcastically. “Niall we are surrounded by darkness! You’re going to freaking kill me, making me suffer the anxiety of not knowing when something is going to jump in my face! ”

“Don’t worry Soph... I’ll be here to protect you if you’re scared.” He whispers, wrapping an arm around my shoulder.

“I won’t watch it. I’ll just hide my face the whole time.” I say, hugging a pillow tightly and digging my face in it.

Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to keep my eyes away from the screen for the whole time. In fact, I barely managed five minutes, and I had the misfortune of seeing the horrible little creatures that got out when it’s dark. Plus Niall, scared me two times.  I was shaking as the movie finished, the voice of Sally’s, the little girl, step-mother chilling my bones.

“Why doesn’t the movie have a happy ending?” I whine as the credits start rolling.

“To be honest, that was one of the happiest endings I’ve seen for a horror movie. Usually the main character doesn’t make it. Or many of the important ones. This time, only her step-mom died. And even then she wasn’t dead; she was one of those little creatures.” Niall shrugs. “It could’ve been worse.”

“These are horrible.”

He chuckles and yawns, standing up. Niall flicks the light open.

“So you coming upstairs to bed?” He asks.

“No. I don’t even want to get out of the sofa. I have to sleep here because if I walk on the floor, the creatures are going to grab my feet and drag me under.” I whisper, clutching the pillow to my chest.

“Seriously Soph?”

“Yes seriously Niall. I told you I get scared easily. I won’t be able to sleep peacefully tonight. Thank you.” I answer sourly.

“So you’re to sleep here, on the sofa, because you’re scared something is going to seize your feet and pull you under?” He frowns. “I’m standing and nothing is tugging me into a hole...”

“Weren’t you listening? They attack children. I’m more of a child than you, I’m eighteen and you’re twenty. Therefore, they’ll attack me.”

“Sophie this is ridiculous. And I’m tired. C’mon. Or else I’m shutting the lights and leaving you alone here.”

“No!” I half-yell half-whisper. “Could you like maybe...? I don’t know umm... Carry me upstairs?” I ask tentatively.

“Yeah okay but...I’m going straight to my room. I won’t take you to your bed.” Niall states carefully.

“I don’t care. I’ll sleep with you.” I answer quickly.

“Fine.” He huffs, and takes me in his arms.

I hug the blonde tightly, scared of falling on the floor and getting kidnapped by the ugly, black, bone-eating creatures.

“Open as many lights as possible okay? And please don’t drop me.” I beg.

For a split second I’m sure I’m falling and I scream, only to be caught again. The cheeky bastard pretended to drop me, right after I told him not to.

“Fuck you!” I whine, latching onto him even tighter than before.

“You’re hilarious.” He laughs.

“I don’t find this amusing at all.”

“Look calm down love. Were in my room. Were ‘safe’.” He mocks, depositing me on his bed. I rapidly get in the sheets, relaxing slightly at Niall’s familiar scent.

“You aren’t going to get into something comfier?”

“Does it look like I’m ready to die for PJ’s? No.”

“Okay definitely no more horror movies for you. You’re completely psycho.” He shakes his head, taking of his shirt and trousers before turning off the lights.

“Niall?” I ask, apprehensive.

 I jump as the weight on the bed shifts.

“Shhh. S’only me.” He mutters, wrapping his arms around me, hugging me to him. “I’ll protect you love... Now go to sleep.” He whispers.


I kept tossing and turning in the bed, unable to shut my eyes for a long period of time. The image of the hairy creatures with opaque eyes kept haunting me.

“Sophie please.” Niall sighs as I squirm some more. He brings me even closer to him. “I’ve got you. I swear I won’t let anything hurt you.” he coos in my ear.

“Niall I’m hot and frightened and I’m too jumpy to manage to sleep.” I whimper, trying to stay calm.

“That’s what you get for sleeping dressed.... Just take off your clothes. It’ll be less heated for you.” He mumbles tiredly.

“Niall I’m scared to even move.”

The Irish boy exhales loudly and gets out of the bed.

“No please stay!”

“I’m going to get your mind of the movie alright?” He explains, turning on the lights at a faint dimness. He lights them so there’s enough light for me to see his face, but not enough to see the whole room.

I stay immobile and watch him as he gets back on the bed, body towering over mine.

“First off, we’ll take care of your clothes okay?” He says quietly, his fingers trailing along the length of my body. “I want you to focus solely on me alright? Don’t talk.” Niall carefully removes my t-shirt and throws it somewhere in the room, closely followed by my jeans. “Are you less hot now?”

I nod, the air feeling cooler already.


He nuzzles down in the crook of my neck, peppering it with soft kisses.

“Niall what’re you doing?” I question softly, feeling arousal slowly replacing my fear.

“I’m sorry I got you scared alright? I’m just apologizing properly here. Going to make you forget all about it.” He says between kisses.

Niall lifts himself up, his lips meeting mine in a shy kiss. My mouth instinctively starts moving with his, preferring being aroused over being panicky. My hands tangle in his bleached hair through the darkness and I pull him closer to me, trying to remove any space between our bodies.

“I love you,” he mumbles on my lips, his hands running slow circles on my stomach. I shiver as they head lower down. “Have you forgotten about the movie yet?” he asks, his fingers ghosting over my underwear.

I shake my head negatively, the anxious feeling returning.

“Don’t worry... You will soon.”

I shut my eyes and moan quietly as he tosses my panties aside and shoves a lone finger inside me. His other hand reaches over and gropes one of my breasts through my bra, his mouth latching with mine once more.

A feeling of warmth spreads through my body as I sense the arousal slowly clouding my mind.

“Do you like that Soph?” He enquires breathless, thrusting his finger in me slowly. He builds a small pace. “Yeah of course you do... You’re wet already.” The Irish boy murmurs hotly in my ear. He wastes no time adding two more fingers, making me whimper loudly. He buries his face into my neck, his free hand cupping my ass while his three fingers are pumping repeatedly in and out of me. The blonde rolls his hips precisely into mine, little moans pouring out of his mouth.

“Niall please...” I groan, letting out a shaky exhale. “Make me forget. Now.” I beg, wanting to feel more of him.

I keep my eyes shut as he removes his digits, and open them again when I hear him sigh.

“Maybe the horror movie wasn’t such a bad idea after all,” He says, taking his boxers off. I see his smirk through the dimness of the room, and I shake my head no.

“Was a horrible ideaaaaa,” I whimper, feeling his tip pressing in.

“Was a brilliant one.” He ends, pushing his throbbing member fully into my clenching walls.

“Niall oh my God...” I moan, my nails digging into his back.

 He slams his hips harshly against mine once.

“Jesus I love you.” He breathes, shoving himself in once more. I gasp.

“Harder Niall. I need you.” I whisper.

That gets him going. The Irish boy starts ramming himself deeply inside me, keeping himself up over me with one hand while the other flicked my nub constantly.

“Niallll.” I groan, wrapping my arms and legs around his sweaty body.

He lifts my bum up a bit and manages to hit my g-spot. I feel the pleasure mounting hastily inside me, my eyes rolling in the back of my head when I finally fall over the edge.

“NIALLLLL!” I scream in pleasure.

“Sophie oh God!” He cries out, emptying himself inside me. He stays over me for a couple seconds, breathing erratic. “Forgot about it?”

“Not quite,” I shake my head, hugging him tightly while he’s still inside me. “Promise you won’t leave? I’m still a little afraid.”

“I promise I’ll stay in you ‘til tomorrow morning.” He coos. Arranging our bodies a little, we lay on the bad face to face.

“Thank you Niall.” I mumble tiredly, hugging his chest. He kisses the top of my head, his arms placing themselves around my bare shoulders protectively.

“I’ll always be there to defend you from the monsters under your bed.”

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