A proposel to a friend

A proposel to a friend.


1. The ring

He kneeled before Decebal, reaching out his hand toward him as to offer something, which he did “Will you marry me” he asked slowly, but very seriously.  “Dececal you are a tender, kindhearted but above all most loyal person I’ve ever met before in my life. You listen, whenever problems are heaving my thoughts, and weighted my mood to become depressed. You’re hiding your feelings when someone needs comfort, but I want to be by your side and show you that you can share everything with me.” Sawyer looked intense, he was trying not to speak with his accent nor be unserious as he had promised. “We’ve been together a lot, and you literally kept me alive when we’re living in a hell. We’d be the perfect match, but… “He paused and looked to the ground and smiled wryly. “It’s not you it’s me” he started to chuckle warmly and turned his gaze toward the face of a choked Decebal, who had never thought that Sawyer actually meant what he said, and now that he was laughing? What was that all about? Sawyer ran a hand down his face and discovered his mouth though it was obvious that he looked truly happy. “I’ve found this woman, she’s amazing and gorgeous the most beautiful and clever woman I’ve ever met, and I am all crazy about her” His eyes turned to look a bit away and he was imagining the angel, her blond curly hair, her smile, her laugh, her voice, everything about her was perfect. He removed his hand from his face revealing a dazzling smile upon his lips. “She’s so… she’s!” He paused to construct a sentence which actually would make sense, but failed. He kept falling over and over by his own tongue; it betrayed him every time until he started to explain:  “I wanted to learn how to be serious, because of her.  She doesn’t get when I tease her, telling her things I mean whenever I use my funny self.” He shook his head and finally found the words he was looking for. “I love her… Decebal” His expression turned surprised, as he heard himself say it out loud. His eyes grow brighter and his words had turned into a heartwarming laugh. He continued his speech and he voice grew warmer for each word he spoke “I want to tell her, I want her to know that it’s not just a joke, at least not anymore.” He ran a hand down his face and and tried to take away his smile but he couldn’t. “This was the best opportunity to learn and practice the serious me. “ He looked lovely at the false ring between his fingers.  

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