Life Is a Game And Love Is A Prize (Harry Styles Fan Fiction)

19-year old Alexandra, also known as Alex, is Lana Del Reys younger sister. She loves her sister too pieces but doesn't like the spotlight. When her sister drags her along to One Directions movie premiere she expects it to be just another social event for famous people, and certainly doesn't expect to meet someone who makes it worth while and could possibly change her life forever? (sorry about the rubbish explanation, the story will be better, I promise)


2. The Party

Alex's POV

Ok so today's Monday and Liz has gone to record some more songs for her new album. I'm actually really excited about it, I've had a sneak preview of some of the songs and love my sisters voice anyway so as you can imagine, it's quite a big deal for me. 

Tonight I'm being dragged along to yet another party, it's Rita Ora's big birthday party that everyone wants to go to. Everyone except me. I think I've had enough social events for one week and it's only Monday.

*5 hours later*

"Alex, get your arse down the stairs now or were going to be late!" Lana yelled up the stairs to me. So maybe I was taking a little longer to get ready tonight but seriously, she needs to calm down! I found out that one direction are going to be there tonight and so I'm trying to make myself a little bit more presentable. No, it's not a crush. I've met him once for only a short period of time. That would be impossible. 

I rushed downstairs grabbing my black clutch bag with a gold stripe on it. I was attempting a more 'sophisticated' look so that maybe someone would think of me more than just 'Lana's little sister'. I was wearing a short, black, lace dress with sleeves paired with black heel boots.

I ran downstairs and came face-to-face with Liz who obviously made me look pathetic. She had a stunning blue dress on which hugged her figure perfectly with black accessories. 

"Finally" she said to me, indicating the time.

"Sorry, I, uh, I feel asleep" I lied.

"Your so lazy, you know that?" 

"I know, I know."

We pulled up to a driveway the same size of the house. Men and women all looked amazingly dressed, making me feel very under-dressed. As we stepped out the car, Cara Delevingne noticed Liz and begun to walk over to us with a very fake smile on the face. (By the way, I have nothing against Cara but just needed for the story) 

"Oh, Lana, you look lovely, how are you?" she said hugging her. Liz was obviously oblivious to the fact that Cara was acting as she started to make conversation with her. After 5 minutes, I was bored of listening to their conversation and made my way inside the beautifully decorated house. 

Immediately, I spotted Stefani (AKA Lady Gaga) and made my way over to her. 'Lana' and 'Lady Gaga' had done some modelling together before and they were now really good friends. As a result of this, I knew her pretty well. 

"Oh, darling, please, spin for me, show me your outfit" she examined as I spun and showed me an approving face.

"You look simply ravishing" she soon said after a large mouthful of alcohol.

"Thanks, I love what your wearing as well" I said adding an enthusiastic smile to the end.

After about 10 minutes, I saw her examining the room and setting her eyes on One Direction.

"Alex, you must meet these boys, they are so wonderful and anyone of them would be a perfect boyfriend" she indicated to me with a wink. 

"No, Stefani, I've told you, I like being single!"

"Rubbish! Complete and utter rubbish darling, nobody enjoys being single."

By this time, the boys had started to make their way other to us meaning we didn't have to move a muscle. 

"Hi girls" Liam said.

"Hows my favorite boy band? And have you met Alex, shes Lana's little sister"

"We've met" Harry answered her, "At our movie premiere actually" he continued.

"And were all good thanks Stefani" Niall said.

They then begun discussing work and I sort of switched off, not really concentrating. Until, I found Harry's stare meet mine again, he smirked at me, causing me to smile back and look down at my feet, to stop him from seeing me blush. 

As I was walking over to a table to get a drink, I suddenly felt someones presence next to me. I saw Harry from the corner of my eye and decided to ignore it.

"So, you like the movie?" He asked as if we were just only speaking about the subject.

"Yeah, it was really good, better than I expected to be honest"

"Good. So now you know quite a bit about me but what about you? Tell me something about yourself."

"Well, there's nothing much to tell, I'm 19-years old and am Lana Del Rey's sister."

"We both that's not true and there's a lot more to you than that" He said, with another annoyingly perfect smirk.

"Yeah but it's all I can think of right now."

"Fine, I'll help you remember" He said, again smiling at me cheekily which I had no choice but to return. "What sort of music do you like?"

"Well, I like pop, dance and indie. Specifically indie bands, such as Bastille."

"Oh, so you have a good choice in music. You do any sport?"

"I do a lot of swimming and running but that's about it."

"That's cool." By this time, we had both got our drinks and were standing near a table laid with food. "What's you favorite food?" 

"Erm, probably pasta. Italian style."

"Really? I love that too. So have I proved my point yet?"

"Yeah, I suppose so" I said rolling my eyes at him.

"You know, I would ask for your number but I'm scared that Lana would kill me" he said to me causing me to burst out laughing and him joining in.

"What? She scares me!" He tried to say completely straight faced but it didn't work.

"Ok, you can have my number, but only because you insist" I said to him, winking. After we'd exchanged numbers we heard someone calling him and both turned around to see Louis.

"Harry, we need to go. We've got an interview in the morning." He said sounding very serious.

"But I don't want to go" He whined like a kid.

"Tough. Come on. Simon's orders."

"Fine" he said to Louis before turning to me and saying, "I'm sorry I've got to go but I'll see you soon hopefully?"

"Yeah, see you later, hope your interview goes well."

"Thanks" he said before pulling me into a hug.

I watched all of them leave the room, saying goodbye to everyone that seemed to past them until they were completely gone. I felt as if I was just standing there by myself like a loner. Harry was gone and now I felt so alone.

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