Lucky Charm

Brooke Alston is you're average less-than-popular seventeen year-old. Suddenly, her life changes when she meets her very own lucky charm; Niall Horan.

*Any similarity to another movella is completely unintentional and a pure coincident.*


1. New Boy

I woke up to find my cat, Darcy prowling all over my face. Although I’m annoyed to be woken up, it means I have the joy of going back to sleep until my alarm goes off, thank God. I gently place Darcy on the floor and roll over onto my side and as my eyes slowly flicker open, I catch a glimpse of my alarm clock. Crap! It’s eight thirty and school starts in fifteen minutes.

I practically leap out of bed. First things first, feed Darcy – She’s a hungry bugger when she wants to be. Okay, still twelve minutes to go. Clothes! I ran to my closet and pulled most of the contents out onto the floor, picking up a pair of baby pink/beige skinny jeans and a Hard Rock Café t-shirt. Well done for forgetting to do the laundry yesterday, Brooke, real smart. After the conversation with myself I was down to 7 minutes to get into my form room. I cleaned my teeth, making a tremendous mess. 6 minutes. Speaking of mess, my hair was looking like a badly made bird’s nest. Messy bun it is. I struggled to find a hair bobble strong enough to hold all of my long, chestnut, hair up for the day. 4 minutes. I ran out of the door grabbing my black converse and I drove as fast as I could to get to school, luckily avoiding speed cameras and roadside cops.

As I pulled into the parking lot, I heard the bell ring. Great, my form room is on the complete opposite side of the school. I had to run, clinging onto my bag for dear life, about a million folders and sheets of paper, daring to spill onto the floor.

I reached my room, five minutes late, to find all of the girls in my class with their hands proudly waving in the air. “Ah, Brooke. Seeing as you are late, I volunteer you to be Mr Horan’s guide and show him around for the week.” Ms Ramone sighed, sounding relieved.

“Fine.” I simply stated. I decided that it would be a good time to actually look at this ‘Mr Horan’ that I had to show around. I turned on my heel to face him, only to be greeted with a warm smile and an Irish “Alright there, I’m Niall.” Oh. So that’s why all of the others were so eager to show him around, he’s that One Direction lad. And that’s why they all seem to be giving me evil looks.

“Brooke.”  I replied returning the smile.

“Okay Brooke, you can sit down now.” Ms Ramone mumbled. I sat down next to Jordyn, my closest friend. She nudged me with her elbow. “Why are you wearing your glasses? You never wear glasses”. Oh great, in my rush this morning I forgot my contacts. So I must be looking like a slob, an ugly one at that. No make-up and glasses that make my eyes look too big for my head.

My thoughts were interrupted by another nudge in my ribs from Jordyn. I turned to face her, annoyed, I was engrossed in this new novel I picked up at the book store last week called the Fault in Our Stars. I expected her to ramble on about the usual, but instead she was displaying rosy cheeks and pointing her biro over her shoulder, signalling that someone was here to talk to me.

I looked up and, surprise, surprise,  it was Niall. “H-hey, Brooke i-is it?” I nodded whilst quietly giggling as I could see his cheeks glow as he stuttered out his words. “Well I wondered if y-you perhaps wanted to compare our timetables so you can help me around?” he mumbled, obviously nervous. He was a member of the world’s biggest boyband, why was he so nervous?

“Sure! You can sit here.” I smiled pulling out a chair for him. “So what do you have first, Niall?”

“Well I have Geometry- Room 4, Biology- Room 39, Graphics- Room 24, Physical Studies on the sports field and Music in Room 107. “

“That’s virtually the same as me, except for Graphics because I have Photography.” I said, hearing him sigh with relief.

We sat and discussed other things about the school as Jordyn pulled faces and whispered things like “Brooke and Niall sitting in a tree K-I-S-OW!” I had kicked her under the table to shut her up. She seemed to get the message.

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