Bad for Me

When Ally moves to a new school, once again after her father changed locations in the military, he meets a lot of good people. But in the midst of everyone welcoming her and new friendships, she meets him. Zayn Malik, the schools bad boy rebel. Her friends tell her to watch out, but something tells her to go for the chase.


1. New School, New Beginnings

          The words of Lego House sadly drifted out of my ear as I pulled my earplugs out, school coming into view. The new school I was assigned to. You see, my father is a Two Star General in the Military, and is the only parent I have. Apparently, I was not supposed to happen, and my mom left me with my dad as soon as I was born, which makes shopping harder since my dad won't let me buy anything 'in fashion'. Just mostly camo shirts with capris or shinny jeans with converse. But the funny thing is I don't really mind, my outfit is way more comfy and less awkward than most of what the women I see wear.

          My dad was told that this school had a really good Honors program, so what does he do? He moves me here with my Aunt Robin, and tells me that he'll visit me when he can, which means a few days during Christmas. Once a year. My Aunt Robin says she'll call him every day or less to tell him how I did, and what I wore, and then MAYBE I might get to talk over the phone with him, but my dad says they only give him 3 minutes on his phone, once a day. Which sucks. But I love him, more than anything actually. You see, my mom didn't want me when I was born so she left me with my dad and paid a one way ticket to anywhere but here. We're happy though, me and him.. well when he's at home that is.

        "Welcome to Clarke County High School!" The lady at the front desk greets me as I approach. "You must be Allyson Smith. We are so glad you have decided to come to our school! Now here is your schedule, and your tour guide will be here in a few minutes." She says with a smile. "Thank you!" I grin back and sit on the wooden bench next to the door. Not a minute later, a boy comes in and sees me. "Hello! My name is Liam." Liam shakes my hand. "And you must be Allyson. That's such a pretty name by the way." He added. "Oh, thank you Liam but you can just call me Ally.” I said with a slight smile. “Alright, Ally.” He chuckles. “So you will be guiding me around the school today?" I ask just to make sure. "Yes, I am your tour guide. Can I see you schedule?" He asked. I hand it over to him, and his face brightens. "We have every class together! Which is weird, but up top!" Liam says excitingly and gives me a high five as I giggle at his silliness.

           "Okay so first off, you have Science with Mrs. Millis. Her room is not far from your locker." Liam pulls me out of the office and leads me through the crowded halls of moving seniors. "Who’s the hot Junior Liam?" one boy walks with us and winks. He had brown curly hair and dark green eyes that sparkled. "Harry, leave her alone, I need to show her the school." Liam pleads to Harry. Harry scoffs and runs off somewhere else. "Sorry about that, Harry's just a flirt and we have to stay on schedule." Liam apologizes while we walk towards a door that says 'HONORS SCIENCE'. "Hey Mrs. Millis!" Liam said. "Hello Liam. How are you?" Mrs. Millis spins around I'm her chair to face us. "Who do we have here?" She asks. "Hi, I'm Ally." I introduce myself to the lady, and shake her hand. "Well, Ally I am sure you will enjoy this class as much as Liam does." She states before bidding us goodbye, as Liam takes me through all of my classes and gives me tips on shortcuts and best lunch tables.

         "You can sit with me and my buddies at lunch if you want. The table is usually packed but I'm sure we'll have room for one more person." Liam winks and takes me back to 2nd period Civics. "Aw thanks Liam. For everything. You’re the best tour guide I've ever had." I smile at him and he blushes. "That can't be true." Liam states unbelievably. "It is!" I argue. "All the other ones either didn't care if I got lost or not, or they spit too much!" I said. "Spit?" Liam laughs as I join in. "I'm not joking! Every S they said I had to duck in cover." Laughing down the hallway, we had to lower ourselves down to a giggle entering the Civics room.

           Civics was interesting, Mrs. Brook got off topic several times and the whole class laughed at her unrelated stories. 3rd period was Lunch and Math with Mrs. Noreen, who was wise and quoted things that were inspirational. "So what's good to eat Liam?" I ask him hungrily. "Definitely the pizza and the fries. Plus the cookies." Liam points to the food items in the line. I nod and smile as the lady took my money, and told me to have a good day. As we walked over to his table, I noticed Liam was a really fast walker, either that, or he just wanted to get a sit before the table filled up.

          Trying to keep up with Liam, I didn't see the Caution sign that signaled a wet spot. Flipping in the air, my food spilled out of my tray and all over the floor as I fell on my side. The whole cafeteria went silent. Gasps were let out as I felt a presence walk upon me. Sitting up, I see black skinny jeans with a matching leather jacket. As I glance up, the boy stuck out his hand, and I saw a peep of his tattoos on his arms. "No thanks." I said as I stood without his help, earning a hard glare from him that made me want to run and get my dad. Going back down to the floor, I pick up the mess and put it on the tray, and without hesitation, the mysterious boy leans down before I could and grabs my tray. Ever so slowly, he backs away from me, and throws it away. "You’re welcome." He says coldly in my ear and pulls my arm in the other direction to his table. "Um, but I wanted to-" I began. "Don't care; you're coming to eat with me." The boy interrupts me icily, and I struggle against his grip. "Please let me go eat with my other friends." I beg to him.

            In the middle of walking, he stops and spins around. "They're not your friends." He stares into my eyes with a look that could've made anyone die at the second if looks could kill. Easing his hand off, he lets my elbow go and walks off. Speed walking, I finally squeeze in with Liam and his friends. "Who was that?" I ask them. "Don't ever make contact with him again. Ever." Liam answers and puts a protective arm around me, glaring across the cafeteria. 


(A/N: This is my newest fanfiction I've written in a while.. So tell me what you think!! <3 Kenzie xx) 

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