Hayden Marie Rose is your average 17 year old. Well not really average. She is your high school rebel along with her best friend Kody (girl). Screws any guy she wants, smokes weed and cigarettes, drinks, throws parties, breaks boys hearts all that sort of stuff. But one day a certain curly haired boy, Harry, transfers to her school, he is tempted to get with her. But when he finds out all the things that happens in her life, he is going to help her change her life around even if she rejects. Will Hayden and Harry fall in love or will they just hate each other forever... Read more to find out (shit blurb i know)


1. Introduction

Hi my name is Hayden Marie Rose. I'm 17 and go to Cheshire State High and also the schools rebel so dont mess with me and I'm also 5"9 tall. I have blue and green hair and blue eyes. I get what I want when I want it. I screw practically every guy, besides the nerds, throw parties, smoke, drink all that stuff. I have a best friend that follows in my foot steps but I dont care being like this is amazing. I have such a shit past and never ever want to bring it up....... until a certain curly haired boy enters my life.


Hi my name is Harry Styles. I'm 17 and moved to Cheshire State High. I'm 6"3. I have curly brown hair and green eyes. I have the bad boy reputation so I should fit in quite fine.... Until I met the rebel of the school with so many problems that turns my life upside down but I am determined to help her....... If she lets me.


Hi my name is Kody Etevenaux Payton. Weird middle name right. My mum picked it out cause it was the last name of her first true love but then that love burned in hell. Im 17 and I'm 6". I have purple and blue hair and blue eyes. I hate my mum and I dont even know my dad. I love my best friend Hayden. She is always there for me and I am too. I follow in her foot steps cause we always have the same problems in life. One day a boy moves to our school and well he tries to help Hayden but I doubt that she will even pay attention too him, besides try to screw him but that will be about it.


Hi my name is Anna Carie Rose. I'm 21 and the sister of Hayden. I'm 6"7. I have blonde hair and blue eyes. I'm currently engaged to my boyfriend that I have been dating since high school. My sister Hayden gets in so much shit I sometimes dont think she is related to me. When people ask me "Is that your sister" I usually say "No". I ust really hope a miracle comes along cause this is disgraceful of her. I have never known her to be this sort of person.


A/N- Hey guys, so this is my new story. I only posted up this up cause I'm not feeling up to writing the first chapter yet but I promise it will be soon. Plz like, comment, favourite and become a fan. Cheerio :D


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