The Living (Sequel to The Undead) - A Harry Styles Fanfic

Continuation of The Undead read the first one to find out more! DON'T READ MORE UNLESS YOU WANT A PLOT SPOILER FOR THE UNDEAD!!

After Autumn awakes images of her dream life with Harry haunts her dreams. Will she be able to get him to remember her or will fate bring them together! Read more to find out!


13. Chapter 11 - A twist in fate


Autumn's POV


"It was literally pointless Sam." I finished after explaining my pointless night with Harry.

"Dang you searched all that time and he was not what you dreamed. Sucks." 

"Wow! Thanks!" I replied sarcastically. We were running errands again and were on our way to the bank.

"Did you hear the bitch is in town?"

"Who?" I asked giving her a confused look.

"Bitch. It's the new name I gave Alex." She smiled triumphantly.


"Perkins! Jeeze keep up! Harry's girlfriend. " She replied smacking my arm.

"Don't do that you're going to kill us!" I shrieked. I was driving per usual. Her laughter filled the car as we pulled into the bank. We went inside standing in line as we waited to be called.

"They were pictured together again last night. I'm sorry boo."

"Surprisingly I don't care." I sighed. "I still think she's a fake bitch though." I laughed and Sam joined me. Two more people joined behind us in line so we moved up.

"Autumn?" A male voice says from behind me. Oh god no not him no. I turned around and faced Harry Styles accompanied by a very bitchy looking Alex.

"Oh hi! Funny seeing you here." I reply awkwardly.

"Nice to see you too Sam." He smiles.

"Ya ditto." She smiled but I could tell it was fake so I held in a laugh.

"I'm Alex." Alex burst out acting a lot like Lia honestly.

"Ya we know who you are." Sam said slightly bitchily. Go Sam that girls always got my back.

"Oh are you guys fans?" She asked smiling sweetly.

"Nope we just don't live under rocks." She said monotone causing me to giggle. Harry glared at me and I gave him a fuck off look.

"Oh ok." Alex said slightly taken aback. Silence filled the group and we all stood there awkwardly. Sadly the bank teller called Sam so I was left alone with Harry and Alex.

"So this is Autumn? Huh. Funny you said you didn't know an Autumn." She said glaring at Harry. I was obviously missing info because Harry looked panicked as shit.

"We just met yesterday don't get your panties in a twist." I smiled sassily. The bank teller called my name so I walked over. Once I was finished me and Sam walked towards the door past them.

"Bye Autumn!" Alex called. Harry looked away not even meeting my eye. I rolled my eyes and went towards the door but not before a loud sound shook the room. Followed by more shaking.

"EARTHQUAKE!" I hear someone yell. Sam and my eyes meet in terror as we prepared to meet the worst.

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