Obsession (15+) ON HOLD

Jamie and Niall were neighbors growing up. I know what you are thinking, they were best friends right? Wrong. Niall Horan was just a the boy next door that Jamie Montegomery would always ignore...in school. She would secretly watch Niall from her window, whenever she saw him, working out, studying......undressing. Niall had a kind of infatuation with Jamie, he would dream about her and find himself staring at her through his window as well. At school they acted as if none of that matter. That they weren't obsessed with each other. They never had to face each other until their best friends starting dating. They grow closer and closer until, obsession turned into passion.

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3. Chapter 3

Jamie's P.O.V

I am shaking right now. Eleanor closed the window and came over to the bed.

"Isn't this great?!" she said with a smile.

I hit her twice each time saying, "NO!"

"Why? Niall looks really cute, and he kept staring at you!" I rolled my eyes at her.

The light goes off in his room and this all becomes real to me.

Niall Horan is coming to MY house...into MY room!

"Is someone nervous?" Eleanor teases. She puts her hands on her hips and gives me a smirk.

I scoff and say, "If anything you should be! I will not be in your way! Remember our 'plan'?"

She told me to spend as much time with Niall as possible so she can have Louis all to herself.

Why do I feel like there is an ulterior motive behind this? Oh wait because there is!

Someone knocks on the door and my heart skips a beat. Eleanor giggles and runs down the stairs.

I tap aimlessly at my phone, trying not to seem too interested in his coming to my house.

"Eager there, Horan?" I hear, what I am presuming, is Louis' voice.

I look up to see blonde hair and bluer than blue eyes standing in my doorway with his hands in his pockets.

Oh My GOD! My head screams.

I get up and walk over to him and try to hide my shakiness. Oh god!

"Hi! Niall, I live next door." he puts out his hand which is shaking just a bit.

Is he- NO! What am I thinking? How could he be nervous?

I take his hand in mine and I feel an electric spark go up my arm.

I laugh and say, "I know, I saw you like two minutes ago. I'm Jamie!"

I wonder if he felt the spark too.

I notice him staring at my appearance. I am literally a mess right now! Should I have changed?

I let go of his hand and laugh at myself

Eleanor and Louis joined us right after.

They sit on the bed and he sits in one of my arm chairs. I sit at my desk and look at them awkwardly.

They are acting as if we aren't even here.

He cough "So, Jamie. How come we have never talked before?"

I shrugged and say, "Maybe we haven't got any classes together."

Okay that was a lie. He's in my Biology, History, Calculus, and Health class.

Yeah, I am a serious stalker.

He shakes his head and says, "I think we have some classes together. You look very familiar."

I shrug once more and say, "We probably might have one class together but we might not notice each other. It's kind of funny how we are neighbors and this is like the first conversation we're having."

I laugh out of nervousness.

He stares at me for a while and then says, "Yeah. I don't understand how I could overlook you." he gives me a smile and I blush looking at the ground.

Did he mean that in a total innocent way or was it because he thought I was pretty? Lets go with the first reason because lets face it, I am not the prettiest girl in the world.

"I could say the same."

I look over at Louis and Eleanor who are cuddled up on the bed laughing and smiling at each other.

"How about we give them privacy."

He nods in agreement and I lead him to the kitchen downstairs.

"Are you hungry? I have tons of leftover Nandos in the fridge."

His eyes widen, "Peri Peri chicken?" he asks.

"What else would there be?" I laugh at his excitedness.

I open the fridge, taking out the leftover chicken.

I turn around and grab two forks from the draw.

I turn to a very hungry Niall digging his hands into the box.

I laugh at him which causes him to look up and say "Oh! I am really sorry! Sometimes food kind of....,yeaaa!"

I laugh at his embarrassment and walk over to him.

I put the forks on the table and stick my hand in the box, grabbing the chicken. He gives me a funny look.

I shrug, "Might as well dig in! Never leave once you've started Horan." I begin chopping on the food and Niall laughs and then joins me.

After we finish devouring the chicken we plop down on the couch holding our stomachs.

"You really are different from the others." I hear him mumble.

I hum to try and get him to say it again, pretending I haven't heard it already.

He furrows his brow and says, "C-Come on. N-No girl can eat l-like that in fr-front of a guy!"

I laugh, not knowing to that as a compliment and looked at the telly which I switch on.

"Sorry if it was a turn off!" I say sarcastically.

"Definitely not." he says.

I turn my head to meet his eyes.

How? How can someone have such perfect eyes like that? It is inhuman!

His eyes dart from mine to the telly.

A smile leaves my lips as I look at him for a little longer then return my attention back to the show.

Niall's P.O.V

I sat next to her on the couch watching a show. I had no idea what show. All I could focus on is how perfect she is.

I felt her stare at me for a few moments and turn her attention to the telly.

I lied back in her room, about not knowing about classes we had. I knew every single one.

Sometimes, and don't think I'm creepy, during my off period, I would watch her in the dance studio. There was a room right behind the mirror that had two way glass. The room was for judging purposes but since the school hasn't had a dance competition yet, the studio and room were always available.

Yes, I watched her. I knew it was her passion. Sometimes, as a hint I was there, I would take out my guitar and start strumming.

She would look confused when I did the first couple times but after a while, I'd see she would just sit and listen to the 'mysterious' strumming.

I took a quick glance at her and noticed she had some sauce in the corner of her mouth.

"Oh Jamie." I say getting her attention. I put my finger on my mouth and say, "You got..uhh..."

She quickly brushes the other side of her mouth.

I laugh and reach out, placing my hand on the corner of her mouth, wiping the sauce.

"Right...." she gasps under my touch and her eyes go to my lips. "....there." I finish.

The urge to kiss her is growing.

"Thanks" she mutters. She clears her throat and shifts away from me a bit, causing my hand to fall.

I sit up in my seat as the silence grows.

"Jamie! Niall! Where'd you go?" I hear Louis say, breaking the never ending silence. "He walks into the living room with Eleanor at his side, smiling like two idiots.

Their hand are linked and she can't stop giggling.

"Great news! We'll be spending more time together!" she says.

Jamie and I look at each other and back them.

"I asked this cutie on a date." Louis says, looking at Eleanor lovingly.

We congratulate them.

"It's late guys and my parent are going to be home any minute. If they find two teenage boys in their living room, they'll freak!" Jamie says causing Eleanor and Louis to pout.

They walk to the door to say their good-byes.

Before Jamie could leave I grab her hand. "Hey, since they'll be spending more time together, maybe we could, y-you know....hang out ." I say stuttering a bit.

Where the hell did that come from? "A-As friends of coarse." I add.

Stupid stupid. I mentally slap myself.

She smiles and says, "Yeah, cool. I'd love to. Friends?" she put out her hand which I take.

"Friends." I smile at her.

If only she knew, I want to be so much more.

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