Hayden Marie Rose is your average 17 year old. Well not really average. She is your high school rebel along with her best friend Kody (girl). Screws any guy she wants, smokes weed and cigarettes, drinks, throws parties, breaks boys hearts all that sort of stuff. But one day a certain curly haired boy, Harry, transfers to her school, he is tempted to get with her. But when he finds out all the things that happens in her life, he is going to help her change her life around even if she rejects. Will Hayden and Harry fall in love or will they just hate each other forever... Read more to find out (shit blurb i know)


4. A/N

Hey guys I'm back :) I don't know if I will update yet cause I don't have my laptop anymore :( but I do have my phone which I can publish more chapters but that would take me ages. I was thinking of writing more chapters for my books for you's guys and I think I have gotten better in my writing lately seeing as I have read a lot of books and not just fan fiction. I hope I can think of something for my next few chapters because lately I have gotten a really big writers block so I'll see what I can do :) so for now Cheerio xx


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