The Living (Sequel to The Undead) - A Harry Styles Fanfic

Continuation of The Undead read the first one to find out more! DON'T READ MORE UNLESS YOU WANT A PLOT SPOILER FOR THE UNDEAD!!

After Autumn awakes images of her dream life with Harry haunts her dreams. Will she be able to get him to remember her or will fate bring them together! Read more to find out!


11. Chapter 9 - Coming Together


No one's POV


He stood from the couch where he was sitting when he heard a knock on the door. He could feel his heart beating in his chest banging against the ribcage like a bird flying in a cage. He stood there for a moment before he began to walk towards it.

She stood outside the door with sweaty hands. This meant everything to her and yet it meant nothing at all. In her mind this could be the start of her reality if it went well when in reality her life would be the same as it always did.

Their lives stood in the balance as he reached for the door opening it to see her standing there.

She's more beautiful then he remembered and looking at him took her breath away.

"Wow it's really him." She thought. This dream was becoming a reality and it scared her more then she was prepared for. After staring at each other for a moment he finally spoke.


"Hi." She answered. They both said it as if they we're breathing the word the thought coming from inside their very being.

"Come in." He stated opening the door wide enough to let her in when he realized they were just staring at each other. The room was tense neither of them knowing what to say.

"You're even more beautiful then in my dreams." He said quietly shy about speaking his mind but trying to break the tension with the beautiful blonde girl in front of him. She blushed because he thought she was beautiful. She had waited for too long to hear that even in her alternate reality. He never spoke his mind and she knew this too so the comment shocked them both.

"Thank you." She smiled. "You're more shy then I remember you." He laughed as she teased him speaking the truth as she always did.

"Would you like anything to drink?" He asked her as she sat on the couch in his hotel room living room.

"No I'm alright thanks." She smiled. Despite both their efforts the room was still tense the words they said on the phone lingering in the air. He could sense it more than her. He was famous and he knew he could use this to get the girl of his dreams no matter how conceded it may be.

"Sorry we had to meet in my hotel room the fans love me." He boasted.

"Ya it must be hard having everyone falling all over you." She replied sarcastically, his attitude making her annoyed.

"It is trust me but I mean it gives me plenty of options." He smiled. He wanted to look cool for her he wanted to look important. She looked at him and glared.

"Well if I am just one of your 'options'" She air quoted "then I'm going to go."

She turned around and made her way towards the door. She wasn't going to be someone's play toy and he should know it. She ran out of the room slamming the door shut behind her.

He looked after her with shock written on his face how had he messed it up so easily. This meant the world to him and he wasn't going to let her go. Getting up from the couch he ran after her catching the door from shutting, running after his dream.

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