Obsession (15+) ON HOLD

Jamie and Niall were neighbors growing up. I know what you are thinking, they were best friends right? Wrong. Niall Horan was just a the boy next door that Jamie Montegomery would always ignore...in school. She would secretly watch Niall from her window, whenever she saw him, working out, studying......undressing. Niall had a kind of infatuation with Jamie, he would dream about her and find himself staring at her through his window as well. At school they acted as if none of that matter. That they weren't obsessed with each other. They never had to face each other until their best friends starting dating. They grow closer and closer until, obsession turned into passion.

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2. Chapter 2

Jamie's P.O.V

"Okay so tell me! Who's the hottie?" i ask her.

We are sitting on my bed eating some take-out. I really need to lay off this stuff.

She smiled ear to ear and said, "Louis Tomlinson!"

I know him, he's that hot football player with teal eyes and amazing hair. "El he is so hot! When are you going to ask him out?"

"I don't know. He makes me a bit nervous. I've never been like that with a boy."

I nudge her a bit. "Maybe it's love!" I hold out the 'O' in love.

She pushes me and says, "Don't be ridiculous! I mean I talk to him and we are friends but I want to be more. Not sure if he does though."

I start laughing and glace at my window.

He's watching T.V. with someone I can't quite make out.

I look back at El and she is munching on her rice.

"So what do you need my help with? I'll do anything!"

She looks up at me and says, "Anything?" I nod.

She puts her rice down and says, "That's the thing! I have no clue what to do!" she sighs.

I look towards the window again and try to think when I catch myself staring at him again. "Who are you looking at?" Eleanor says, looking out the window. I freeze.


She gasps, "Oh My God! He's there!" she screams.

She stands up. "Who lives there?" she says, pointing to the window.

I act stupid and try not to say, 'Just the guy I've been secretly stalking for the past year. His name is Niall James Horan.' so I just shrug and say, "I think the mums name is Maura Horan."

She gasps again. I give her a funny look. "YOU LIVE NEXT TO NIALL HORAN! One of the most hottest boys in the school!? How come I never knew this? Did you know this? I sure didn't! Why didn't you tell me?!"

"El calm down! Why is he so important?" I ask, mentally punching myself.

"He's Louis' best friend! Do you know what this means?" she says taking my shoulders and shaking me.

"No I don't! And stop that!" I say pushing her off.

She gives me a sly smirk and rubs her hands together. "I have a plan!"

Niall's P.O.V

"YEAHH!" I scream, as my team makes a goal.

"Calm down Horan!. I still need your help." Louis says.

"What do you need? I'm all ears!" I say, laying back on my bed, head on the back of my head.

Her light on catches my eye.

She has someone over.

Her friend is standing up shaking her shoulders.

I will never understand women.

"Holy shit! That's her!!" Louis says ducking his head under my window.
WHAT!? JAMIE!? He likes Jamie? "Wait! Really? Are you sure?" I ask nervously.

"Yeah!" he nodded.

"That's'" he pointed out the window. ",is Eleanor Calder."


Louis stands up. "Her best friend must live there. Jamie Montegomery."

Just hearing her name gives me chills. Of coarse I play it off, "Who?"

His mouth hits the ground and says, "You live next to one of the fittest girls in town and you don't even know?" he scoff and shakes his head walking over to my desk chair.

"You need to pay more attention or I just might go somewhere else with my lady situation."

"Okay okay, what's your plan? Or should I say, what the hell do you want me to do?" He smirks and taps his fingers along the desk.

"Niall Horan, how would like to make friends with two fine pieces of ass?"

I look over to the window and see Jamie and Eleanor once again.

"Just remember, one of them belongs to me." I hear Louis say.

I'm too distracted by Jamie's smile to respond. "It seems like the other belongs to you." I hear Louis say again.

Out of pure fear that he found out my secret, I snap my head to face him and say, "What do you mean? I think I've spoken to her once in whole life."

He laughs and says, "Niall, Niall. If I know you as well as I think I do, I know you wouldn't be able to resist looking into her window, let alone know she lives next door."

I have to come up with a lie. But why? He's my best friend! Just admit it! You creep on a girl who has no idea you exist! Say it!

"Dude, seriously, I had no idea she lived there." I lied.

He did not seemed convinced but shrugged it off.

He stared out the window until his staring got their attention.

Eleanor opened up Jamie's window and leaned against the window pane, gesturing for Louis to do that same.

My eyes caught Jamie's, her beautiful chocolate brown eyes. She quickly looked away in embarrassment which made me smile.

Louis opened the window and said, "Hello there El. Didn't see you there!" he joked.

She rolls her eyes and said, "Sure you didn't!"

They laugh as I try to catch Jamie again. She avoids my stares and concentrates on her phone.

"So you guys want to hang out with us instead of just creepily staring?" Eleanor suggested.

Jamie's head shot up as soon as she said this. "Sure!" I say quickly.

Louis gives me a smirk and turns back to Eleanor. "We would love to."

He smiles and her and she bites her lip blah blah blah flirting.

I make a gag noise and Louis turns to punch me in the arm.

I laugh and he says, "So you want to come here or..."

"Come here! Jamie's room is quite big." Eleanor smiles.

"Be right there love." Louis says closing the window winking.

"So we are going over there?" i say casually looking at Jamie hitting Eleanor.

Louis looks too and then back at me. "You are really bad at lying mate." he smiles.

We walk downstairs into the front hall and I slip on my supras. "Mum! Louis and I are going out for a bit! be back soon! Promise!"

"Wait!" she yells, coming into the front hall. "Where are you two going?"

"Just a friends house! Don't worry they live closer than you think." I say.

She nods and says, "Have a good time!"

We walk next door and knock on Jamie's front door.

Eleanor answers with a smile, "Hey guys! Come in!"

Louis goes in before me and gives her a hug. She is taken back but soon wraps her arms around him.

They pull away and I look up the stairs to see Jamie through her doorway, sitting on her bed.

I go up the stairs without Eleanor's help.

"Eager there, Horan?" Louis says making Jamie jump off her bed and look in my direction.

I stand in her doorway as she walks over to me.

She's in purple pajama shorts and a white tank top that's fitting her quite nicely.

I stick my hand out, a little shakily and say, "Hi! Niall, I live next door."

She laughs an takes my hand. "I know, I saw you like two minutes ago. I'm Jamie!"

I never wanted to let go of her hand. Her touch was electrifying to me. Right then and there I wanted to touch her, hold her, kiss her.

She let go of my hand and continued to laugh at my staring.

Eleanor and Louis joined us right after.

Oh right! We aren't alone. Well, there goes my plans.

Just kidding.

I'm still nervous, I have no idea what to say to her.

Louis and Eleanor sit on the bed and I sit in one of Jamie's arm chairs. She sits at her desk and looks at them awkwardly.

They are acting as if we aren't even here.

I cough "So....."

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