Bad for Me

When Ally moves to a new school, once again after her father changed locations in the military, he meets a lot of good people. But in the midst of everyone welcoming her and new friendships, she meets him. Zayn Malik, the schools bad boy rebel. Her friends tell her to watch out, but something tells her to go for the chase.


3. One Way or Another

               The rest of the day was good and weird. I kept spotting that boy from a distance, staring hard core at me. It was kinda freaking me out. Maybe that's what he wants me to feel. Final and last class of the day is, music. I am so hyped for music! I love it and have a passion for singing. As soon as I walk into the classroom, I realize I didn't have Liam in this class with me. I guess he didn't notice this class on my schedule. "Hello." I see the teacher, and he introduces himself as Dr. Keebaugh. "What's your name?" He asked. "Allyson Smith, but I go by Ally." I respond, and anxiously look around the room. In the way back, his arms crossed, showing more of his unique tattoos, was that boy. Staring at me through his messy black hair that was wet, and the leather jacket that covered his body was off, revealing his biceps. "Ally, you can sit in the front of the classroom." Dr. Keebaugh pointed to an empty seat, and I sat down uncomfortably, knowing and feeling his eyes on me.

             "Alright class! The songs that you are going to sing, instead of singing them tomorrow, you have to sing them today because I have a meeting tomorrow." Dr. Keebaugh announces loudly, and some of the class groans, the other half cheers. "Who will I pick first to be my victim." I see him scan the people behind me, and finally set his eyes on a person. "Zayn." Dr. Keebaugh grins. Who is Zayn? I almost gasp when I feel a hand brush my shoulder as the person passed by, and I saw it was him, the mysterious boy. Zayn, it fit him. "Start whenever you're ready, Zayn." Dr. Keebaugh gets his clipboard out. Zayn smirks at me, and I slide down in my chair, wanting to disappear. "One way, or another, I'm gonna find ya! I'm gonna getcha getcha getcha getcha! One way, or another, I'm gonna win ya! I'm gonna getcha getcha getcha getcha." Zayn sings in a angelic voice, and stares directly at me, evil in his eyes. I suddenly get the message he is sending me. "I wanna hold ya, wanna hold ya tight! I wanna hold ya wanna hold ya tight!" He continues to sing, and Zayn puts his hand on his heart, and points to me. I get a jolt of something when he does, and I slide further down in my chair, afraid."One way, or another!" Zayn finishes and winks at me. 

             "I thought you were going to sing something else, Zayn?" Dr. Keebaugh asks him, writing on his board. "I changed my mind." Zayn answers matter of factly, and smirks more at me. "Okay, very well done Zayn, you may take your seat." Running his hand over his bald head, Zayn sits down. "Alrighty, whose next-?" Dr. Keebaugh got interpreted by an alarm going off. "Okay kids! You know where to go, Ally stay with our class it's a fire drill!" He shouts, and leads the class out, in a blink of an eye, Zayn is right by my side. "How'd you like the song?" I feel a breath of whisper in my ear, and shudder. Feeling him grin, I try to walk faster, but it never works. "I can walk fast too you know." He stays whatever my pace is. I sigh out of stress, and just follow my music class. 

               Filing into the football stadium, we sit in the stands, and I spot all my lunch buddies, and they see me with Zayn. I just gotta say they can be really sweet, but they give the dirtiest glares. "You all did a good job of coming in here, it was just a fire drill. Please go back to your classes." The teachers dismiss us as quickly as we came in. Even through ought the crowd, Zayn stays by my side, and hooks his arm in mine. Of course, I shrug it off, but he apparently doesn't take no for an answer. When we got back in the room, the rest of the class sang, and I was relieved when Dr. Keebaugh dismissed us to go to our lockers.

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