The Living (Sequel to The Undead) - A Harry Styles Fanfic

Continuation of The Undead read the first one to find out more! DON'T READ MORE UNLESS YOU WANT A PLOT SPOILER FOR THE UNDEAD!!

After Autumn awakes images of her dream life with Harry haunts her dreams. Will she be able to get him to remember her or will fate bring them together! Read more to find out!


7. Chapter 5 - Unsure


Harry's POV


"Is this her?" The girl asks showing me a picture on her phone. It is a picture of a blonde girl but not of the girl from my dream. I feel my heart hit the ground and I can tell my face has the same reaction.

" sorry. Not her." I stutter. I feel like I'm going to cry how stupid is that?  A body guard walks up to her stopping her thinking she's a fan. I would tell him to move but I was wrong so why would it matter.

"I know." She yells over the bodyguard.


"That's not the girl you were talking about. I was just testing you."

"What!" I snapped. "Put me down now." I yelled at the body guard and running over to the girl.

"Is this her?" She asks again showing me a different picture. This time I recognized the girl in the picture. It was her! I found her.

"Yes! Who is she? Where is she from? Who even are you?" I asked quickly and I looked over at my friends who were giving me some reassuring looks mixed with confusion.

"I'm Sam and that's my friend Autumn and she lives in LA actually." She smiled. Autumn. I knew her name all along subconsciously.

"Has she been having dreams about me too?"

"Ummm..not in the same way." She hesitates.

"What do you mean?" I ask. How else can you dream about someone?

"She has been in a coma for two months and just came out and she had an alternate reality that she believed to be true when she woke up which included you." She explains. I can tell there is some hesitation in her voice like she doesn't want to say the wrong thing. Her phone buzzes again in her hand for about the thousandth time since we started talking.

"That's her actually." She states, noticing me looking at her phone. "Would you like to speak to her?"

"Yes." I answer. I can feel the butterflies fill my stomach as I answer my phone. What if she isn't who I think she is? I hit accept and put my phone to my ear.

"Sam that was not funny I thought you got fuckin murdered!" I hear her yell over the line immediately.

"Hello?" I ask into the telephone.

"Who is this?" She snapped. "You better not have done anything to Sam is she ok?"

"Ya she's fine." I answer. "She is just letting me talk to you for a second."

"What the hell is going on? Who is this?" She asks.

"Its Harry...Styles." I say. There is a silence on the end of the line and my heartbeat increases as I wait for her response.

"What kind of sick fuckin joke is this? Do you think this is funny? Is that what you want a laugh? This is low and you can tell Sam that that this is low and I won't be speaking to her for a while because she knows how I feel about this situation. I'm tired of people making fun of poor Autumn who got hit buy a frikin car and fell into a concussion and fell in love with someone who will probably never know that I exist. Go ahead laugh but you're an asshole so good night." She yells and the line goes dead.

"Autumn! Autumn wait it is me!" I yell into the dead phone wishing for a response. "So she's mad." I tell Sam turning towards her.

"What? Why?" She asks.

"Because she thinks it was a practical joke we pulled on her. She also said she doesn't want to talk to you." I sigh.

"Well shit." She sighs and tries redialing her but she doesn't pick up. "I'm sorry Harry I don't know how I can help but I want to help."

"I have to go the boys are waiting but here's my number and call me or text me if you can think of anything because I do want to find her and of what you and her said is true then she wants to find me."

"Ok sounds good." She smiles as I write my number into her phone.

"See ya later." I sigh walking away from my only chance.

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