Life Is a Game And Love Is A Prize (Harry Styles Fan Fiction)

19-year old Alexandra, also known as Alex, is Lana Del Reys younger sister. She loves her sister too pieces but doesn't like the spotlight. When her sister drags her along to One Directions movie premiere she expects it to be just another social event for famous people, and certainly doesn't expect to meet someone who makes it worth while and could possibly change her life forever? (sorry about the rubbish explanation, the story will be better, I promise)


8. I Wish I Was Just Normal

Alex's POV

"So tell me what your doing right now then?" I whispered through the phone to Harry, not wanting to awaken Liz.

"Talking to you" he whispered back as all the other boys were obviously asleep on the tour bus as well.

"No, I mean apart from that"

"Thinking about you?"

"Harry" I whined.

"Well, were driving to an radio interview in LA to talk about the new album coming out soon, what about you?"

"Were on our way to New York." I cheerily answered, super-excited to have a major shopping spree with Liz.

"That's cool, I'm really sorry but I have to get some sleep now, I'l talk to you tomorrow."

"Ok then, goodnight babes."

"Goodnight beautiful." he finally said before hanging up.

I laid my phone down next to my bunk bed and slowly closed my eyes, drifting asleep with the thought of my boyfriend. My perfect boyfriend. 

*The next morning*

As we turned a sharp corner in the road, I slipped out of bed and immediately woke up. Making my way into the tiny kitchen within the tour bus, I heard Liz talking on the phone. 

"No, don't say anything to her, I'll talk to her, I've got to go, bye."

"Alexxxx, how are you?" She questioned in a very caring manner.

"Fine, why?"

"Well, it's just that the news today..."

"What news?"

There was no reply as Liz was probably thinking of a way to break this 'news' to me but I couldn't be patient.

"What news?" I asked again. 

"Well, in the newspaper today..."


"Oh, I can't do this, I need to just show you!" She angrily said stuffing the local newspaper into my hand. 

My eyes looked over the front page headline saying 'Harry's new girlfriend?'. I smiled to myself before looking at the photo shown. It wasn't of me and Harry. It was of Harry and her. What's happening? Why is Cara Delevingne doing pictured with my boyfriend?! 

Rage filled my nostrils and my fists clenched the newspaper harder, beginning to gradually screw it up before completely tearing it in half and throwing it in the opposite direction.

All this time! 

All those lies!

He'd been cheating on me!

He still is cheating on me!

With Cara Delevingne!

Self control left my body as I begun so angry at him that I screamed at the newspaper as if it could hear me.

"You liar! WHY LIE TO ME?!"

"Alex..." Liz whispered to me.

"No! This is your fault! If you hadn't of taken me on tour, I would have still been near him, this would have never have HAPPENED!" I screeched, pointing in the direction of the newspaper.

I ran through the tour bus and jumped into my bed before hysterically crying. My heart can't be broken. It really can't be! Tears and anger that flowed through my blood overwhelmed me with tiredness and soon I feel into a deep sleep. 

*Knock Knock Knock*

The knocking on the front door of the tour bus woke me up and I climbed out of bed in a mop of sadness while making my way towards the door. Liz obviously wasn't answering it anytime soon. Lazy bitch. I was still angry at her for all she'd done, she could have, should have let me stay at home.

I swung the door open, completely forgetting the fact that my eyes were red from crying.

"Alex?" I heard the voice ask from the other side of the door. The last person I wanted to see.

"Alex, you need to let me explain!" He exclaimed, attempting to grab my hands which I pulled away.

"Explain what? The fact you cheated on me?" I spat at him with a sarcastic laugh added on the end.

"But I didn't! Really Alex!" Harry said causing me to look in his direction, my attention now focused.

"She's just a friend who management wanted me to fake date but I said no, I swear I said no, but they didn't listen to me! Alex, please tell me you believe me!"

Examining all the facts and swallowing before continued, I whispered my reply to him, "I don't know why but somehow I do believe you-"

"Thank you Alex, I really do love you." He interrupted me with, before I got the chance to continue you.

"However, " I pursed my lips together and tried to hold back my tears. "However, we can't be together Harry. This is not going to ever work. I'm-I'm-" a single tear feel from my eye as my efforts failed, "I'm so sorry Harry." I quietly said, barely audible to the human ear. 

My face rose to face his as I saw him broken. Tears formed in his eyes also and that's when I knew that I'd truly hurt him. But I just couldn't be with him. Not another famous person. I wish my sister was never famous. None of this would have ever happened. 

I wish I was just normal...

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