Obsession (15+) ON HOLD

Jamie and Niall were neighbors growing up. I know what you are thinking, they were best friends right? Wrong. Niall Horan was just a the boy next door that Jamie Montegomery would always ignore...in school. She would secretly watch Niall from her window, whenever she saw him, working out, studying......undressing. Niall had a kind of infatuation with Jamie, he would dream about her and find himself staring at her through his window as well. At school they acted as if none of that matter. That they weren't obsessed with each other. They never had to face each other until their best friends starting dating. They grow closer and closer until, obsession turned into passion.

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4. Chapter 4

Jamie's P.O.V

One word.


They flew in all different directions when he wiped the sauce off my face, shook my hand, any kind of skin contact!

After Eleanor finished raving about Louis to me, she left and I walked upstairs to my room.

I closed the door and leaned up against, remembering the night.

I walk over to my bed and get under the covers.

Who am I kidding? I could run a mile right now! I am just so happy. I'm tired at all!

I shut off my light anyway. I quickly get up off the bed and over to my desk. I open up the laptop and take a quick look to my window.

He's on his computer too,

the only difference is his back is to me. I open up Facebook and I see '1 Friend Request'. I click the red icon and feel the butterflies going crazy!

'Niall Horan had requested to be your friend!' I gladly accept.

I scroll through my feed liking funny pictures and even funnier vines.

Suddenly, the chat room screen opened up, from...him.

Niall Horan: Hey there! :)

Do I answer him? Of coarse you do! He already saw you read it! Now stop talking to yourself and REPLY!

Jamie Montegomery:Hi! What's going on?

Niall Horan: Nm. Can't sleep for some reason. Hbu?

Jamie Montegomery: Same. Don't know why though. Usually after school, I am dead! Haha

Niall Horan: Haha yeah me too.

Don't know where I would be without sleep.

I actually want to ask you something.

My heart is beating faster than a race car. Play it cool Jamie!

Jamie Montegomery: Shoot! I'm all ears!


Niall Horan: Do you want to walk to school with me tomorrow?

I mentally scream in my head look up to my window.

I am surprised that he is already looking at me.

He jumps and turns back to his computer. I blush crimson and reply.

Jamie Montegomery: Sure. But I usually drive. I could give you a ride if you want?

I look back up at the window and he taps aimlessly on his keyboard.

Niall Horan: I'd love to. ;)

Jamie Montegomery: It's a date then ;) haha

I did not just type that! NO Don't send don't send! Ugh!

I all in all log off and look up at him. he shuts his laptop and looks up at me. He gives me a little smile and waves. Cue the butterflies! I smile back and mouth 'Good Night'. I hope into bed, with Niall in my thoughts.


I smack my alarm off and jump out of bed. Never happier to be awake.

I check my appearance and gasp. My hair was out of it's bun and hanged, knotted.

I quickly brush out my hair and run my straightener through it.

Next up, outfit. I picked out a laced tank with a white bandeau and jean short shorts with white lace fringe.

I look over to the window to see Niall sitting up on his bed.....shirtless.

He looks like he's thinking, not really paying attention anything but the duvet cover.

I quickly change into my outfit slipping on a strapless white bra and black thong.

I look over my appearance and start to apply make-up. I grab my bag and head for the door when I get a text.

Unknown: Eleanor gave me your #, It's Niall. meet you in front of your house in 20.

I smile at the text and reply with 'Ok'.

I added him to my contacts under, 'Niall :)'.

Is the smile face a bit too much? Yeah, but I don't care today.

I walk down the stairs into the kitchen and greet my mother.

"So, did you and Eleanor have fun last night?" she asks.

I nod and say, "Yeah we did. We order some Chinese and mainly just talked for the night. Nothing big." I decide to leave Niall and Louis out of the equation all together.

I pour my cereal in a bowl and eat quietly as my mother talks about her and my dad meeting a nice family that could impact my future in a 'positive' way. For me my future lies in dancing, and ONLY dancing. They just can't see that. They always do this. Or at least they try. Find a family with a well educated back ground, nice-looking son around my age and set us up. I really hate it!

I look at the clock and it has been exactly 19 minutes.

"I got to go mum. I'm driving a friend to school!" I say.

"Do I know her?" my mother asks politely.

"Umm, you have probably have met him." I emphasize the 'him'.

She gives me a disapproving look and says, "Just a friend?"

I nod and give her a kiss on the cheek.

Ii walk out the door and find Niall sitting on my porch steps.

"Why didn't you text me you were out here?" I say startling him.

He gets up and slings his back over his shoulder happily. "I didn't want to be rude, that's all."

I smile at him and take in his appearance. He's wearing a white t-shirt, dark blue jeans, and white supras.


"You look good too." he says smirking at me checking him out.

I blush and walk him over to the car. We hop in and I turn on the radio.

"Oh turn this up!" Niall says as soon as we hear 'Viva La Vida'.

"You like Coldplay?" i ask. He nods and begins to sing the lyrics.

My eyes widen, still focusing on the road, and i say, "You have an amazing voice!"

"Thanks." he laughs. "You don't have to lie."

I am not lying , you can sing dude!"

DUDE!? Did I just say dude?

He laughs, probably at my choice of words.

We soon pull up to the school and I park in my space.

"So what class do you have first?" he ask.

"Biology, Mr.Anderson. You?" I knew what his answer was going to be.

"Same here. We'll walk together." I smile and get out of the car.

We stroll up to the school and make our way to our lockers.

"We'll meet back at my locker because it's closet to the room." he says, and directs me to the locker.

He disappears in the sea of students and I immediately start to hate my locker.

I put in the combo and try to unlock it wrong.

Try again.


I just start yanking on the lock right about now until someone puts there hand on my shoulder.

"Chill out you'll break it." A husky voice says.

I look up to a boy with sparkling green eyes and a mop of curly brown hair that is brought back into a quiff.

"Do I know you?" I ask him.

He shakes his head and pushes me out of the way.

"What your locker combo?" startled but desperate I give him the number.

Like that the lock pops open.

"How'd you do that on the first try?" I say amazed.

He chuckles and says, "It's a gift." he puts his hand out. "Harry. Harry Styles."

I grab his hand. "Jamie. Jamie Montegomery." I say mimicking him.

He smiles a toothy grin and says, "See you around...Montegomery." he winks and walks away.


"What was that all about?" Eleanor comes up to me with Louis linked with her hand.

"If I didn't see you guys leave at separate times I would have guess you super glue your hands together." I laughed.

Eleanor raises her eyebrow as in 'Answer the question'.

"He was nobody. He helped me open my locker. His name is Harry."

I quickly put my books in the locker and turned to them.

They both had squinted eyes, looking at me suspiciously.

"You guys are made for each other." I say before saying good-bye to meet Niall.

Niall's P.O.V

"Niall let's go!" she yells, running towards the water.

"Where are we going?" I ask her.

She stops and lets the cold water overcome her feet. She throws her head back and takes in the ocean breeze.

I soon join her and take her in my arms.

"Where we going beautiful." I say in a more flirty/commanding tone.

She smiles and says, "Anywhere."

She leans in and I feel a rush of cool on my lips.

Her hand makes it way up to my neck and finally running her fingers through my hair.

I hold her close and try to deepen the kiss.

Her lips detach from mine but seconds later make contact with my skin.

I moan her name,


I wake up in a cold sweat, feeling hot and bothered at the same time.

I sit up and start replaying the dream in my mind. Oh god, this is worse than I thought!

I felt the need to look up at the window and when I did, i found myself looking at her naked body.

She slipped on the black thong with little red bows and put on the white lace bra.

I got up and leaned against the window frame, watching her back side move down to slip on her jeans shorts that left me wanting more.

I felt myself harden just looking at her. After calming down Niall Jr., I averted my eyes and looked in the mirror, remembering last night conversation.

I text her saying to meet me in twenty minutes I smiled.

I ran a brush through my short hair once and put on a white shirt and blue pants. I look at my appearance.

I go downstairs and find my mum had made me some bacon and eggs before she left for work.

I eat them quickly and went to bathroom to brush my teeth.

After everything, I was ready. I sling my bag over my shoulder and head to her porch steps.

I sit until I hear the door open but not really turn around.

"Why didn't you text me you were out here?" I hear sweet voice say.

I turn around pretend to be scared.

"I didn't want to be rude, that's all." I say quite nervously.

I didn't really look at her outfit because memories of the dream last night came up, and also this morning.

I notice her eying me up and down a slight smile came across her face.

"You look good too." She blushes and shows me to her car.

We get in and drive to school.


I already knew what she had, but I can't just say, 'Hey we have the same Biology class, I know like every class you have!' that's just weird and stalkerish.

I put my things in my locker and patiently waited for her to come.

I finally see the black hair and mocha eyes I've been waiting for.

She smiled a  pearly white smile as she approached me.

I couldn't stop picturing her body underneath her pretty laced top.

I have to stop thinking like this.

"Niall?" she snaps her fingers in front of my face.

I just realized I must have been staring at her.

She touches my arm and I get goosebumps instantly.

Jamie leads me into the science room and I go to my seat that is two rows behind hers.

The entire class, I can't pry my eyes from her.

As much as I try I either go back to this morning or the dream.

Do I need help, or something?

Why am I going crazy over this girl?

What makes her so special?

Let's see:

the way her hair is perfectly soft in it's own way,

the way she smiles makes me get these dinosaurs in my stomach stomping around,

the way she walks makes me want her even more.

Finally, I am constantly wondering how she tastes.

Let your mind wonder how ever it wants, but I am talking about her lips.

Her cherry red lips.

Do they taste like cherries?

I want to find out.


Hello lovelys! So how are you liking the story? Just to give you a heads up, this story will slowly(or quickly) be getting more and more mature(as in dirty). Okay enjoy! Comment! Like! Favorite! Love ya lovelys!!


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