Life Is a Game And Love Is A Prize (Harry Styles Fan Fiction)

19-year old Alexandra, also known as Alex, is Lana Del Reys younger sister. She loves her sister too pieces but doesn't like the spotlight. When her sister drags her along to One Directions movie premiere she expects it to be just another social event for famous people, and certainly doesn't expect to meet someone who makes it worth while and could possibly change her life forever? (sorry about the rubbish explanation, the story will be better, I promise)


3. Ed Sheeran's Concert

Alex's POV

I woke up to the sound of my phone ringing and fumbled around on my bedside table till my hand reached the phone. Placing it next to my ear, I mumbled "Hello" with my eyes still tightly closed..

"Am I the best sister ever or what?" Liz said down the phone, too happy and excited for me, considering I'd just only woke up. 

"Or what?" I answered.

"Well, I am now because guess who got you Ed Sheeran tickets at last minute?"

"No way! Your joking" I said now feeling a lot more awake.

"I did" she sung high-pitched causing me to squeal with excitement. "I bumped into him this morning at the recording studio, and he said that he's got a concert tonight and then I mentioned that you love him and he gave me two free VIP tickets!" 

"Omygod, I love you so much! And Ed obviously! But especially you right now!" I nearly screamed down the phone.

"Ok so get up and get ready and the car will pick you up in two hours."

"Wait, what time is it?"

"Almost 3"

"What? Why didn't I wake up?!"

"You were obviously tired from last night."

"Oh yeah, that's true. Anyways, I'm going to get ready, see you later!"

"Bye" she finally said before hanging up.

My face couldn't contain my smile, I was so happy! Rolling out of bed, I skipped into the bathroom to shower and wash my hair. As soon as I'd done that, I looked through my wardrobe till I found a white crop top and a mint skater skirt which went perfectly with my white converse.

I quickly got changed into the outfit and then begun to dry my hair. I curled the bottoms of it and did my make up. I had eyeliner and mascara on with a natural coloured lipstick which complimented my outfit well.

As I emerged out my room and went downstairs, I went into the kitchen and searched the fridge and cupboards for food. Liz had forgotten to go shopping again and there was nothing, but the vegetables that we never touch, remained in the fridge. Great. I was starving and there was no food. Maybe I could get some food there? Yeah.

The car soon pulled up outside so I grabbed my phone and left, closing the door firmly behind me. The drive to the concert was pretty boring so I just went on twitter on my phone, to pass the time. 

As soon as we arrived, I sneaked in the front, wearing sunglasses to try and avoid people recognizing me. The last thing that I wanted today was to be mobbed my 'Lana's' fans. I'd arranged to meet Liz backstage as she was on her way. I continued forward with my head down until I accidentally bumped into a teenage girl. As I looked up to apologize, she screamed at the top of her voice "It's Lana Del Rey's sister!"

Before I knew it, more and more people begun to crowd around me asking me questions, wanting autographs, taking hundreds of pictures. Now's the sort of time I wish I'd brought a security guard with me like Liz but no, that would of been smart and I'm certainly not that. I was being mobbed by her fans and tried to push past the crowd but they just followed me. 

Suddenly, someone grabbed my wrist and pulled me through the crowd. As soon as we got through the crowd, I recognized who was pulling me through. "Harry?" I asked confused but before he got a chance to answer, he grabbed my hand again and we both ran all the way to backstage of the concert, which hadn't yet started. We both breathed heavily, happy that we'd lost the crowd but out of breath from running so fast.

After a minute or so, we'd both caught our breath and I spoke up, "Harry, what are you doing here?"

"I'm a good friend of Ed's and so he asked me to come along tonight and I don't really see why not." 

"Oh, cool"

"So, why are you here?"

"Well, Liz got me tickets and told me to meet her here, somewhere..." I said looking around backstage but noticing no sign of life.

"So you like Ed Sheeran?"

"Like? More like love. His songs are amazing."

"Yeah, he's a really good singer."

I was about to answer him but Ed Sheeran walked in the room. Ed Fudging Sheeran was breathing the same air as me. My mouth immediately formed an O shape and they both laughed at me slightly.

"Hey Ed" Harry said very casually and giving him a mans hug. They both then turned to me and Harry said "Oh Ed, this is my friend Alex, Lana's sister." His friend?

"Oh, hi, yeah, Lana has told me loads about you." 

"Good things I hope" I said jokingly.

"Only good things" he said back winking at me. "I'm sorry that I can't talk longer but I've got to go and get ready for the concert, will see you guys afterwards." Ed said before walking down the hall and into a little dressing room. Harry then turned back to me and said, "So, wheres your sister?"

Of course, he liked my sister. That's the only reason he's being so nice to me. I've heard that he's dated older women before so it wouldn't be strange.

"Erm, well, she's meant to meet me her, like now" I said checking my phone for any messages or phone calls, but nothing. Where was she? I looked back at Harry and saw his beautiful green eyes searching around for a sight of her too. When he turned back to me, I realized that we were staring into each other eyes for a couple of minutes before I looked down at my feet to break it off.

"Maybe she can't make it?" He eventually said after another minute of silence.

"No, she would of let me know by now, wouldn't she?"

"Well, being a singer can sometimes mean last minute meetings with the boss or maybe she's running behind with her recording of the album?" He said obviously trying to search for reasons why she wasn't her yet. Bless him. 

My phone then started ringing in my hand and I looked at the screen to see that Liz was phoning me. I answered it and could hear her voice talking to someone in the background until she said "Alex, are you there?"

"Yeah, where are you?"

"Well, I had to stay later than expected to record my new album and now that I've left, were stuck in really bad traffic because of rush hour, I'm afraid that I'm not going to be there for at least another two hours."

"What?! That's rubbish! But don't worry too much, turns out that Harry's come to support Ed as well tonight so I'm not completely by myself."

"Oh that's good. Have a nice time, I'll be there as soon as I can."

"Ok then, bye.

"Bye." And with that, she hung up.

"Great." I said quietly to myself however, Harry heard it quite clearly.

"What's wrong?"

"Liz isn't coming, she got kept behind and now she's stuck in traffic."

"Oh. Well, that's alright. Means I get to spend more time with you." He said cheekily winking and smiling. I rolled my eyes and smiled back at him.

"Come on, it's going to start soon." He said, holding out his hand. I took it in mine and he lead me to where we were going to be watching from backstage. 

*1 hour later*

This is officially one of the best concert's I've ever seen! Ed sounds as good as he does on his album! I can't believe it! Harry's been really nice to me as well, we've been chatting a lot and I do have to admit, he is the best looking boy I've ever seen in my life. 

Kiss me has just begun and it's so perfect. This song always gives me chills. I felt Harry looking directly at me as I tried to concentrate on watching Ed and listening to the song. After another 30 seconds of it, I turned my head and looked at Harry as well.

"I didn't get the chance to tell you how pretty you look today" he whispered to me, making me blush.

"Thanks" I whispered back, not wanting to disturb the perfect song still playing. I looked down at my feet to try and stop Harry from staring at my face, feeling very shy all of a sudden. He reached out with his finger and raised my chin so that I was facing him, both of us frozen. The song still playing- I'm falling for your eyes, but they don't know me yet.

I suddenly realized how close we both were, he leaned in slowly so that we were closer, his finger still holding my chin up. I copied him and we both slowly moved in.

'I shouldn't do this' I thought to myself. I barely know him and besides, he liked Liz. Wait, does he? Maybe not?

Our lips slowly touched, he removed his finger from my chin and wrapped his strong arms around my hips. I moved my arms so that they were around his neck. The slow, passionate kiss made fireworks explode inside me. I felt a feeling that I'd never felt with anyone else, a feeling that made me feel so alive, such an immense happiness built inside me as our single kiss seemed to feel like it lasted forever. Ed's voice was still continuing in the background, making the kiss even more meaningful and beautiful. 

Kiss me like you wanna be loved, wanna be loved, wanna be loved.

This feels like I've fallen in love, fallen in love, fallen in love.

As we both pulled away, our lips still only mere millimeters away but not officially touching. We both smiled at each other, our foreheads touching. After another minute of smiling at each other, Liz suddenly burst in and we pulled away from each other quickly. She smiled at us both, oblivious to what just occurred in the room only minutes beforehand. 

"Traffic was faster than expected so here I am, how's the concert? Did I miss much?" She asked both of us.

"Well, it started about 45 minutes ago and we've still got quite a lot to go" Harry answered for me.

"Oh, good, let's watch. Ed Sheeran really is so generous to give us these tickets isn't he Alex?"

"Yeah, I've had a really good time so far" I said to her, smiling at Harry as she wasn't looking. I sat down in between Liz and Harry for the rest of the concert. Me and Harry still smiling at each other every time we caught each other's eyes. I knew that this was definitely a night I won't forget in a hurry.

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