Hayden Marie Rose is your average 17 year old. Well not really average. She is your high school rebel along with her best friend Kody (girl). Screws any guy she wants, smokes weed and cigarettes, drinks, throws parties, breaks boys hearts all that sort of stuff. But one day a certain curly haired boy, Harry, transfers to her school, he is tempted to get with her. But when he finds out all the things that happens in her life, he is going to help her change her life around even if she rejects. Will Hayden and Harry fall in love or will they just hate each other forever... Read more to find out (shit blurb i know)


2. Screw you

Hayden's P.O.V


"Oh look who it is the two rebels" Mr Carson announced on assembely as me and Kody walked through the doors making everyone turn around.


"Calm down cunt its only us" I smirked at him.


"Hayden go and wait at the office, NOW!" He yelled the last bit.


"Screw you" I said as I turned around about to walk out, Kody with me.


"As for you Miss Payton you can stay here" He called out.


"Fuck you" She replied as I just laughed at her comment. I gave her a high five and walked out the door.


"Hey wait up!" A voice yelled behind me. I turned around to see Casey running up to me.


"Aah well if it isnt Casey long time no fuck baby" I smirked at him. He came up to me and tried kissing me but I pulled away.


"I dont need to make it clear anymore but we were over dont try to get me in your pants again baby" I told him. He look at me with a plain expression on his face. I lightly tapped his cheek twice and started walking off again.


"Aww arent you cute baby how did you know my plan" He smirked. I walked up to him and started stroking his chest with my hand, tracing his abs. I could tell he was getting hard from me doing this making me chuckle a little.


"I know a lot of things about you baby but its not gonna happen but you are welcome to come with me and Kody and get stoned if you want" I smiled at him while he just nodded.


Me, Kody and Casey started walking again until Mr Carson yelled out to us to stop. I rolled my eyes and turned around to face him.


"Hayden and Kody... and Casey" He looked at him weirdly but shook it off.


"What do you want" I asked irratated.


"I wanted to talk to you's" He said.


"Well make it quick will ya I havent got time to listen to your boring fucking lectures again" I said rolling my eyes.


"First of all, language" He said irratated.


"Do what I want" I said back with attitude.


"Second, I just wanted to say... what happened to you. You used to be the happiest, smartest, caringest girl I have ever known. Then you started to turn out like this. Sleeping around, smoking, drinking, partying, piercings, tattoos, thinking you own the school. What happened to that girl" He said looking sorry for me.


"She died. She got sick of all the shit that happened in her life, the bullying, the abuse the everything so she changed her ways and I like my life like this. I am happy like this" I said.


"Destroying yourself like this is not something you should do to your-" I cut him off.




"Hell Hayden you even changed Kody's way" He yelled. I turned around and crossed my arms.


"Kody hasnt had a better life than the one she has now. She loves it" I defended my best friend looking over at her.


"Hayden you dont know what you've done to her. She used to be the biggest rebel of the school and you kept quiet. Now its the other way around" He said. I had another look at my best friend standing there. She has been quiet a lot lately and I havent done anything to her but provide her with a better life. I'm sure she will come around.


"You leave her out of this. I've done nothing to her besides provide her with a better life. Now if you excuse me I'm going to go drink and smoke my sorrows away" I said. Me, Kody and Casey started walking off again.


"You will be sorry about this later in your life" Mr Carson called out after us.


"Screw you" I said and gave him the finger.


A/N- Hey guys so what do you think?? I think I did pretty good but thats you desicion. So there is the first chapter and sorry if you thought it was short but I will post the 2nd chapter later on this week. So plz like, comment, favourite and become a fan :) Cheerio :D xox





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