Canadian Mudblood

Katie Melango is an fourteen year old Muggle girl who discovered that she had been excepted to Hogwarts four years ago but her parents hid it from her for four years! At Hogwarts she becomes friend with Harry Potter and his friends. But when Harry needs her help and it could end with her dead! what will she do?


6. Harry!?!?!

       " WHAT ARE YOU DOING!" "LET GO!" "OUCH" Someone yells, waking me up. "FRED, GOERGE, PUT ME DOWN!" I recognize the voice but can't put a face to the voice. Then, suddenly the door to my compartment opens and Harry comes flying through the door and lands on the floor. " See you two love birds around" Fred or George say. I really need to find a way to tell them apart. Anyway, I look at Harry and try not to burst out laughing. His hair is even messier than ever, his round glasses were hanging over one eye, the beautiful green eyes were wide and staring at me. " Oh, uh Hi There Harry " I say when I realize that he is staring at me.

                        [HARRY'S P.O.V.]

       Wow, she is so beautiful is all I an think about while staring at her,  she's just so beautiful. She notices that I've been staring at her and she starts blushing. She's even more cute when she is blushing. Aww Harry stop staring. I look away feeling heat slowly rise to my face. " I should get back to Hermione and Ron." I say sadly standing up. Katie agrees and I walk out of the compartment thing about her.






Its finally summer break! ( for me anyway). I am so terribly sorry that I haven't updated in so long, and that this chapter totally sucked and way way to short. I'll get to the sorting next chapter most likely and if you want to be in just comment. Love you all <3  that girl16

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