Obsession (15+) ON HOLD

Jamie and Niall were neighbors growing up. I know what you are thinking, they were best friends right? Wrong. Niall Horan was just a the boy next door that Jamie Montegomery would always ignore...in school. She would secretly watch Niall from her window, whenever she saw him, working out, studying......undressing. Niall had a kind of infatuation with Jamie, he would dream about her and find himself staring at her through his window as well. At school they acted as if none of that matter. That they weren't obsessed with each other. They never had to face each other until their best friends starting dating. They grow closer and closer until, obsession turned into passion.

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5. Chapter 5

Niall's P.O.V

I step into the judging room and wait for her to come.

This is the only time of day I could watch her without turning away afraid she'll see me.

I see her walk into the room and put her things on the side. She puts her phone into the dock and puts on the song.

She starts to move her body and its as if I am pulled into her trance.

Some moves are a bit dirty but I am completely under control.

The song almost finishes so I grab my guitar. I decide to play 'Viva La Vida' just because it might give her a hint that I'm here.

I start strumming and as if I pressed a button, a smile forms on her lips. She lays on her back as her breathing gets heavy.

I look down for a second until I hear her mumble something.

And not just anything she mumbles


My hearts racing as she says my name.

Then she starts to sing. This is new, she never sings. Her voice is like velvet.

Once I stop she springs up sadden that I have stopped.

She gets up and walks in front of the glass, I do the same and just stare into her mocha eyes.

I want her so badly right now.

She was thinking about me, I know that much. She presses her back to the glass and slides down it.

I mimic her actions and turn to face her when she flinches.

I stare straight into her eyes It's as if she knows I'm here.

I put both hands on the glass, just staring her, smiling. She soon smiles as well and we return to the previous position.

I feel her get up and get a tiny bit irritated as I get to my feet and I watch her run towards the door.

As if to tell her to stay I knock down a few folding chairs that were lined up in the corner.

She turns and looks around the room trying to look for what made the noise. She still turns and leaves.

I stare at the spot where she once sat.

I go for the door on the side that connects the judging room to the dance studio and stand where she once was.

Why does she make me so crazy?

I go back into the judging room and gather my things. I head to the door and leave as soon as the bell rings.


I turn the corner and literally run to History after dropping guitar off at the music room.

As soon as I get to the hallway where the class is I see Jamie laughing with some guy.

He has curly hair and skinny jeans in a white shirt on  and a blue plaid shirt, opened.

He takes her hand which takes her by surprise.

She smiles as they walk into the history room together.

A fire ignited inside of me.

Who does this guy think he is?

I rushed into the class and my eyes land in her and the guy sitting a little too close for comfort.

By this point my mind was not in control of my actions.

I go up to them and say, "Hey Jamie! Are you still giving me a ride home today?" not bothering to look at the bloke.

She looks at me with big eyes and she's says, "Uh, yea sure...Niall did you meet Harry?" she points to him.

I take a good look at him and he smiles at me, giving me a a good look at all of his teeth that will become broken if he lays a hand her.

I nod my head and she continues,

"Harry's coming too! He's helping me with......a...uh.....project." she stares at him and he does the same.

It's like he wants his ass beat!

The bell rang and I quickly made it to my seat.

Jamie's P.O.V

6th period finally came.

This was my only off-period during the day.

I sneak into the dance studio and look around.

Empty yet again.

I exhaled and locked the door behind me.

How I hated when the spring came and this room would always be preoccupied by snotty dancers.

What I really liked about this time of day is this guitar strumming that always seem to go on. I expect it to come from the music room which is just couple rooms down, but still it seems to be almost right next to me.

I put my phone in the dock and turn on 'Move Like You Stole It' by ZZ Ward.

I let the music take me over as my body moves with every note.

Music is my only escape, especially during dancing though. If I didn't have either, I have no idea what i would do.

The song finishes and right on time the strumming starts.

I sit in front of the mirror and close my eyes.

I lay down as my chest moves up and down. I recognized the song immediately and started to sing to the acoustic.

I hear Jerusalem bells are ringing
Roman Cavalry choirs are singing
Be my mirror, my sword and shield
My missionaries in a foreign field

For some reason I can't explain
Once you go there was never
Never an honest word
And that was when I ruled the world

I start to think about when it came on this morning in the car with Niall.



Soon a picture of the blonde boy appears in my head and I can't help but smile.

He makes me feel so.....nervous, like Eleanor was with Louis.

The strumming stops and I jolt up from my position on the floor.

I step in front of mirror and looked down at my body. I don't know why but I feel someone else. No ones coming and it's not an eerie feeling either.

I put my back to the mirror and slide down it, sitting in the floor with a thud.

At first, the mirror was cold against my back, before it started to get warmer.

I quickly get to my knees and look into the mirror.

I study it, trying to find something other than my reflection.

This is weird.

No ones here, yet I feel a comforting kind if company.

I smile and sit back down. I look at the clock on the wall.

It's 4 minutes until the bell rings.

Have I really been there that long?

I pick up my things quickly, removing my phone from the dock.

Before I leave I hear a loud crash come from the room. I turn around and nothing seems to be out of place.

I decide to ignore it and walk out of the studio.

I walk with my bag hanging loosely on my shoulder.

"Hey there Montegomery!" I hear a husky voice say.

I turn around and am met with green orbs. "Hey Harry!" I say.

He smiles and nods his head.He's attractive I'll give you that. Muscles, some tattoos, cheekey smile, perfect eyes.

Everything a girl could want.

But....something was pulling me back.

"So what do you have now?" I ask him.

"History, Mrs.Kelly."

I smile at him and say, "Me too!"

"Please show me, I keep getting lost." He says.

I'm not too convinced though. I nod and lead him to the room.

He stops me outside and turns me around.

"What is it?" he looks at me and smiles his oh so cheekey smile.

He moves a little closer, "Do you want to hang out after school?" he says low. I bite my lip.

"I don't know. Do I?" I ask a little too flirty.

He moves closer and grabs my hand unexpectedly.

"I think you do." he whispers. I smile and he leads me into the classroom.

We find two empty seats in the back and he pulls them closer.

I feel his hand on my thigh and I get shivers up my spine.

I felt myself get wet.

"Sorry," he says cheekily smiling. "Did I do that." it doesn't sound like a question.

He knew what he was doing.

I finally hear that one voice that could've pulled me away from Harry.

He takes his hand off my leg.


He looks directly at me and says, "Hey Jamie! Are you still giving me a ride home today?"

I looks at him with big eyes. Is he jealous of Harry? Yes! I am not going to be in denial here. It's obvious.

Why not have fun with this?, "Uh, yea sure...Niall did you meet Harry?" I say pointing Harry.

He looks at him and Harry smiles at him. He nods his head.

What the hell, I think I'll test this.

"Harry's coming too! He's helping me with......a...uh.....project." I stare at Harry and our eyes lock.

The bell rang and Niall quickly made it to his seat.

"I'm taking a wild guess. You like that kid." Harry says.

I blush and look down. I feel Harry's hot breath on my ear as he says, "I think we can make him jealous Montegomery."

I shiver at his words and begin chewing on my lip.

He turn to him and he places his lips against my neck. He pulls away leaving me a little bothered.

I turn to Niall who has his head down in his book, fist balled up and his jaw clenched.

Okay...maybe I can do this.

I place my hand on Harry's thigh taking him by surprise.

His smile slowly fades as my fingers make their way up this leg near his member.

I rub the already harden Harry Jr. and whisper in his ear. "Sorry," I rub his thigh once more and continue, ",did I do that?"

He laughs nervously while looking straight ahead. I pull my hand back to my lap and try to pay attention to the lesson.

"This is going to be fun." he says.

I take a peek at him to find our faces centimeters apart.

i look at Niall once more and I can see his knuckles whiten. His jaw was clenched and he had his eyes on Harry, not noticing my stare.

I look at Harry and nod.


Niall decided he wanted to walk home.

I wonder why?

I drove Harry to my house and the whole car ride was silent. But not awkward. More like we just wanted to get to my house.

I pulled into my drive-way and we immediately stared at each other.

"You ready for me Montegomery?" He ask.

I laugh and look out his window to Niall who got to his house rather quickly. He took a quick look at us and then slammed his door closed.

"Are you ready for me?" i say to him.

My mothers car isn't in the drive way so we are fully alone.

We both hop out of the car and I unlock my front door.

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