The Secrets Book

Annabelle, Glimmer, Megan, Nelly, Sophie and Tina are best friends. The kind of best friends who are more like sisters. They can do anything for each other and they can do anything in front of each other. Each one of them has her special traits, talents and beauty, and each one of them is special in her own way. Most of them are strong, and if not physically, by their personalities.
After Megan gets back from Italy and the other five go to the airport to bring her home, they spend some more time together. It's summer and they're sixteen, they're not the typical kind of sixteen-year-old girls who only care about their boyfriends, parties and dresses, they DO love parties and dresses but they also love adventures.


2. TWO





After I walked through the airport's passageway I saw the five girls who I know very much and love more than I love myself. 

"OH MY GOD! MEGAAAN!!" Anna called. Sophie was jumping excitedly and Tina and Glimmer put their Starbucks' cups on the ground. Nelly was waving with the manga book she obviously had been reading. Ten hands were up in the air, wanting me to hug them. I let go of my suitcase, threw it on the ground and ran to the girls, screaming as well. 

"God! I missed you so much!" I said. Now I was barely able to breath, we were all group-hugging and I was in the middle of the circle, they were squeezing me and I couldn't breath. So instead I started hugging each one of them personally.

"We missed you more!" Glimmer said as I hugged her. 

"What were you two drinking without me? Starbucks coffee?!" I asked. 

"Well, we couldn't wait for you - we thought it'd take you a bit longer." Said Tina.

"Yeah, right. Go get me some coffee." I said joking. "Holy shit! My suitcase's on the ground of the airport!" I said, walking towards it and picking it up. 

"So how was your trip?" Sophie asked. 

"Exhausting. But really fun, Italy's just so amazing. The pasta, the pizza, the food!"

"That's all you care about of course." Anna said. We all laughed. 

"Well, that's kinda true." I admitted. I couldn't find Tina now.

"Riesci a parlare italiano?" Glimmer asked. 

"No, I can't speak Italian Glimmer!" Glimmer however can be such a bird when it comes to languages, she loves learning languages so much and she's damn good at itI laughed a bit. "Anyway, aren't we leaving?"

"Well, here's the plan. We'll drive you home, just so that you can see your mum and everything, and rest for a bit. After that we'll pick you up tomorrow at four and go somewhere." Glimmer said. Since Glimmer was the oldest one of us, she was the only one with the driving license. I'm not even sixteen yet, and the other girls who are, haven't learned driving yet. "We can leave now, if you want." She then added. 

"Hey Megan, here's your coffee." Tina said with a hot Starbucks cup in her hands. 

"Awwh! You actually brought me this? Thank you." I said taking the drink from her. I didn't even think of taking a sip. The cup was so hot in my hands that I could nearly hold it.

"Come on." Glimmer said, shaking the car keys in her hands. Were those new keys? 







I could tell by Megan's look she knew the car keys were new, Megan is a noticer, one of those people who can notice things easily. "Oh my good lord I've only been away for a month!!" Megan said as she saw Glimmer's new, Jaguar F-Type. "How - how did you manage to pay for that?!" She said, her mouth wide open. 

"You kidding me?! I've been saving money for a car for like, ever. And besides, my family helped me - quite a lot." Glimmer said. "Now get in!" She said. The convertible, red fancy car was parked near the entrance. Sophie jumped in the front seat without opening the door. And I sat behind them, with Anna, Nelly and Megan. Glimmer and Sophie checked how they looked in the car's mirrors and then turned the radio on. Coldplay's Best Hymm for the Weekend. This song always gives me the best mood for some reason.

Sophie got the voice to the max and started singing along with it. Laughing at our horrible, and sometimes out-pitched voices. We finally reached Megan's house and helped her with her suitcases, then went back to the car. We all hated to leave her, we just saw her, but it's okay, she has to rest and spend some time with her mother, she must have missed her. Family first. But let's face it, we're family too. 

"Now where to go?" Glimmer asked, resting her chin on the steering. "I dunno, let's go to my place." I offered. 

"Okay, then to Tina's where going."






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