Lucky Charm

Brooke Alston is you're average less-than-popular seventeen year-old. Suddenly, her life changes when she meets her very own lucky charm; Niall Horan.

*Any similarity to another movella is completely unintentional and a pure coincident.*


2. Broken Hearted

The bell went and soon the lessons flew by. I was meeting Niall at the bike shed so I could drive him home when Dillon, the head of the football team came up to me. He towered over me and he was about twice as wide as me. You don’t want to get in a fight with him. Unfortunately, he always wanted to fight with me. Why? Because he’s hated me since Kindergarten. “Hey Brookey-Wookey.” He teased.  “I-“

“Step away from Brooke.” It was him, that sweet Irish accent could belong to no one else.

“What are you going to do about it, pretty boy?” he taunted.

Niall was starting to turn away, I understand he didn’t want to get in trouble but I thought I was his friend? All of a sudden, he whipped back around to face Dillon and pushed him to the ground. Considering he was nowhere near as tall as Dillon, he was strong. He held him there on the ground and starting muttering some words to him whilst holding the neck of Dill’s varsity jacket in his fist. I must say, Niall impressed me.

Dillon nodded, a scared expression on his face. “Good.” Niall spoke through gritted teeth. I have no idea what they were talking about but whatever it was, it spooked Dillon and that made me happy.

Dillon and his crew ‘swaggered’ off, brushing off the previous incident. I couldn’t help but beam at Niall and wrap him in a tight hug. I may have only known him for the day but he did just ‘save’ me. At first I think he was a bit shocked but I was so happy to notice that he hugged me back, tightly. As I pulled away, I saw the massive smile that was plastered on his face. I smiled at the ground and then we headed to my car.

“Thank you, Niall.” I finally got the words to escape my mouth. Why was I so nervous all of a sudden?

“It’s alright. He’s horrible y’know.”

“Yeah, unfortunately I do know.” We drove home with the radio playing softly in the background until we reached my apartment. Ever since my parents passed away in the car accident, I lived alone with my cat, Darcy in a small apartment, saving the money I had left over from my parents.

“Well this is my place. D-do you want to come in for a cup of coffee?”

“I would love to Brooke.” I went to unlock the door only to find that it wasn’t locked anyway. That’s stra- I had rushed out that morning, I hadn’t locked the door.

“Shit!” I breathed, rushing through the doorway. Most of my possessions were either gone or broken and strewn across the floor. I broke down crying in the hallway, hugging my knees to my chest when I felt a warm hand on my shoulder. I shivered slightly to his touch.

“I’m so sorry, Brooke. No-one deserves this. Let’s check out the rest of the place shall we?” He extended his arm to pull me off the floor and together, we slowly explored the rest of the rooms. Some of the walls had been singed black and the ceiling of my kitchen had completely fallen through, everything was broken. Darcy was nowhere to be seen, she’s a clever cat and I know that she’s out there somewhere keeping safe, nothing could happen to Darcy.

Who would do this? Who would wreck someone’s home and everything they had like this? My valuables were gone, my apartment was destroyed and my heart was broken. I ran outside into the pouring rain and I didn’t stop. I let my legs take me where they wanted to, not really knowing where I was going. I suddenly felt a pair of strong arms pick me up from behind and carry me as if I were a baby. I was fairly underweight so I guess he didn’t really find it too hard. When you’re 5”2, and relatively skinny, you’re an easily scooped up. I cried into his chest, breathing in his cologne. He continued to walk to what must have been his apartment and put me down. Niall put his hands on my shoulders and bent down slightly to look at me, straight in the eyes. I must say his eyes were a magnificent crystal blue that made your heart flutter.  

“Look, I may have known you for just over eight hours but I trust you, Brooke. You can stay with me until you get everything sorted out. The girls can take you shopping, you can sleep in my room and I’ll take the couch. It’ll all be okay.” I looked at the floor and nodded slowly.

“Thanks, Niall.” I wondered who he was referring to when he said ‘the girls’.  I guessed I was about to find out.

He unlocked the door to his apartment and I couldn’t help but gasp. His place was enormous, I know I should have expected it with him being famous but it was so impressive. The walls were a brilliant white with pictures and famous guitars hung on them. Two gaming chairs sat facing a 42” flat-screen TV, a tower of games on either side.

“You like it?” he asked, standing right behind me.

“I love it!” I exclaimed, still truly amazed.

I started to examine the pictures on the wall. Was that Hendrix’s guitar? My thoughts were interrupted by a loud knock at the door and an odd voice screaming “Ding-Dong! Ding-Dong!”

What on Earth? Niall answered the door “Boys!” He greeted with a smile. Oh, the rest of One Direction are here and I look like a wreck, great. They bounded in, two beautiful girls in tow. Perrie Edwards, Holy smokes! I love her music. I attempted to straighten out my hair (failing miserably) and I smiled as they all shook hands with me and gave me a group hug.

“So you’re the young lady Niall has been texting us about, non-stop?” She winked at me as both me and Niall blush. I recognise her as Eleanor Calder, Louis’ girlfriend.

“Look, they even blush the same!” Harry pointed at myself and Niall as the others ‘aw-ed’ and cooed. Well this was going to be fun. 

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