Life Is a Game And Love Is A Prize (Harry Styles Fan Fiction)

19-year old Alexandra, also known as Alex, is Lana Del Reys younger sister. She loves her sister too pieces but doesn't like the spotlight. When her sister drags her along to One Directions movie premiere she expects it to be just another social event for famous people, and certainly doesn't expect to meet someone who makes it worth while and could possibly change her life forever? (sorry about the rubbish explanation, the story will be better, I promise)


4. The News

The sun poured through my curtains as my eyes fluttered open. Ed's concert was two days ago now and I can't stop thinking about Harry's perfect lips kissing mine, the feeling that filled me as soon as he did. A large smile almost immediately appeared on my face as I begun to think about it again. Of course, I hadn't yet told Liz but I promised myself that I would today or maybe tomorrow, but I'll definitely tell her. 

My phone rung next to me which I picked up and said, "Hello" in a very happy tone.

"Hi Alex, it's Harry." This made me sit up in bed, more alert.

"Hey Harry."

"So, I was wondering if you wanted to like, uh" he stumbled over his words sounding quite shy, which was strange. "If you wanted to go out with me today, we could go bowling?" he said after regaining his confidence.

"I'd love too" I said, trying to contain my happiness.

"Great, I'll pick you up in about half an hour?"

"Yeah, sounds good, bye."


As soon as he hung up, I squealed, almost more excited than going to Ed's concert. I had a shower and got dressed into a navy blue blouse tucked into some cream lace shorts and a small beige bag to finish the outfit off.

Before I knew it, the door bell rang which caused me to sprint downstairs and open the door very casually with a smile. He soon pulled in for a hug, you know, a friendly one only.

I could feel butterflies in my stomach as he started the car and I don't know why. He reassuringly smiled at me as he began to drive down the road.

"So, did you like the concert the other day?" He asked, with a slight smile planted on his face.

"Yes, he sounded so good live!" I enthusiastically replied. He looked over at me for a second and chuckled slightly.

"What? He did!" I protested.

"I know, it's just that, you sound cute when your excited."

This caused me to blush as bright as a tomato and we both ended up laughing about nothing every time we caught each others eyes.

"Were here." He announced to me as we both got out the car. He came around to me and grabbed my hand so that he held it firmly in mine as he led me inside the building.

*30 minutes later*

Were now on the second game of bowling and I must confess, I like Harry. A lot. He's been so kind to me and has tried to teach me how to be better at bowling but I failed epically.

"You look pretty today, again." He said as I was just about to take my turn.

"Thanks, you don't look so bad yourself."

"No, really, how do you always look so pretty?"

"Oh, I don't, it's my sister who got the pretty genes in our family." I said, smiling at him before he stood up, now he was taller than me. The light showed his facial features perfectly, allowing me to recognize those all too familiar green orbs which seemed to hypnotize me. What was I doing? I had barely known him for a week and yet I was falling. I was falling fast. Perhaps too fast?

He placed his right hand on my cheek, slowly smoothing it with his thumb before moving in closer for a kiss. Another kiss with Harry Styles.

"No she didn't" he finally said before kissing me again.

As he did, I responded to it, wrapping my arms around his torso. Soon, both his hands were placed on both my cheeks. The kiss slowly moved, it lasted slightly longer than the last but not too long. The exact same explosions filled within me as of last time. How did he do this to me? This feeling was not something anyone else could do to me so how? What was so special about him? 

We both felt a flash on us from the distance and broke the kiss off. He held my hand firmly, as if he was protecting me and searched the bowling alley for any sign of paparazzi but nothing. I knew exactly what that meant, they were hiding and had seen everything. Great.

We both fled from the bowling alley and climbed into his car. He quickly started the car and begun the route home.

*10 minutes later*

"I'm so sorry Alex, them stupid paparazzi ruined our date."

"It's ok, trust me, I'm used to them by now."

"But we didn't get to finish what we started because of them."

"And what was that?" I asked, playing dumb.

"This" he said as he leaned in close to me and we both kissed each other for at least another 5 minutes. His hands found they're way around my waist and my fingers played with his curls. Wow. This boy sure knew how to kiss.

"Bye" I said, breaking off the kiss.

"Bye love" he said back to me as we parted ways. He was literally steps away from me and I already missed his presence. This was strange but I knew one thing for certain, I definitely have to tell Liz..

*The next day*

I walked down the stairs and entered the kitchen to see Liz sitting there on the phone with a cup of coffee in her grasp. 

"Yeah, well she's here right now, I've got to go, no, not yet, I'm about to, bye" was basically her conversation on the phone.

"Alex, isn't it a beautiful day?"

"Yeah... Why are you so happy?" I suspiciously questioned.

"I'm always happy!"

"No, your not in the morning..."

"Anyway, I have some amazing news!"

"Really? What is it?"

"Were going on tour!" she suddenly blurted out. I tried to process the words in my mind as she continued.

"Management phoned last night while you were in bed and turns out, were going on tour in 3 days!"

"Wh-what?" I asked.

"Yeah. It's for my new album. We had a great time on tour last time-remember? This one is going to be slightly longer but-"

"How much longer?" I interrupted her with.

"Well, last time it was 3 months but now it's 5 months but that doesn't matter because were going to have such a good time and we'll get the chance to meet new people while travelling the world and-"


"What do you mean no Alex? I thought you loved the tour last time?"

"I did but now it's different, I don't want to just leave for 5 months, I have connections at home, ok?"

"What connections? It's not like you've got a boyfriend!"

"No, I won't go, I can't go. If I do, it will risk everything I have with a certain person and I don't want to do that."

"What person? As in a boy?" Liz questioned, quirking her eyebrow at me.


"O my god, alert the bloody newspaper, Alex actually has a boyfriend! And there's me getting worried that your like a lesbian or something and turns-"

"No, not a boyfriend, just a close friend who's a boy..."

"Well, spill the beans, who is it?!"

"You don't know him."

"I don't care, I can stalk him on Facebook or something if I know his name, so what is it?!" 

"It's Harry Styles" I blurted out, wanting this conversation to be over.

"What?! Harry?! That boy from Ed's concert?! You and him are like, what?!"

"It's nothing big, we've only been on one date and kind of kissed..."

"Kind of? Meaning you kissed him? Wow, I didn't see that coming. Anyways, he can always come visit while were on tour?"

"Come and visit?! What are you talking about? I'm not going on tour with you! Did you not just hear a word I said?!"

"Yeah but here's the thing, I've got to keep an eye on you and I can't if I'm on the other side of world so you've got to come, sorry."

"No! Liz why can't you just trust me? I'll be fine here by myself!"

"Sorry Alex, I really am."

"Your so selfish! You only ever think about yourself! OH, I HATE YOU!" I shouted at Liz before stomping up the stairs, VERY angry with the idea of going on tour, why did my sister have to be famous? Why me? I hated it!


Authors Note- Hey guys, please let no what you think of the story so far, means a lot to me, like/comment/favourite, thanks:)

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