Bad for Me

When Ally moves to a new school, once again after her father changed locations in the military, he meets a lot of good people. But in the midst of everyone welcoming her and new friendships, she meets him. Zayn Malik, the schools bad boy rebel. Her friends tell her to watch out, but something tells her to go for the chase.


6. Second Thoughts

             2nd period wasn't much better, Liam came out of his box and kept bugging me. "Please just tell me what happened Ally." He pleads aggravatingly. "Nothing happened Liam, okay? Just leave him alone, I don't want to get anymore involved in this." The words came out of my mouth stressfully, and I sighed while running my hands through my wavy brown hair. "So something did happen!" He exclaims in a whisper, and I bury my head in my hands, shaking my head.

            Luckily, the bell rings and I run back to my locker for my money. Leaning into it, I sigh again, wanting just to be an invisible girl. "What's wrong?" Zayn's voice rings through my ears, and I look up to see him staring at me with interest. Shaking my head at him, I close my locker and put my money in my pocket. "It's Liam isn't it?" He asked. This statement makes me stop in my tracks, but after a second I keep walking away. "I've seen Liam before, and I've seen what he does to girls. All fun and games at first, then he gets obsessive, whether it's just being friends or not." Zayn explains, catching up to me. "Liam gets so obsessive, he has to know what you do every minute of every hour." He stresses each syllable. "Liam means good." I defend Liam, and look up at Zayn's complexion. "See, he's already got you believing that, when really, it's worse than you think." Zayn replies as we reach the cafeteria.

            "I'll keep that in mind."I say sarcastically, and shift to the pizza line, since I didn't get to try it yesterday. Getting all the food I wanted, I pull my money out from my pocket to give to the lunch lady. "No, I got it." Zayn hands the lady some of his money before I could protest. "Thanks Zayn, but that wasn't necessary. I can pay for my own food." I tell him before I walk towards Liam's table. "I know, but a gentleman needs to pay for his lady's food." He smirks and hooks his arm around my shoulders, jerking me in the other direction, holding his tray in one hand. "I'm not your lady, and I want to go sit with-" I began. "Ally," Zayn smiles and shakes his head. "Don't judge a book by its cover. They aren't what they seem." Suddenly, I have second thoughts. Could they be the people they seem they are? Why am I even questioning this? "I'm sorry Zayn. I just don't see what you're talking about." I lift his hand off my shoulders, and fast walk to their table.

            "What the hell do you think you're doing?!" Liam scolds me as if I were a child. "I'm sorry, he just pulled me towards his table. I didn't want to eat with him." I insist. "Yeah right, sure you think that!" Niall spat at me. "Why'd you let him pay for your food?" Louis asks suspiciously. "I didn't, he just did before I could pay." I answer honestly. "What a sorry excuse!" Harry yells across the table. "How could you do this to us, Allyson?!" Liam joins Harry. "You think I'm meaning to hang out with Zayn?!" I scream back at them. They gasp as I say his name. "You see?! He's already got her!" Lou shouts at them. "But-" I start. "Hey Harry, you going to eat your pizza crust?" Liam asks casually. "No, you can have it." Harry gives him the food. "I see how it is then." I mumble at them before getting out of my seat.

           Picking my tray up, I look for Zayn in the cafeteria. I see him by himself in the way back table, in front of the windows. "W-where you going?" Niall asks, stuttering as if he was afraid. Ignoring him, I walk over to Zayn's table, and sit next to him. Spreading my elbows out, I hang my head down and stare at my food. "Hey." Zayn says thoughtfully, and I feel his hand brush my thigh. "You okay?" He asked. "Yeah, I'm fine." I answer him before taking a small bite out of my cheese pizza.

            "So you're freaked, insecure, neurotic, and emotional?" He says in kind of a joke way, but still seriously. "I guess you could say that." I tell him honestly. "Don't worry about them, okay?" Zayn assures me as he encircles my waist with his arm. I nod sadly, and continue to eat my pizza. Fiddling with my camo shirt, Zayn runs his fingers up and down my thigh with the other hand. A feeling runs up and down my body, and I don't know what it is."If you want me to stop, just say so." He breathes in my ear. I don't do anything, I'm frozen. Zayn's touch stops the circulation in my veins, and my heart. A new feeling for me. Risky excitement.

           Coming out of my phase, I casually drink my milk, and eat the rest of my cookies, feeling his grin start to creep up. "So, Ally," Zayn attempts a conversation. "What's your favorite color?" "Blue," I reply, and turn my body towards him. "What yours?" He thinks about my question thoughtfully before answering it. "Navy blue." He says. "Interesting." I comment, finishing the last of my milk. "That's a deep color." "Yeah it is." Zayn murmurs as he just stares at me, still running his fingers up and down my thigh, pulling me closer and closer with his other arm. Tingles creep on my skin, and I'm tempted to make him stop, but I don't. We stayed that way the rest of lunch, and as we left I avoided Liam and the others. "Bye Ally." Zayn utters before giving me a small hug, kissing my neck before letting go. "Uh bye Zayn." I blush a little, making him smirk from ear to ear. 

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