Bad for Me

When Ally moves to a new school, once again after her father changed locations in the military, he meets a lot of good people. But in the midst of everyone welcoming her and new friendships, she meets him. Zayn Malik, the schools bad boy rebel. Her friends tell her to watch out, but something tells her to go for the chase.


11. The Hot List

*Liam's POV*

              I walk up to the seniors all crowded in the corner of the hall, laughing and cutting up. Several had there arm around their girls' neck, and I wish I could do that to Allyson. "Hey Liam!" Carson, the most popular jock at our school, man hugs me as I walk into their circle. "What's up Junior?" "Oh you know, just the usual." I answer him back, thinking about Ally. "No, somethin's up." Carson kisses his girl of the week's cheek, making her giggle. "Well, I just need to add someone to the Hot List." I tell him honestly. As I think about her more and more, I start to blush. "Ohhhh, we all know Liam's got an eye for hot girls!" Justin hoops and hollers, making the rest of the group laugh. I shake my head, and smile at how I know this plan will work.

              "So, who's the girl that's making you blush right now?" Carson points out, and I quickly try to recover. "Allyson Smith, the new Junior." I say dreamily, and picture me with her after this plan works. I smile widely, and look at the others. "Girls, we have to have a meeting, so please give a sec." Carson commands, and the girls walk towards the bathroom together. "So who is this Allyson Smith?" He asked. "Man, you haven't seen her? She is the hottest chick I've ever seen!" Ed tells him, making me a little jealous. "Allyson Smith, is that the girl who fell in the cafeteria?" Carson asks. "Yeah." I say awkwardly, scratching my neck. "Dude, she is hot." Carson smirks and flips his hair. "She is definitely going on the Hot List." He said. "Why do you want her on the Hot List?" Ed asked me, looking in my eyes curiously. "Um, I want someone to get jealous." Confessing a little, I realize it's almost time for home room. "I gotta go." I said. "See ya Payne!" They tell in sync as I walk back to class.

*Allyson's POV*

             "Will you go out with me?" Zayn asks me shyly. "Listen, Zayn, you're a really sweet and handsome guy-" I began. "I knew this would happen." Zayn mumbles loudly, interrupting me. "Zayn that's not what I mean!" I yell at him. He gets up from the bed, and I run after him into the living room. "Zayn you got to listen to me!" I said. "Why?!" He turns around suddenly. "So I can be told again that I'm a really sweet and nice guy, but you're not by type?" Zayn raises his voice louder than mine, making me jump. "No Zayn! So I can tell you that I want to get to know you better before I answer that question." Whispering the last part quietly, I move closer to him.

               Stepping nearer to me, Zayn raises his hand to my cheek, and strokes it softly. "You really want to know me better?" He questions me and searches my eyes. Nodding my head, I touch his hand too. Pulling me closer, Zayn hugs me tightly, and whispers in my ear. "I gotta go, okay? I'll see you tomorrow." He said. "Alright Zayn." I mumble, pulling back from the hug. Kissing me on the cheek, Zayn opens the door and glaces back before disappearing from my sight.

*Hours later*

               "Ally dear!" Aunt Robin calls from the living room. "Are you feeling better?" Yeah, Aunt Robin. A lot better actually." I answer her, sitting up against the pillow. "That's good dear, you can go to school tomorrow." She said. "Woooo!" I fake cheer, and laugh a little. "You gonna wear your bracelet tomorrow?" She walks back into the living room, calling back to me. "I definitely will wear it tomorrow." I yell to her, and smile to myself.

                "Ally? Whose jacket is this on the couch?" My heart suddenly sinks down to the floor. "Oh, uh," I stutter, and try to think of something to say. "One of my friends gave it to me yesterday because I was cold, and I forgot to give it to them...?" My voice got higher. "I didn't see you come in with it yesterday," My Aunt recalls suspiciously. "but maybe I'm losing my marbles." She walks back into my room. "Yeah. I'm going to go take a shower." I tell her, and get up to get clean PJs, "Then after you're going to have to tell me about this friend." Aunt Robin winks before walking out.

                Walking to the bathroom, I plan on how I'm going to do my hair tomorrow."Should I do it in a bun?" I talk to myself, rolling my hair in a ball. "Yes, definitely." I nod, and quickly jump in the shower, washing all the sickness off. After about a few minutes of thinking, I hop out, and cuddle into my robe. Nervously walking into the living room, I get some Cheetos before sitting on the couch. Taking Zayn's jacket in my lap, I run my fingers across the leather, making the corners of my mouth pull up.

               "So, who is this guy?" Aunt Robin sits up, folding her hands in her lap. "He's just a friend." I state simply. "Oh right, just a friend." She nods, smirking. "Aunt Robin! I don't like him! He's got a girlfriend." I lie smoothly. "Whatever you say, dear." She lets it go, and I sigh on the inside gratefully. For the rest of the night, I just stared at the TV, not really watching it, just thinking. When Aunt Robin went to the bathroom, I smelled the jacket, and it smelt just like him, but only more distant. The moment I climb under the covers later on, I hear the phone ring, and I smile happily. Some how, without noticing, I went to sleep, dreaming of Zayn.

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