The Secrets Book

Annabelle, Glimmer, Megan, Nelly, Sophie and Tina are best friends. The kind of best friends who are more like sisters. They can do anything for each other and they can do anything in front of each other. Each one of them has her special traits, talents and beauty, and each one of them is special in her own way. Most of them are strong, and if not physically, by their personalities.
After Megan gets back from Italy and the other five go to the airport to bring her home, they spend some more time together. It's summer and they're sixteen, they're not the typical kind of sixteen-year-old girls who only care about their boyfriends, parties and dresses, they DO love parties and dresses but they also love adventures.







I woke up the other day with something smelly on my face. I opened my eyes and found that "The thing" was actually Sophie's feet. Her feet were right on my face. We slept over at Tina's yesterday, my parents of course approved after all the begging. Yesterday's movie was so perfect! I mean, who doesn't like Titanic! It's full of actiton, based on a true story - oh, and it's romantic! very romantic! The way the five of us cried yesterday after the ship sank was insane! I mean, no matter how good the thing you're watching is, when you're with your friends, every emotion you have duplicates.
I threw Sophie's smelly feet away from my face, disgusted and I yawn loudly. This bed is so small to fit all of us! We should really stop sleeping all in the same bed. Well, not all of us sleep there, for sure. Yesterday only Sophie, Nelly and I did. Glimmer and Tina shared a mat. 
I looked at the sleeping Tina and Glimmer and I found that Glimmer succeeded with having the mat for herself. Tina was now sleeping on the wooden ground, filling it with saliva. Ugh! These girls are like really disgusting. Sophie's feet have just been on my face, Tina's mouth wide open filling the ground with saliva, and now their morning's breath is for sure gonna be really disgusting. But then again, it's not like mine smells like lavender. I love this girls. I love it how we can be a hundred percent ourselves when were together, we know positively how we won't judge each other. We're sisters, and do sisters judge each other?! 
I finally managed to get in a sitting position, and I yawned again. What time is it anyway? We stayed awake very late yesterday. I looked at the alarm clock next to the bed and I found out it's twelve pm. I went to the bathroom, totally forgetting I even left my toothbrush there! I brushed my teeth and did everything I was supposed to do then started waking the girls up. Nelly woke up instantly, the other four lay stubbornly and refused to wake up. At last we managed to find a way to awake each of them. Tina groaned; 
"This is the last time I'm letting you sleep over. Ever! My back hurts like shit!" 
"Manage your language, Tinny, Tan." Glimmer said, with an evil smirk. 
"You've gotta be kidding me! After pushing me in your sleep, you're asking me to manage my language you little idiot." We all laughed, well except for Tina. 
"Oh come on, you do know I usually push people around me while sleeping?" Glimmer said, laughing harder.
"Well at least you didn't wake up with feet in your face!" I said laughing. The girls all join me, laughing hysterically. 
"Was it Sophie or Nelly? Wait, wait, it's probably Sophie." Glimmer said, laughing and I didn't manage to reply from all of the laughing. "Am I right?" She asked. I finally managed to nod. Tears filling my eyes. Told you, once I'm with my friends everything duplicates, everything sounds funnier. After we all stopped laughing Nelly got her phone.
"I'm calling Megan." 







"Hello." I heard Megan's sleepy voice on the phone. 
"Hey Megs, are you awake?" I asked. 
"Ok, then wake up properly and go to the tree house, alright? We'll meet you there." 
"Kay." She said lazily. 
"Get out of bed! Now!"
"Alright." She said slowly. 
"Bye, love." I hung up. "We're going to the tree house." I announced. 
"Well, we kinda figured that out. Come on, let's change." Glimmer said. We all went to our drawer and Tina went to her closet, she looked at us all and laughed at how we looked. There's only one drawer for the five of us. Some of our stuff are in the closets and everything, but most of the clothes are in the drawers. 
I picked up the first things I found; a grey t-shirt and some baggy pants. I picked my grey scandals and I took everything with me to the bathroom, I went to change there. It's kinda a bad thing my foot size is really small, especially in comparison with the others, they can all wear the same shoes and I'm stuck to mine. It's not that I really care for my outfit like the others; well, I wear cool stuff, but the girls take it so seriously; especially Sophie! I locked the bathroom's door and started to change. Once I finished I opened the room's door and I found everyone there changing. 
"Gosh! My eyes!" I said shutting my eyes and acting blind. After a few minutes the girls finished dressing. I looked at Sophie and found her wearing a beautiful flowery summer dress; all red, white and yellow. Tina was wearing a bright orange shirt that hurt my eyes when I looked at it; with some black pants. Anna went for the black sleeveless jacket with the white shirt and black and white accessories. And Glimmer was wearing a mini white skirt with a blue tank top, her favorite color, and some converse that matched the color of her shirt. 
"Let's go." Anna said. And as if we'd been waiting for someone to tell us, we all instantly stood up and started filling our bags with the stuff we needed and went out. 
Glim's car waited for us outside, Tina was a bit late, she was saying goodbye to her parents, but when she came, off we went. To the tree house



~Author's Note~

Oops, this chapter's too short, sorry. 
But overall what do you think so far? Tell me in the comments.

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