The Living (Sequel to The Undead) - A Harry Styles Fanfic

Continuation of The Undead read the first one to find out more! DON'T READ MORE UNLESS YOU WANT A PLOT SPOILER FOR THE UNDEAD!!

After Autumn awakes images of her dream life with Harry haunts her dreams. Will she be able to get him to remember her or will fate bring them together! Read more to find out!


2. Prologue - Remembering

"‘I never thought it would end this way, watching the beginning of the end replaying in my head. I watch the pictures fly past my eyes replaying the memories of smoke and blood. Even when I shut my eyes they are still there.

They all watch me with their red eyes every single one of them I killed. I realize now what a mistake that was. There is so much darkness in my memories now, so much horror and pain.

There is only one light one little piece of hope and when I reopen my eyes I meet his. They are filled with such pain, sadness, and anger to the point I might change my mind. I have to remind myself that I am doing this for him, for everyone.

“Are you ready?” I hear the technician beside me ask.

“Yes.” It’s the only answer I can give. I am their last hope.’ and that’s the last thing I remember thinking or happening before I woke up.” I exhale, out of breath from my long complicated tale. The room remains quiet as the therapist scribbles in her notebook judging me with every swipe of her pen. A lot has happened since I woke up from my coma, from my dream, from my new reality. As soon as my family told me it wasn’t real I had a breakdown and started screaming at them and calling them liars. They had to call a nurse in to sedate me as strange as that sounds. When I woke up I was calmer but still I don’t believe them. I know it’s crazy and I know it’s insane but it’s not possible to have a connection with someone like that and have it not be real. I can’t stop thinking about Harry. I love him but I just sound like another psycho fan now. Damn I sound like a freakin crazy person. I'm not one though I promise.

“So how do you feel about this whole experience?” The therapist asked me. She’s such a bitch. She has some fancy degree so she thinks she can tell me what to think and do. How about no. You're no better then me sitting in your damn chair with your stupid suit and your stupid fancy hair.

“It just seemed so real.” I answer truthfully. “but I know it’s not.” Lies. All lies. The more I lie the quicker I can get our of this hell hole.

“Well you seem to be improving Miss Winters. You should be okay to go back to college now.” She smiled at me. Ya like I’d want to go back to UCLA and have to deal with reality. Maybe I should act crazy get to stay home for a couple of days.

“Well good.” I smiled at her. Be normal Autumn and you can prove you’re right. She handed me a slip of paper and I walked out of the room.

Crumpling the paper in my hands and re-smoothing it out to keep myself busy, my thoughts drifted back to Harry again. He has no idea I exist. That’s what people keep telling me that I’m invisible to him. He doesn’t know me and he never will. That thought is what haunts my dreams. Harry will never really love me, at least not in this messed up reality. My dream self, the stupid name I came up for my fucked up reality, never thought she would miss the zombies but I do because they brought me to him. That's the real me I know it. I can feel it. I want him to know me. I want him to love me. My thoughts are filled with different plots to find him and to meet him and to have him fall in love with me but I’m just another fan. I’m one of those girls that I hated before I met him in my dream. I hate calling it that ‘my dream’, because I believe it’s reality. It is reality or else it will be soon.

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