Canadian Mudblood

Katie Melango is an fourteen year old Muggle girl who discovered that she had been excepted to Hogwarts four years ago but her parents hid it from her for four years! At Hogwarts she becomes friend with Harry Potter and his friends. But when Harry needs her help and it could end with her dead! what will she do?


5. The Train

                "grrr" I sighed in frustration and looked at the clock. 4:53 am " Dang, four more hours till I have to get ready for the train" I thought. So i went to the freezing cold bathroom. When I finished in the bathroom, I still wasn't tired at all! I decided to read some of my school books. I took out Deference Against the Dark Arts Year One and read.

                " Wow" was all I could say as I finished the book. Looking at the clock, 7:20 an it read. "Okay I guess I could try to get some sleep now" I say to no one in particular, and closed my tired eyes and drifted into a nice, peaceful sleep.

                I woke up to a very loud CRACK and almost rolled out of the bed in fear. " Sorry to disturb you miss, but Master Dumbledore wanted Dobby to make sure miss Katie got on the train all right" an elf like thing with huge ears and eyes the size of tennis balls says." Oh my goodness how did you get into my room?" "Who's Dumbledore?" " and not to be rude or anything but, what are you?" I questioned the small elf like thing. " My name is Dobby miss, I am a free house elf who works at Hogwarts." He replied. Looking at the clock,  9:16 it read. " Oh no, I'm going to be late!" I yell as I jump out of bed from all the excitement. With a big SPLAT, I fell straight on my face! " OWE" I scream in pain. "Are you okay miss Katie?" "Yeah I should be " 

                I got my trunk and stood in front of Dobby. " SO how are we getting there?" I asked. "Oh We will be using apparition miss." "What's apper-what ever it's called?" I asked still confused from earlier this morning. " We do not have time miss Katie, just grab Dobby's arm and hold on tight" says Dobby getting more impatient as we speak." Okay." I Grab  his small bony arm. With a CRACK, I felt as if I was being pulled through a tiny tube, much to small for my body. All of the sudden, the feeling stopped. I look around and found a gorgeous scarlet train with  ~~Hogwarts Express written in beautiful gold letters. ' This is were I leave you miss." Dobby says sadly. " Bye Dobby, I'll see you at Hogwarts" With a loud CRACK, Dobby was gone. I sighed and heaved my trunk onto the train and hoped on. As I went looking for a quiet place to sit, I bumped into someone. I look up. "OH! I'm sorry" a girl with long hair, that is so bright blond, that its almost white  says to me. "Its okay, my names Katie, what's yours?" " mines Luna." Its nice to meet you Katie, are you new? What house do you think you'll be in?" she questions "Its nice to meet you too, yes I'm new but, what do you mean by house?" "It's were you stay will your at Hogwarts, Gryffindor, Huffelpuff, Ravenclaw that's were I am, and Slythrin" she says. " I don't know what house I'll be in, I guess we will just have to wait and see." With that we said our goodbye and both lest to find our own compartments. I found the perfect empty compartment, sat down and opened one of my school books. As I was just getting into the book, the compartment door opened and two red headed twins came in. "Ello love" one said " What's your name?" the other one asked after the first one talked. "Ummm... Hi , my name is Katie... what's your guys names?" "I'm Fed" "and I'm George" " And we are the Wesley twins" Fred and George said together. "Wait, Wesley?" "that's us" "Wow Fred, we must be famous' "Right you are George, so, how did you hear about us Katie?" "well see, I literally bumped into your brother and his friends." I say blushing at remembering the embarrassing memory. 'I reckon she's blushing don't you George?" " Right you are Fred, who is it, was it Ron?" George questions. I stay silent not trusting my voice. " Is it Harry?" says Fred. As she said Harry's name I blush even more than before. I probably look like a tomato. "Ahh, Harry" Fred says with and evil smirk. "Maybe" I say regaining my voice. Fred and George look at each other and smirked again. "well, see yah around Katie" they said randomly and before I could Question them, they left. I was still really tired so I closed my eyes and slept.

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