Bad for Me

When Ally moves to a new school, once again after her father changed locations in the military, he meets a lot of good people. But in the midst of everyone welcoming her and new friendships, she meets him. Zayn Malik, the schools bad boy rebel. Her friends tell her to watch out, but something tells her to go for the chase.


2. Lunch Time

          "Interesting outfit you got there." I look up to see Harry across the table. "Um thanks. My dad makes me wear this because he's in the Military." I reply shyly. "Why?" He asks. "I don't know, but it's comfy." I shrug and look around the table. "Oh and by the way, I'm Ally" I say as I remember that they have absolutely no idea who I am.

         "That's such a pretty name. I'm Niall." The blonde right beside Harry said. "Thanks Niall." I smile back at him. "I'm Louis, but you call me Superman." The one with pretty blue eyes snaps his fingers sassily and I laugh. "Um okay, nice to meet you." I eye him suspiciously. "I'm not joking." Louis says seriously.

          "Yes he is and I'm Harry." Harry stretches his hand out and and I slide my hand in his. Kissing it, Harry winks at me and Liam snaps back into reality. "Harry." He warns. "I'm just being friendly." Harry defends himself and throws his big hands up. "Liam it's okay, you need to relax a little." I take his hand off of my shoulders. Eyeing everyone's food, I steal a bite off of Niall's roll. "Hey! No touching Niallers food!" He slaps my hand away and pulls the food closer to him.

          "Aw." I pout teasingly. "Superman can help!" Louis shouts as he offers his whole roll. "Aww thanks Superman!" I thank him gratefully. "No problem fellow citizen." Louis says, throwing his head back and drinks his milk. I heard someone clear their throat. I looked up and saw a beautiful girl standing behind Louis. "Hey babe!" Louis said scooting over to give her room to sit. "Hi I'm Ally, sorry if I took your seat!" I said shyly. "Nice to meet you Ally, I'm Aubrey! And don't worry you didn't take my seat!" She said smiling. I smiled aswell. "So you're the new girl huh?" She asked. "Yeah." I said. "Good luck!" She said. I shrugged that off and continued with the conversation. 

          I ate my roll, and wonder what happened in front of the cafeteria, and why Liam didn't help me. Shrugging it off, as we laugh and tease the rest of lunch period. "Bye Ally-cat!" Louis and Aubrey yell as we leave and draws eyes to us. I knew someone would call me that today. "See ya later Ally!" Harry waves and jumps up and down before running down the hallway. "Bye Allyson." Niall says normally and I walk with Liam back to Math to get our stuff. Suddenly, I look back, and the mysterious boy has his eyes fixed on me, apparently not afraid. I wasn't sure what kind of impression he was wanting to make. "Ally." Liam pulls my gaze out and looks back. "If he ever bothers you again, let me know okay?" He said. "Um, okay." I say uncertain, not wanting to push anymore. 

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