The Secrets Book

Annabelle, Glimmer, Megan, Nelly, Sophie and Tina are best friends. The kind of best friends who are more like sisters. They can do anything for each other and they can do anything in front of each other. Each one of them has her special traits, talents and beauty, and each one of them is special in her own way. Most of them are strong, and if not physically, by their personalities.
After Megan gets back from Italy and the other five go to the airport to bring her home, they spend some more time together. It's summer and they're sixteen, they're not the typical kind of sixteen-year-old girls who only care about their boyfriends, parties and dresses, they DO love parties and dresses but they also love adventures.







"So do you want to watch a movie?" I asked the girls. I was laying at Tina's bed, with Glimmer and Anna by my sides. Tina sat on the floor, and Nelly on a chair. If Megan was here she would've sat on a chair too. 

"As you like. I don't have many movies so we can watch whatever you want online." Tina said. 

"Tina are my pink sunglasses here?" Glimmer said opening Tina's accessories' closet. 

"Yeah, I think so." 

"Good, thought I lost it. I'm changing into my PJ's. I don't know about you girls, but I'm sleeping over." She said turning to us. She then opened the pj's drawer and got her pajama. Yeah, we're not just friends, the girls and I, we're more like sisters. So we have some clothes and stuff of our own in seven different places; our homes, the girls' and the tree house.

"I'm sleeping over too. Let's all." I said to the girls. "Glim, throw me my pajama." Glimmer threw me my Sponjebob Squarepants's yellow pajama. You gotta love Spongebob. She was wearing her own pink fluffy one's pants now. I caught the pj and started changing. 

"I don't know, I haven't told my parents yet." Anna said. 

"It's okay, just call them. I will not drive you back home, I'm in my pajamas already." Glim said. 

Anna got her phone and called her parents. Nelly went to change in the closet. She's quite shy, this girl. "Nelly, haven't you finished yet?" 

"NO! Don't open the closet's door, I'm still not wearing my pants." 

Glimmer rolled her eyes and shook her head. 

"I'm gonna set up the movie." I said as I walked to the laptop that was put on the desk. 

"Yeah, but we're not watching Sherlock Holmes, Sophie." Tina called. 

"Whatever." I said opening the laptop. I have a strange obsession with Sherlock Holmes. The way this guy thinks is so awesome. I've only read a couple of his books then watched the movie - like a thousand times. But it's okay, each one of us has an obsession with a movie or a TV series. Nelly's obsessed with a Japanese TV series called Detective Conan. Glim's obsessed with Harry Potter. Tina's obsessed with Pretty Little Liars. Anna's obsessed with Avatar the movie, and Megan's obsessed with House MD, the series. 

I started browsing the internet, searching for new movies to watch online. 

"Hey guys, you wanna watch Titanic?" I said as I finally gave up. No new movies, and this movie's like the best movie ever. It never gets old.

"Yes!" I heard five different voices answer. That was it, we were going to watch titanic. I went to the kitchen and made some pop corn. Tina's brother walked in the kitchen. 

"I smell something delicious." He sang. 

"Go away, Mike, that's ours." I said putting the popcorn in a bowl and hugging it. 

"Oh, come on Soph!" 

"Nope, and you know what? Go out, we're having a girls' night." 

"Ugh! Alright, I'll be upstairs." He said as he poured some water in a glass and walked out, disappointed. It's not that I hate him, but just like I do to my brother, I like to tease him.

"We've got some pop corn here, ladies. And I'll sit in the middle, thank you very much." I said throwing my body on the bed. Anna got the laptop and started the movie. 


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