Canadian Mudblood

Katie Melango is an fourteen year old Muggle girl who discovered that she had been excepted to Hogwarts four years ago but her parents hid it from her for four years! At Hogwarts she becomes friend with Harry Potter and his friends. But when Harry needs her help and it could end with her dead! what will she do?


4. the Paper

~~ those three days before I would get on the Hogwarts train were very exciting. I spent most of my time eating ice cream  from a cute little shop called Florean Fortescues Ice Cream Parlour that had THE best food ever! I kept looking around for Harry, Hermione, and the red head guy. Every five minutes I would look up from the wizard paper ( witch was so interesting, THE PICTURES MOVED!!!). As I flipped the page I saw a familiar face. I insistently read the long and fascinating paragraph. The paper read :

Quidditch World Cup

by : Rita Skeeter

After the Quidditch world cup ( Ireland v.s. Bulgaria 160-170 for Ireland ). People believed that all the noise was just the Ireland supporters having the turn in the celebration, but people say that all the noise was coming form old supporters showing there support for He Who Must Not Be Named! later that night when the chaos slowed down, one supporter ( who may or may not have had a little to much fire whisky) decided to let the Dark Mark "fly to the sky", but may have fled form the scene. Rumours say that Harry Potter, a muggle born called Hermione Granger, and Ronald Weasley, son of ministry worker Arthur Weasley were found by the ministry right under the mark its self! Harry Potter and his "friends" swear that they did not do it cause the mark to appear. During the ministry's search for any more possible suspects,the minister found his own house elf stunned from the stunning spells that were casted when the ministry first arrived. Holding Mr. Potters wand the elf called Winky was fired immediately.nobody knows exactly what who casted the dark mark, who is guilty and who is innocent, until now. Read about the main suspects in the next Daily prophet!  


 ~~ I closed the paper trying to make sense of it all. Who is/was He Who Must Not Be Named ? What's so bad about harry being found under a mark in the sky and WHAT THE HECK IS QUIDDITCH?? I sighed. I guess I just have to ask Harry, Ron ( who's name I found out through the paper) and that Hermione girl on the train tomorrow. With that, I went back to the Leaky Cauldron, packed my thing back up, and got into bed to get a nice early nights sleep.                                              

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