Obsession (15+) ON HOLD

Jamie and Niall were neighbors growing up. I know what you are thinking, they were best friends right? Wrong. Niall Horan was just a the boy next door that Jamie Montegomery would always ignore...in school. She would secretly watch Niall from her window, whenever she saw him, working out, studying......undressing. Niall had a kind of infatuation with Jamie, he would dream about her and find himself staring at her through his window as well. At school they acted as if none of that matter. That they weren't obsessed with each other. They never had to face each other until their best friends starting dating. They grow closer and closer until, obsession turned into passion.

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6. Chapter 6

Jamie's P.O.V

As soon as we get inside I pull his arm up to my door and spin around and met his stare that was full of lust.

"He can get a clear view us from his window. So make it good!" I say.

He presses our bodies together and says, "You are so hot and devious. I love it!"

I open the door and take his hand.

We throw our bags in the corner and I lead him over to my bed.

I take a glance towards the window and I see Niall sitting at his computer.


I feel Harry soft lips hit my neck and he starts kissing, leaving a trail up to my mouth.

The next thing I knew he lays me down as our lips move in sync. I lift my right leg and wrap it around his waist. He grips the back of my thigh and makes his way up my bum.

He began to pull at my top.

I stop him and say, "So eager Styles." in between kisses.

He laughs and moves his lips back to my neck.

I open my eyes and look towards the window to see Niall has closed his blinds.

I sigh and Harry stops.

He looks up at me. "What's wrong?"

I sit up causing him to shift next to me. I point towards the window and look at my lap.

"Well what were you hoping he would do?" he asks me, moving a piece of hair to the back of my ear.

I shrug and say, "That he would come over here I guess." I start to feel guilty a little bit.

I lay back on my bed and sigh.

I hear a beep. We look in the direction the computer and I see I've got a message on Facebook.

I get up and sit at my desk.

"Who's it from?" Harry says.

I open it and it says 'Message from Eleanor Calder' .

"It's from Eleanor." I quickly read what she wrote.

Eleanor Calder: You can you check on Niall.

He won't talk to anyone, not even Louis

We are a little worried...

I knew I should've have done this.

"I need to go talk to him." I say.

Harry gets up from the bed and read what El wrote. he nods and says,

"I'll go."

"Do you need a ride?" I ask.

He shakes his head and gives me a peck on the cheek.

He gets his bag from the corner of the room and walks out my door.

Jamie Montegomery: What happened?

Eleanor Calder: I have no idea! he just will not answer Louis.

He wanted us four to hang out again!

We thought you guys hit it off

Jamie Montegomery: Alright I'll see what's wrong, text u when I know

I got up from my computer and grabbed my phone and keys.

I walk out of my house locking the door before knocking on Niall's door.

No answer. His mom's car isn't in the driveway, and he definitely is home.

I knock again, and again, and again.

"GOD DAMN IT LOUIS!" I hear Niall scream.

He opens the door looking down at first.

"Can't you take a f-" he stops once he see me.

His eyes are bloodshot and his hair is all tousled. He stilled looked beautiful.

Niall's P.O.V

I walk into my house after a long walk that seemed like ages.

I run my fingers through my blonde hair and run up the stairs, slamming the door shut.

I look at my window and see they haven't entered the room yet.

Maybe they won't do anything.

Maybe they are working on a project.

I sit down at the computer and scroll through my feed for a few seconds.

I spin my head to the window and am met with a pang to my stomach. His hand is wrapped around her leg while her hand is firmly against his neck as their lips battled.

Enraged and sad I swipe my arm across my desk sending papers, pens, notebooks and my laptop off, cracking the screen.

I shut the blinds and try to get the image out of my head.

My phone rings and Louis' name pops up my screen. I decline. He calls three more times and I decline every single one.

I don't want to talk to anyone. I'm just so mad! Furious! Sadness overtakes me and I fall to the ground and begin to cry.

Why are you crying you wimp?

She obviously doesn't want you!

There is a knock at the door. Louis probably. I ignore it.

They knock three more times. I run down the stairs, just annoyed at this point.

"GOD DAMN IT LOUIS! Can't you take a f-" I open the door and am met with her mocha eyes.

They look concerned and full of regret.

"W-what are you doing here?" I say in a hoarse voice.

She steps into the house and I look down at her shaky hands.

"Louis and Eleanor were worried about you."

A second or two passing with her looking at her feet while I stare at her.

"A-and so was I." she says.

I shut the door behind her.

"I'm fine." I say bluntly.

"No you are not! You're eyes are all puffy! What's wrong?"

You just made out with the new kid in your bedroom that I have a perfect view of and I madly want you for some reason!  Why would anything be wrong?

"It's nothing." I say. I turn away and walk into the living room.

Her hand stops me.

"Hey, look at me.' she says sweetly. She pulls my shoulder back to face her.

"What is wrong?"  I look deep in her mocha eyes as they study my face.

"Why are you so worried about me? Go back to curly! Why didn't Lou just come? Why do you care!?" I say instantly regretting it. I pull away from her.

"Is that why you are so mad?"

Oh no.....

"Because Louis has Eleanor now?"

I sigh in relief.

I nod pretending that was the real problem.

"Aw Niall."

She wraps her arms around my neck which i don't respond to at first. I take in the fact that she's actually holding me before I return the favor. I embrace her in a hug while tightens her grip.

"If you need anything at all I'm here." she says.

She still doesn't get it.

All I need.....is her.

She pulls away and says, "I'll stay with you tonight if you want."

I smile and nod, "That'd be nice."

She coughs and I realize I still have a pretty strong grip on her.

I let go and we laugh awkwardly. Her phone rings and she goes to answer it, waliing into the other room

"Hello......no I'm not why?.......What?....Why?.....Mum, I told you to stop doing this!.....Fine! What time?.......I can't believe you're doing this! You really don't support my dreams at all!......whatever mum, I'll be ready by 7:30.....Fine. 6:30!" She hangs up and walks back into the living room.

"I can't stay with you tonight I'm sorry." My mood is lessened and I look at the ground with a frown. "Oh" is the only thing that escapes my lips.

"Hey." she whispers holding my face in her hands.

"I'll be back tonight by at least 9. Leave the door open for me, yea?" she smiles.

I grin at her and rub my thumb along the back of her delicate little hand.

I nod and say, "Most definitely."

She kisses my cheek and I get shivers as her lips make contact with my skin.

She lets go of my face as her hands fall to her sides.

"I'll see you tonight." I say.

I walk her to the door and open it up.

She walks out and looks back at me and says, "Bye new best friend!" she says happily. I laugh at her and close the door.

I press my back against the wood and smile as I touch my cheek.

All I want is her, and that is exactly what I'm going to get!

Jamie's P.O.V

I sat in the restaurant my parents take us whenever they want to impress the other family.

I swear I really hate when they do this.

The last guy was a complete jerk and partied all the time! Sure he was a good time but he was too much of a frat boy for me.

I keep my hand down and scroll through my twitter feed as I see a message pop up on my screen.

'From:Niall :)'

I smile and open it up.

Niall :) - hey how's the dinner?

Me - Boring much rather be hanging with you rn!

I cannot believe what i just typed. "Jamie Anne Montegomery! Get off your phone! They're here!" My mother yells.

Niall :) - Same here, the house is really quiet!

Me - I gtg, royal family awaits! Haha, see you at 9

I look up to see a women in her mid forties and a man in his early fifties walk up to the table.

I couldn't see the boy they've picked out for me yet, all I saw was a bit of brown hair.

I stand up and introduce myself to the two adults.

"Oh and this is my son." she moves out of the way so I am met with one person who I definitely did not expect to see.

His eyes finally met mine and they get wide as I imagine mine are.

"J-Jamie?" he croaks.


Whoa! What? Jamie got set up with who?? i bet that is a question you're asking... Leave you're comment below and see if your right.So i wont be updating that much beccause school just started where I am so I have to focus on that and I will probably update on the weekends! Comment ~ Like ~ Favorite! Love you lots my loveleysssss

xoxo LouisLover4evercheekys

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